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American immigrants, why is California so popular?
According to the latest data, China has replaced Mexico as the largest source of immigrants in California, overturning the migration trend of the past decades, the Star Island Daily reported.
Why do so many people choose to emigrate to California?
The demand for skilled workers is increasing California can be said to be the birthplace of American high-tech industry.
With the development of enterprises, the demand for skilled workers, especially high-tech industries, is increasing.
However, due to the limited local talent, many employers are beginning to look more for such employees abroaD.Demographic data show that most of the population from Asia is near Silicon Valley.
Asian immigrants generally come to the United States on H-1B visas.
The visa allows companies to hire foreign workers when there is a labor shortage.
Some of them will then be supported by American businesses and then be granted permanent residence.
The number of foreign students has increased dramatically Statistics show that international students at the University of California almost doubled from 2009 to 2015. Although their tuition fees are several times higher than those of their native counterparts, it is good news for officials whose University budgets have been cut in recent years that the increase in the number of foreign students has brought them considerable income.
According to data, from 2012 to 2014, a quarter of immigrants from China were college students aged 18 to 24, and a third of them would stay in the United States after graduation.
Currently in California, Asian immigrants are younger.
Chinese and other Asian immigrants are increasingly influential in cities and in all walks of life.
Asian Americans are already the largest minority group among UCLA freshmen in 2015. The United States has always attracted countless young people to pursue their dreams with "freedom and democracy".
With the economic growth in recent years and the emergence of the tide of studying abroad, more and more people are bound to choose to go abroad.
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