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6. Art Center College of Design The Academy of Art Center Design (ACCD) was founded in 1930.
The Art Center School of Design is one of the most famous design schools in the United States.
There are 9 departments of advertising design, environmental design, film art, pure art media, graphic design, illustration, photography art, product design and transportation design.
Its transportation design specialty has a good cooperation with General Motors of the United States.
It is the leading specialty and one of the most prestigious departments in the United States.
The tuition fees of Art Center Design College are below the average income level of the state, and the vast majority of students can afford tuition fees.
The school also provides a certain proportion of scholarships or grants to qualified applicants to help them complete their studies smoothly.
Admission Officer Taste The graduate students of this university lay stress on theoretical research, while the undergraduate students lay stress on practical technology training.
There is no doubt that the school is a world-renowned art and design institute, and a large number of alumni have become the most successful designers, artists and professionals in the industry.
The school attaches great importance to professional education.
If you are not sure about doing a very professional job in the future, it is better not to consider the school.
On the contrary, if you have a good artistic background and creative ability, then this school is one of the best choices for you to succeeD.If you want to be an advertising designer, interior environment designer, or a commercial film director, automotive designer, product designer and illustrator, Art Center provides you with a very professional and relevant education, as well as an opportunity to intern and work with the world's most famous companies.
It is also very easy for most students to find a design job after graduation.
7. Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State Federal University Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), founded in 1838, is a large public research university in the United States, ranking in the top 100 research universities in the United States.
Virginia Federal University was ranked Tier 1 in the latest U.S. ranking of 2014 U.S. News.
Admission Officer Taste The university has many advantageous majors.
Its Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Fiber Art, Graphic Design, Conversation, Multimedia, Ceramics ranks among the top 12 in the United States.
The requirement for students is the combination of excellent English performance, a large collection of works, personal characteristics and academic background.
8. Pratt Institute, Prett College of Art The Pratt Institute of Art (Pratt Institute) is a distinctive art school, which was founded in 1887. The faculty is first-class, including award-winning artists, architects, designers, writers in their respective fields.
Teachers teach courses that are closely related to the development of the times and of great practical significance.
These teachers can provide internship positions for students, and even provide employment opportunities for students.
The teacher-student ratio is about 10:
1, and small-class teaching is implementeD.Industrial design ranks third in the United States and interior design ranks first in the United States.
Admission Officer Taste Its art majors include traditional practices and the latest technology.
Students will face the challenge of exploring the possibilities of various painting and conceptual approaches.
The teaching team of this major is a highly valued artist and educator in New York.
It ensures that students are exposed to a range of methods and painting techniques in the current context.
In Pratt, abstractionism and pragmatism coexiSt.We also advocate ease of use, responsibility and enlightenment.
Students in this school have talent in various fields, such as mathematics and natural science, painting, model making and sculpture.
In the process of learning, students will develop a sense of purpose and learn to express ideas in visual language.
This course covers a variety of styles and methods, such as direct observation, photography, Abstract thinking, etc.
9. New York University, New York University New York University is located in New York City, USA, according to USNEWS's domestic ranking of 32 and CWUR's 2014 World University ranking of 17. As a first-class academic institution, NYU currently has 36 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Abel Prize winners, 9 US National Science Medal winners, 16 Pulitzer Prize winners, 19 Academy Award winners (the largest number of American universities), and a number of Emmy, Tony, MacArthur and Guggenheim Prize winners.
New York University's Tisch School of the Arts is one of the best art schools in the United States, and it has the largest number of Oscar winners in universities and film institutions across the country.
Together with the Film Academy of the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), they are considered the three best film academies in the United States.
10. Academy of Art University, San Francisco University of Arts San Francisco University of Art (AAU) was founded in 1929, located in the world's most popular tourist attractions, beautiful San Francisco City, is the largest private art and Design University in the United States, has a reputation in the Western Bay AreA.Known as one of the most valuable fashion design and graphic design colleges in the United States, it has trained many artistic designers.
With graphic design, clothing design, animation design professional world-renowneD.San Francisco University of the Arts ranks among the top ten in the American Art College Graduates Income List, and is one of the highest-earning institutions for graduates of American Art Colleges.
The employment rate of graduates is high, up to 80% of graduates are in Arts and establishments.
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