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Top Ten U.S. Rental Websites Whether it's new immigrants or foreign students coming to the United States, renting is the top priority!
Do not want to find career intermediaries or brokers, want to choose the desired house as in China, we will generally preferred rental website!
So what about finding a suitable house in the United States through a rental website?
Speaking of this, I am afraid of being spanked (running.
) even if I don't put my hands on the strategy.
Below is an introduction to the top ten rental websites in the United States, hoping to help you easily rent the house you want!
1. American Apartment Rental Website:
http://www.condo.com Apartment rental in the United States is one of the largest portals providing apartment rental and sales.
It covers rental and sales information in major U.S. states, cities and 70 countries in the worlD.At the same time, the website also supports loan links, property mortgages, as well as services such as renting and selling blogs.
The American apartment rental network is very popular in the real estate market, with 1.5 million visits per month.
2. TG assets Website:
http://www.tgproperties.com/ TG Assets is a network specializing in the management of luxury duplex apartments and apartment rental companies.
Located in North Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington, the company offers rental and sales services for luxury duplex apartments and apartment houses in the Indian Trail area, near the corner of E.
Lincoln Road and Nevada Street.
Not only that, it also has a large number of commercial real estate and office apartments, mostly close to the urban area.
3. Viviun Website:
http://www.viviun.com Viviun is a leading website providing international real estate lists.
It includes information on real estate lists, vacation rents and luxury apartment rentals in various countries.
The main providers of these real estate information are house owners and consultants.
The website team uses these real and reliable information to provide customers with reassuring, safe and reliable rental and purchase services.
4. Apartments.com Website:
http://www.apartments.com Apartments.com is a rental information website in the United States.
It provides rental information for renters in remote villages and bustling urban areas throughout the United States.
In order to optimize and simplify the search procedures, the website has built the most comprehensive database, which can help users search the housing information as quickly as possible by inputting the postcode or city name.
It is very convenient and fast to use.
5. Apartment Guidelines Website:
http://www.apartmentguide.com Apartment Guide is the online version of Apartment Guide, a well-known magazine owned by Primedia, a well-known housing agency in the United States.
It provides housing intermediary services such as rental and sales of houses.
Users can search the city and the source of houses to find the houses and co-rental roommates they need.
6. Metro Roommates Website:
http://www.metroroommates.com Metro Roommates, founded in February 2000, is part of Spyder Web, which provides rental information at different prices around the worlD.The website has a variety of housing resources, including direct provision by the landlord, real estate managers, and tenants, etC.Among them, the information of rent-for-rent is the unique information resources of the website.
7. A comprehensive review of apartments Website:
net Website Name:
Apartment Comprehensive Assessment is a collection of apartment rental information review website, which belongs to Rental Markets Company.
It specializes in helping tenants better understand the house they want to rent and make more wise choices.
At the same time, the website is also a social networking platform, where users can interact, publish rental experience, exchange rental suggestions, and find renters in nearby areas.
8. Easy Roommate Website:
http://www.easyroommate.com Easy Roommate has a history of 15 years and is one of the largest roommate search websites in the worlD.It has abundant housing resources and tens of thousands of registered tenants.
This website provides users with convenient and safe search engines, and also has a customer service team composed of experts in the field of joint rental, providing users with professional rental Advisory services.
9. Housing Review Network Website:
http://www.apartmentratings.com Housing Review Network is the largest rental review community and apartment information website in the United States, founded in 2000.
Households can comment on the houses or apartments they have lived or are living in.
They can also check the comments of other households to make reasonable choices.
In addition, the website also provides information and services such as moving truck rental, moving question and answer, furniture rental, roommate search, blog and so on.
10. Sublet.com Website:
http://www.sublet.com Sublet.com is a part of Spyder Network Enterprise in the United States.
It specializes in providing rental information globally, especially in the United States.
The website publishes a wide range of housing types, including apartments, vacation apartments, suites, single rooms, row villas, mobile houses, dormitory rooms, and so on, and whether it is long-term, short-term, or with appliances and other requirements can be met here.
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