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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In addition to investing heavily, the easiest way to get a green card is to marry or marry an American citizen to get a green card.
Generally speaking, there are several ways to get a green card:
Work Immigration In the United States, many parents of students and foreign students yearn for it.
Legal work is a common way to get a green carD.As we all know, the international student competition for work visas is so fierce and cruel!
Many students go to the United States to study with a "green card dream".
Many foreign students'perception of the way to obtain a green card through studying in the United States is F-1 OPT H-1B green card.
The reality is that after graduating from American universities and obtaining a degree, foreign students will receive a one-year OPT perioD.If they succeed in finding a job and apply for and obtain a work visa, they can stay.
Otherwise, they will be required to return home within two months after the end of OPT.
Even if you apply for a work visa, because of the limited number of places each year, foreign students have to participate in the lottery.
According to statistics, more than 230,000 people will compete for 85,000 visas in 2015, and the average rate of winning visas for undergraduates has fallen below 20%.
It seems that in order to go smoothly along the road from studying abroad to green cards, we must strive not only for ability but also for character.
Investment Immigration No language, business and academic requirements.
There is no requirement of beautiful and rigid residence.
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