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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
According to the latest data, more than 13,000 families in mainland China emigrated to the United States through EB-5, far more than other countries in the world, making people feel the arrival of the third wave of immigration.
Unlike the first labor migration wave and the second skilled migration wave, the current migration wave is dominated by investment migration.
Tens of thousands of families have been granted EB-5 visas According to the latest EB-5 Investor Source Report from IIUSA, the latest EB-5 Investor Source Report from EB-5 Industry Association, 13,392 families in mainland China received EB-5 visas in the financial year 1992-2014, far surpassing those in other countries in the world, according to Qiaobao.com.
A total of 13392 families in mainland China have been granted investment immigration visas I-526 (conditional green card, converted to permanent green card-overseas Chinese newspaper annotation) after two years, accounting for 67.5% of the total number of people approved, and the total amount of investment amounted to 6.69 billion yuan.
Four Main Subjects of Chinese Immigrants Firstly, after studying abroad, they first find employment abroad and then emigrate.
The second is entrepreneurs and senior managers and technical elites in large and medium-sized enterprises.
The prominent feature of this group is mainly investment migration and technology migration, and most people will continue to develop in China after immigration.
The reason why migrants now mainly consider children's education, their own pension in the future, of course, there are worries about China in the future.
Thirdly, entertainment stars, although small in number, have huge wealth.
Their most prominent feature is that after immigration, the cause of the vast majority of people is still in ChinA.The reason for immigration is similar to that of entrepreneurs.
Fourth, corrupt officials and their families, whether from the perspective of wealth or other aspects of evaluation, the negative impact of this group of immigrants is very large.
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