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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to apply for a loan in the United States?
Loan Tip 3:
Systematic Automated Audit of Loans The success of loan applications is mostly audited through two systems.
One is Loan Prospector (LP) owned by Freddie Mac and the other is Desktop Underwriter (DU) owned by Fannie Mae.
The audit results can be divided into consent, rejection and perhaps consent.
Generally speaking, the two major lending institutions provide a large amount of loans to the U.S. real estate market.
Both online application systems are also used by many banks and lending institutions.
Even FHA, VA and USDA endorsed by government agencies will refer to the audit results of these two systems.
The way to proceed is that the bank accepts the buyer's loan application and inputs relevant information into LP and DU systems.
The two systems will judge the applicant's financial status, credit line, income, assets and even include the past loan history by statistical results, and finally determine whether the loan is agreed or not.
The advantage of systematic auditing is that the system automatically compares the positive and negative records of buyers, usually positive scores can compensate for negative scores.
As a result, system audits will be more lenient than manual audits, and many DTI (debt-to-pay ratio) applicants up to 45-50% are still likely to pass the review.
Although Fannie Mae's official standard is below 41%.
Skilled lenders can even help you through system audits by fine-tuning your personal records.
For example, credit card applications are used to improve credit scores or to increase total revenue through other projects.
But remember, the buyer must determine that the final amount of the loan is affordable.
Other priorities:
1. Income:
The legitimate income of the buyer includes more than monthly salary.
In addition to full-time employment, the buyer may work part-time, collect rent, invest, provide transportation allowance, alimony and child support by the company.
These additional items can be reported as income as long as they can prove that the above expenses are stable and continuous income.
In addition, the two systems also accept special projects such as social welfare allowance, retirement pension and disability allowance for middle-aged and elderly applicants.
2. Credit score:
Credit score plays an important role.
Some lenders are reluctant to lend to applicants with credit scores below 640-680.
Even if accepted, the lender may impose a high additional fee on the buyer, although LP and DU certify that the applicant has passed the audit.
There are many websites and institutions that calculate credit scores on the market, but FICO is the only officially certified automatic auditing agency.
No matter how well-known or authoritative other institutions are, they may not be entirely trusted.
3. Handling fees:
Never forget handling fees.
Depending on the area where the house is located, the range of handling fees may account for 2-5% of the total price of the house.
Many builders or homeowners pay commissions on their behalf as incentives to promote home purchases by buyers.
The good news is that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can accept the seller's 3% payment on their behalf, while the FHA's allowable range is 3-6%.
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    ABOUT arizona local customs, tourist attractions
    Mesa is a city of Arizona Maricopa county, is part of the Phoenix - Mesa - J coates Dyer metropolitan area, after the Phoenix and Tucson is the third largest city in the state.
    The city was established in 1878 by the Mormons, is currently one of the fastest growing city population in the United States, Mississauga, canada is following the second North American suburbs.
    Mesa is a highly popular tourist city tourist attractions, although no other city in the United States, but each of the spots to be enjoyed slowly, savor.
    The city's rich cultural atmosphere, it is well worth a visit, including the mesa Arts center, the Mesa amphitheatre, Arizona youth Museum, mesa, Arizona Historical Museum of natural history Museum.
    The mesa park area wide, up to 2280 acres, the largest of which is the park, an area of up to 1146 acres, composed of interesting playgrounds and sports venues for lakes, to meet the needs of different groups of people.
    Reason: Arizona's third largest city
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Arizona: [Arizona State]
    Attractions: mesa city [Mesa]

    Sadona (Sedona) is a famous resort in Arizona, the strange red sandstone rock terrain, embedded within the church, rich art village, specialty shops and small town scenery attracts visitors from all over.
    Located in northern Arizona (Sadona Sedona) he was the main tourist magazine as the most beautiful place in the United states.
    It is famous for the 1 place, because Indian legend, Sedona is a place through the Holy spirit.
    The red rock mountain famous It is famous for the 1 place, this is believed to come with many supernatural and spiritual things, known as the "holy land", the Indians have many pilgrims and warlocks come to worship every year, with the authentic American Western style.
    Falls is located in Arizona's Grand canyon of colorado, as one of the most famous and most popular waterfall, every year, tourists from around the world to visit the world famous waterfall.
    Although not the largest the most spectacular waterfalls, but falls is also famous in the United States, many people are admiring.
    North America is one of the most popular waterfall, not because of 37 meters of the gap, but to be the most changeful appearance.
    The water from the Red cliff 37 meters high on the feixie, straight in sapphire general pool, as if lost in the earthly paradise of a beautiful and strange sapphire, dazzling, breathtaking.
    Falls below because of the natural formation of the pool is known, is due to the formation of mineralization, natural blue, clear, for the local people to swim.
    For the convenience of the tourists in the surrounding falls is also provided with a special picnic table, let visitors in the elegant environment, enjoy the most beautiful waterfalls in North America, the side with the family dinner, free swimming after a meal can also go to the blue pool.
    Havasu Falls
    Reason: as the most beautiful wonderland waterfall in North America
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Arizona: [Arizona State]
    If you want to enjoy the natural beauty, ornamental red appreciation of the world's most beautiful precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, such as Wonderland waterfall, then into Havasu canyon is definitely the most ideal place, will definitely make you a worthwhile trip and by infection.
    Havasu canyon is located in Arizona Grand canyon colorado havasupai reservation in Indian, right here waiting for you is not the only red cliff, three more natural waterfalls, beautiful and breathtaking.
    Is the most beautiful waterfall falls in the valley of the blue green water pouring down straight in the blue pool, people marvel.
    The best way to watch for walking or riding Havasu canyon, canyon near the small village providing horses for tourists.
