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Be sure to see the correct way to dial 911 It is well known that 911 is an alarm phone in the United States, but not all questions need to be dialed 911. In American life, we need to know some common sense problems.
Do you know what situations need to call 911?
Do you know the right steps to call 911?
This article gives you the correct steps to dial 911 in American life.
Under what circumstances can I call 911?
Catch fire Encountering crime, especially ongoing Accidents, especially when someone is injured Medical emergencies, such as unconsciousness, dyspnea, severe allergic reactions, chest pain, bleeding, or other situations requiring timely medical assistance * The above information comes from 911.gov.
If you are not sure whether the situation is considered urgent, you can still dial 911 for the operator to help you determine whether you need emergency assistance.
There are six steps to call 911:
Keep calm.
When a person is in an emergency, it is the most important and difficult thing to keep calm.
When you're ready to make a 911 call, you need to make sure you're at a safe distance from the emergency areA.If you are calling someone who has been injured, please stand by the injured person and, if necessary, follow the operator's instructions for on-site rescue while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.
Use the right phone Unless it's a fire or burglary, it's better to use a landline because it's easier for the police to check your location.
If there is a fire, you need to leave the room as soon as possible.
Don't use landline phone to alarm.
Prepare before dialing In general, when you call 911, you need to answer the following questions.
You can be prepared in advance.
To determine the location of an emergency, you can refer to road signs, shop names or intersection signs.
You need to describe the location as accurately as possible to the operator.
Do you need the police, the medical team or the firefighters?
In some cases, the operator or the automatic voice prompt will tell you the relevant department calls you need to dial and the information of the relevant contacts.
You need to observe the details of an emergency calmly, such as the physical characteristics of the suspect, the severity of the fire, the symptoms and injuries of the injured, and so on.
Your phone number and name:
You need to know the number of the phone you used when you dialed 911. If there are other questions or questions, 911 officials can keep in touch with you by telephone.
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