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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
U.S.'Early Departure Permit'is available here as you want to know.
Those who have submitted a green card application (I-485) and are waiting to adjust their status must apply for "Advance Parole" if they suddenly need to go abroaD.Keep in mind that if you leave the United States without applying during I-485 processing, there will be serious consequences.
Those who violate this law may be refused to return to the United States, and their immigration applications may be refuseD.Although there are some exceptions, only a few exceptions can be made.
The role of Advance Parole is to allow approved people to return to the United States after an outbound trip without interrupting their application for immigration status in the United States.
Therefore, if a person who is applying for permanent resident status (i.
green card) needs to remain valid, he or she must apply for an early exit permit before leaving the country and leave the country after obtaining approval.
The application form is I-131, which is the Application for Travel Document.
The examination and approval time of the application is usually three months or four to five months, depending on the working conditions of the immigration offices.
Special cases can be applied for express processing.
Question 1:
If I only go to Puerto Rico, do I need to apply for an early departure permit?
What about going to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands?
No, if you are traveling between different parts of the United States, you don't need an "advance departure permit".
These places include Guam, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Swains Island and the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), as long as you don't enter foreign ports or foreign areas.
Question 2:
Can the application for early departure permit be displayed during the processing period?
Immigration Bureau:
If you leave the country during I-485 and do not have a valid "early departure permit", your application may be rejected or abandoned.
Question 3:
I have an urgent matter to leave the United States, but I have not handled the "early departure permit".
What should I do?
Immigration Bureau:
If you are in an extremely urgent situation, you can go to the local immigration office to apply for an urgent "early departure permit" document.
When you go to the local office of the Immigration Bureau, you have to bring some documents, such as I-131 form, evidence of emergency, two passport photos, etc.
, and pay for them.
Question 4:
I am going to take a cruise to parade.
Do I need an "early departure permit"?
It may be necessary, depending on where your cruise is going.
As with the first question, if you travel only between different parts of the United States, you don't need to apply for an "early departure permit.
" If you go to a non-U.S. territory, you need it.
Question 5:
With an H-4 visa and non-immigrant status, I submitted an I-485 and it is under processing.
Do I need an "early departure permit" for outbound travel?
Immigration Bureau:
If the main applicant for H visa is granted the application for identity adjustment, the Immigration Bureau will consider you no longer have H-4 status.
In this case, your I-485 application will be rejected or rejected without an "early departure permit".
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