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Rules for the Use of Chinese Driving Licenses in U.S. States Can Chinese driver's license be used in California?
Can an international driver's license be used in California, USA?
If you are a visitor to California and have a legitimate driver's license from your country, you can drive in California without a California driver's license as long as your country's license is valiD.The California government recognizes licenses issued by the government of the driver's residence (state, state, territory) as legitimate documents.
If you become a California resident, you must get a California driver's license in 10 days.
If you have a green card or other American identity, you can't use a Chinese driver's license and get caught, you will be treated as unlicensed driving and need to go to court.
The California government does not recognize International Driving Permit as a legitimate driver's license.
An international driver's license is just a translation of your own national driver's license, which is not needed when driving in California.
We suggest that foreign drivers should bring other identification materials, such as your passport, when driving.
We recommend that foreign drivers understand California's traffic rules to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary distress.
In addition, non-Californians under the age of 18 with foreign licenses can only drive in California for 10 days.
Ten days later, minors who are not local residents must obtain a DMV certificate from the Motor Vehicle Administration before they can drive.
In addition, the certificate must be obtained with a certificate of financial responsibility.
Non-local adults with foreign driver's licenses serving in the military can drive in California for 60 days without a California driver's license or a non-local minor's certificate.
Be careful!
Because the laws of different states in the United States are different, here we summarize whether the list of states in the United States allows B1/B2 visa holders to use their domestic driver's licenses.
16 + means over 16 years old and 18 + means over 18 years old.
Alabama, yes, 16/+ Alaska, yes, 90 days, 16/+ Arizona, yes Arkansas, no, ID Prequired California, yes, 18+ Colorado, yes, 16/+ Connecticut, no, IDP required Delaware, yes, 16+ Florida, yes, 16/+; Georgia, yes Hawaii, no, IDP required Idaho, yes Illinois, yes Indiana, yes, 16.5/+ Iowa, yes Kansas, yes Kentucky, no, IDP required Louisiana, yes, 90 days Maine, yes, 16/+ Maryland, yes No, Massachusetts.
Michigan, no Minnesota, yes, 15/+ Mississippi, yes, 60 days, 18/+ Missouri, yes, 16/+ Montana, yes, 15/+ Nebraska, yes, 30 days.
Nevada, yes, 16/+ No, New Hampshire.
Article 21 of the State Act, Motor Vehicles, does not specify the specific country in which the State recognizes the issuance of a foreign driver's license, and exemptions apply to states/provinces/countries that recognize each other's licenses.
New Jersey, no New Mexico, yes, 15/+ New York State, yes North Carolina, yes North Dakota, yes, 16/+ Ohio, yes Oklahoma, yes, 16/+ Oregon, yes, 16/+ Pennsylvania, yes, 16/+ Rhode Island, yes, 16/+ South Carolina, yes, 16/+ South Dakota, yes, 16/+ Tennessee, yes Texas, no Utah, yes, 6 months, 16/+ Vermont, no Virginia, yes, 16.25/+ Washington State, yes, 1 year, 16/+ West Virginia, yes, 90 days, 16/+.
Wisconsin, no, IDP required Wyoming, yes Washington, D.
, yes, 30 days In particular, in states that do not recognize Chinese driver's licenses, you can also rent cars and drive, because American police will not block the road to check the license, but if there is a traffic accident, the police will deal with it without a driver's license.
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