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Summary of Driver Licensing Authorities in the States of the United States In driving in the United States, foreign licensed drivers travel to the United States from countries that ratify the Road Traffic Convention and can use their own valid driving licences to drive in the United States.
Tourists who intend to rent cars in the United States are advised to apply for an international driver's license before leaving ChinA.These licenses may be useful in unexpected events such as car rental, traffic violations or car accidents, especially when foreign languages are involved.
These licenses must be obtained before they leave for the United States.
For more information, please contact your local license issuing authority or Beijing Traffic Administration at 6490-4379. State Motor Vehicle Licensing Authorities Embassies cannot renew or renew driver's licenses issued in the United States.
These documents are issued only in the states.
For renewal information, you must contact the relevant states.
The following list is updated regularly, but we cannot guarantee that it is completely correct.
Many states have Internet sites where you can access forms and information.
OverNet of the U.S. Postal Administration provides a good link to many of these websites.
Alabama Driving License Bureau; Mailbox 1511, Montgomery; Postal Code:
AL 36102-1511; Telephone:
(334) 242-9000 Alaska Motor Vehicle Bureau; Address:
5700 E.
Tudor Road, Anchorage; Postal Code:
AK 99507-1225; Telephone:
(907) 269-5559 Transport Department, Arizona Motor Vehicle Bureau; Mailbox:
2100, MD 500M Phoenix; Postal Code:
AZ 85001; Telephone:
(602) 255-8152 Arkansas Driving License Insurance Department; Address:
Room 125, Ledbetter Building; Mailbox:
1272, Little Rock City; Postal Code:
AR 72203; Telephone:
(501) 682-4630 California Motor Vehicle Bureau Mail Extension Office, Box 942890 Sacramento; Postal Code:
CA 94890-0001; Telephone:
(916) 657-7790 Colorado Motor Vehicle Bureau; Address:
1881 Pierce Stree, Leckwood; Postal Code:
CO 80214; Telephone:
(303) 205-5949 Connecticut Motor Vehicle Bureau Mail Service; Address:
60 State Avenue, Wetherfield; Postal Code:
CT 06101; Telephone:
(860) 263-5550 Delaware Motor Vehicle Bureau; Mailbox:
818, Dover; Postal Code:
DE 19903-0818; Telephone:
(302) 739-4421 Center, Motor Vehicle Service, District of Columbia, 301 C.Street, NW Room 1157, Washington; Postal Code:
DC 20001; Telephone:
(202) 727-5000 Florida Motor Vehicle Bureau Driving License Office, address:
2900 Apalachee Pkwy MS92, Tallahassee; Postal Code:
FL 32399-0575; Tel:
(850) 487-4303 Georgia Public Security Driving License Bureau, E-mail:
456 Atlanta; Postal Code:
GA 30334; Telephone:
(770) 785-6926 Hawaii Driving License Administration; Address:
1119 Dillingham BlvD.Bay A-101, Honolulu; Postal Code:
HI 96817; Telephone:
(808) 532-7700 Idaho Transport Bureau Driver Service; Address:
3311 W.
State St; Mail Box:
7129 Boise; Postal Code:
ID 83707; Telephone:
(208) 334-8700 Illinois Driver Service Secretary Office; Address:
2701 S.
Dirksen Parkway, Springfield; Postal Code:
IL 62723; Telephone:
(217) 785-7548 Indiana Motor Vehicle Bureau Driving License Office; Address:
100 N.
Senate Avenue Room 440, Indianapolis; Postal Code:
IN 46204; Telephone:
(317) 233-6000
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