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Why will your visa be refused?
There are no more than two kinds of visa results:
getting or refusing to sign.
After refusing to sign, the embassy's seal is usually stamped on the last page of the passport, commonly known as refusal to sign, while many embassies will return the passport and do not return the visa information to show that the passport embassy has not issued a visa after accepting the passport.
However, no matter what form, the visa records of the applicants will definitely be filed in the Embassy system.
If the applicants want to continue to apply for visas, they must have the basis of overturning the refusal of the visa officer to grant you visas, and also require you to provide more favorable materials.
Otherwise, the chances of refusing to sign again are high.
There are many reasons for the refusal of the embassy's visa, but the general reasons are as follows:
1. The visa materials are incomplete:
In order to minimize the impact of human factors on the visa, most embassies clearly stipulate the requirements for application materials.
I sign the world for different situations of individuals, but also let applicants supplement some additional materials as a supplement, thereby improving the rate of issuance.
Sometimes, many applicants do not understand why they have to prepare so many materials, but in fact the materials we require are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the embassy, which can be said to be necessary materials.
If these basic materials are missing, there will be a great risk of rejection.
2. The material is not true:
When examining the information of visa applicants, embassy staff should first confirm whether the materials provided are authentiC.If they think that the materials are not authentic, 100% of them will be refused to sign.
Is there such a God in the embassy?
Is there any way to find out everything?
These questions are confused by most applicants, but we don't know the exact way the embassy is going to go.
But facts prove that they are amazing.
If false materials are provided, 99% of them will be found out.
3. The purpose of going abroad is not clear:
After going abroad, they may engage in activities that are inconsistent with the content of the visa they apply for, such as visiting relatives on short-term business visas and staying abroad without returning.
The visa officer's judgment may be based on the following reasons:
the applicant's position and income at home are too low, and he will be attracted by the job opportunities abroad; the applicant is too young, carefree and has a greater possibility of staying abroad; the applicant's family's financial situation is not good, and the living conditions abroad have a strong attraction for him, etc.
4. The applicant does not have his own qualifications:
Applicants'family relations, social background, economic ability and past exit records in China may affect the visa results.
Some applicants prepare their visas solely according to the materials required by the embassy when applying for visas.
These visa materials can not reflect all aspects of the information of the applicants in detail, and of course, they are easily refused to sign.
This is also why many applicants will sign the application through me, because we will ask for additional materials which are beneficial to the issuance of the application according to the different circumstances of the applicant.
5. Other reasons:
If the embassy carries out telephone verification to the applicant, the applicant's answer is inconsistent with the materials provided, the state of the answer is not good, hesitant, unclear expression, bad attitude may be refused.
I hope that the above information will be helpful to all of you.
Whether you apply for a visa by yourself or assist others in applying for a visa, you must make full preparations before processing and strive for one pass.
Good Luck!
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