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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In art colleges and universities around the world, the United States undoubtedly gathers most of the top art schools, which are the sanctuary for Chinese students who plan to study in art.
As a result, the number of applicants surging every year is also increasing the critical "taste" of these famous schools.
Faced with the world's top competitors, applicants must have some unique "halo" in order to make the well-known school admission officers shine in front of them.
So in the process of preparation, how can the admission officer do well?
Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island Design Institute Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is one of the world's top design institutes, which integrates art and design disciplines.
Established in 1877, it has a long history of nearly 140 years.
RISD ranked first among the 25 best design institutes in Business Insider, overwhelming Yale, MIT, Pratt and SAIC.
The Rhode Island Institute of Design pays great attention to practical teaching and has strict requirements for applicants.
Schools mainly rely on works to measure students'academic ability, especially their talent and development potential.
Generally speaking, the award-winning works are convincing only when they have been applied for.
Firstly, the works are the most true expression of ideas; secondly, the works may not be the most perfect, but they must have their own innovative ideas and unique perspectives; thirdly, the works should not be too many and miscellaneous.
Works should not only embody students'basic artistic skills, but also highlight students' own ideas of many geniuses.
2. Yale University, Yale University Yale College of Art is one of the twelve professional colleges under Yale University.
It is a professional art college that only awards master's degree in art creation.
When it opened in 1869, it was the first art college affiliated to a higher education institution in the United States.
The faculty, curriculum arrangement and teaching facilities of the school are world-class.
In the mid-twentieth century, Yale University took the lead in incorporating painting, sculpture, photography, design and new media art into undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and has thus become a leader in this field.
Admission Officer Taste The school has excellent teachers and guest speakers, various new media facilities and a new exhibition hall for contemporary art.
The College also develops and organizes various projects and activities with Yale University Gallery and other art departments.
All of these make the Academy of Arts provide a broad perspective for students, universities and society to observe what has happened and is happening in the field of art and to explore what may happen in the future.
This requires students preparing for the exam to have a certain artistic intuition, Yale values the students'unique artistic thinking most.
3. California Institute of the Arts, California College of Arts The California Institute of the Arts is the birthplace of Disney animators and was founded by Disney Investment, so many Disney animators graduated from the school.
Like Maurice Noble htt, the Disney Watercolor Background Master who passed away in May 2001, Calarts graduated from the school.
His famous work is Disney's first full-length animation Snow White.
For example, the watercolor background of poetry fantasy comes from his hands.
Because California Institute of the Arts was invested and founded by Disney, California Art College students have more opportunities to participate in a series of animated films produced by Disney.
Such behind-the-scenes work as Legend of the Bear, General Mobilization of the Seabed, Lion King, Wonderful Margin in the Wind, Mulan and so on, is often done by the students of the school.
For the students, they have more practical experience.
Admission Officer Taste The animation production of the film and television production department of the school is the first in the United States.
They are independent and regard film production as an individual and independent art form.
They encourage the study of film production from the aspects of story films, documentaries, live shooting, character animation, experimental animation, multimedia and so on.
Students'film and television works are also regarded as individual expression and exploration.
Experimental Animation and Character Animation, School of Film/Video, Department of Film and Television Production, California Academy of Art, are well-known overseas disciplines.
Therefore, candidates should focus on applying their imagination to practical operation, using multi-perspective and multi-line mode of thinking to create works, the ability to express stories will be greatly enhanced.
~ 4. Art Institute of Chicago School of Art Art Institute of Chicago, one of the top art education institutions in the United States, consists of museums and schools.
It was founded in 1866. Its museums are famous for collecting a large number of Impressionist Works and American art works, such as Monet, Thura, Van Gogh, Edward Hope and others.
Its Institute aims to cultivate visual arts talents, including Walt Disney and Georgia O'Keefe.
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is located in Loop, Chicago's busiest Cook County.
Admission Officer Taste The school is strict with students, pays great attention to cultivating students'thinking ability and creativity, and has a complete educational system.
Students coming here will not be limited to major in any subject, providing students with perfect teaching in vision and art.
The Chicago Academy of Art believes that before becoming an artist, it is important to look at how you see the world, so vision is very important.
The professor's standard of the Chicago Academy of Art is above a certain standard, focusing on students'thinking.
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