    In the view of the way there are special picnic areas, some tourists even in the night, because the night climate is cool, but also by the way here to enjoy the beautiful starry sky.
    The annual May to September is the best season to visit the Havasu canyon, because the climate, just stagger the bustling crowd, the summer weather is hot, if you want to explore, close to nature, so what do not hesitate to go!
    Havasu canyon
    Reason: most beautiful as Wonderland canyon
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Arizona: [Arizona State]
    Petrified Forest National Park
    The park was founded in 1962, is the world's largest petrified wood forest, visitors to appreciate the ancient fossil wood outside, can also see Indian stone (Petroglyph) and the painted desert;
    the last tour of Shangri-La West, Oaxaca, Arizona locals say "God created the Grand canyon, but home in Oaxaca, the to be given too much mystery, its magnificent magnificent scenery and the legend of the spiral flow, the psychic energy collection point, so many people in droves.
    Here is the Arizona Health and tourist attraction but also many celebrity daughter with holiday homes located.
    The Grand canyon (Grand canyon) is a known to the world's natural wonders, because the colorado river flow through them, it is also known as the Grand canyon of colorado, it is chosen as the UNEScO protected natural heritage site.
    colorado is located in the Grand canyon in Arizona, northwest of the Kaibab plateau, is one of the most magnificent scenery of the earth.
    The colorado River in colorado plateau were cut into 19 main canyon, a total area of 2724.7 square kilometers, the deepest, the most wide, the longest one is the Grand canyon of colorado.
    It is 446 kilometers in length, is one of the world's longest canyon.
    canyon Dingkuan 6 to 28 kilometers, 1800 meters deep.
    The bottom surface of the water is less than 1000 meters wide, summer snow *, water depth of 18 meters.
    Red rocks.
    The Grand canyon is a rock geological picture reflects different geological periods, it changes with different colors in the light of the sun, the magical color attracted the world countless tourists eyes.
    Because people from the valley wall can be observed from the Paleozoic to cenozoic periods of formation, it is known as a "living geological textbook".
    colorado Grand canyon the two sides are red rock fault, nature engraved craggy rock extraordinary as if done by the spirits of creativity, with a layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, huge bottomless Valley, Zhuo show very vigorous magnificent.
    Even more strange is that the soil here although mostly brown, but when it is bathed in the sun, the sun shining in the sun, the light, the colour of rock but deep blue, sometimes is brown, sometimes is always red, and whirling infinite changes, highlights the nature of the beautiful sly.
    At this time of the Grand canyon, like a fairyland, colorful 1 vast, charming scenery is pleasant linger.
    The color and structure of the canyon, especially the charm of great momentum, is any sculptor and painter can simulate.
    Grand canyon National Park will go to
    Reason: the most popular attraction in the park where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions of the province, states: Arizona [Arizona State]
    Bao Weihu (Lake Powell) in the United States Arizona Arizona is the United States, the second largest artificial lake, the "color canyon" reputation.
    The whole lake by the colorado river cutting, put the Buddha will be moved to the Grand canyon Lake general.
    Under the sun, look at this piece of Wang blue lake, the United States and the people.
    Even more amazing is that the lake is surrounded by Orange Beach and various shapes of the colored cliffs and cliff, forming a sharp contrast with the blue lake.
    There seems to be a natural canyon double master carefully paint, above the surface of the cliff is chu red cliffs, near the top of a white, red and white color is clear, and the lake is blue.
    In contrast to the red white and blue, looks like a dream.
    come to the Lake Powell, quietly standing between the vast Liuhe, more can feel natural and extraordinary as if done by the spirits the forces of creation.
    Weather: summer is the highest: 37 ~ c;
    the lowest in winter: - 4 degrees c shoreline: 3150 km (1960 miles), the lake has 96 gorge Bao Weihu (Lake Powell) in Arizona and Utah.
    West Indian flute Valley is located in the living area, where the scenery is very beautiful valley overlap.
    covers an area of 83840 square hectares of land distribution with many natural formation of the landscape, the mysterious land where the ancient legend of Indian, which is the widest range of spider rock legend, spider spider woman named for stone.
    When you get involved in the Dixiao Valley, walking in the way will see engraved in the cliff paintings, the painting depicts the earliest Indian understanding of this land, the character portrayed vividly.
    Want to feel the Dixiao Indians live in the valley, you can choose to live in the Sacred Valley Hotel, this is the creation of a hotel interior decoration of the Indians, Indians live performance of the most incisive.
    To Dixiao Valley (canyon de chelly) to see the most ancient rock paintings Located in Arizona near Dixiao Valley is a 26 mile long canyon, a sacred Rock canyon, including antelope, white snake, fingerprint pattern.
    Into the depths of the canyon, you will see the Navajo ancestors built by the Anasazi sand castle, they are located on the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs make people dizzy.
    Sacred Valley Lodge (Sacred canyon Lodge) is operated by the Navajo Hotel, where hiking and horseback riding, Jeep travel service.
    Lake Havasu National Park, Arizona Havasu lake has a total length of 450 miles of coastline, every year attracts tens of thousands of visitors.
    This piece of blue and green waters in the towering chemehuevi mountains, is a paradise for travelers.
    camping in the park, not only can connect the power supply and clean water, you can also enjoy the shower, indoor toilets and picnic tables.
    If you are a wild animal lovers, in every kind of bird, bobcat, coyote, kangaroo rat, hare, squirrels and lizards will let you buxucixing.
    In the park, you can also participate in other activities, such as swimming, fishing and jet skiing.
    If you love hiking, why don't you go to the Mo Harvey Sunset Strip, or go to the Lake Havasu city at the seat of the original London Bridge?
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