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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Five Most Favorite Middle Schools of the American Presidential Family Sidwell Friendship Middle School (Sidwell Friends School) Address:
Washington State Tuition:
about $30,000 per year If Harvard has the largest number of presidential alumni, then Sidwell has the largest number of American presidential parents, including:
Barack Obama, Vice President Biden, Clinton, Vice President Gore, Roosevelt, Nixon, and dozens of other high-ranking American politicians, besides the President, Washington's elites, federal judges, foreign dignitaries, diplomats in the United States, and so on.
They all rushed to send their children here.
The proportion of students who graduated from the university to go to famous universities such as Ivy League/MIT/Stanford accounts for more than 30% of the total number of students.
In addition, the school is the Friendship School of the Second Affiliated Secondary School of Beijing Normal University.
It receives exchange students from the Second Secondary School of Beijing Normal University every year, and the daughters of Michelle, the first lady of the United States, attend the school.
phillips exeter academy (Phillips Exeter Academy) Address:
New Hampshire Tuition:
about $45,000 per year If Sidwell belongs to a "taller" school, Philip Ester Middle School, which also has many political alumni, is more groundeD.As long as international students are good enough, they can apply for the school boldly.
In addition, the school has the largest secondary school library in the world, with a collection of more than 160,000 books.
Famous alumni include former US President Franklin Pierce and his family, Robert Todd Lincoln (son of Abraham Lincoln) and his family, Ulysses Simpson Grant (eighteenth US president), Senator Daniel Webster, and many American governors and government officials.
deerfield academy (Deerfield Academy) Address:
Massachusetts Schools:
$54,000 or more per year Founded in 1797, Dealfield is one of the oldest traditional secondary schools in the United States.
It is a boarding school, known as the "backyard" of Georgetown, USA.It mainly enrolls students in grades 9-12. The facility of the school is also world-class:
it has 18 tennis courts, a hockey field and 3 basketball courts.
It has 10 international squash courts, fitness centers, Kirk swimming pool, a new eight-track track track and two artificial grasslands, which are mainly used for the multi-purpose venues for the autumn team.
The value orientation of wealthy parents is an important factor affecting students'choice of school.
Therefore, quite a number of parents who want their children to be in politics send their students to the school.
Students here also tend to choose political, diplomatic and humanistic research directions.
After graduation, most of the students enter Georgetown University, which has a prominent position in the field of American politics and diplomacy, and choose Dealfield Middle School.
It's like taking a through train to a well-known university in the United States.
Choate Rosemary Hall (Choate Rosemary Hall) Address:
Connecticut Tuition:
$54,000 per year Jott Rosemary High School is a school that attaches great importance to honesty and moral education.
After new students enter the school, parents have to sign a contract with the school and agree to give up some American civil rights so that the school can take strong measures to implement honesty and moral education.
In order to encourage students to study and innovate, the school has set up a number of characteristic research projects closely related to the world today, covering topics of Arts and sciences, such as Arab and Middle East research, environmental project research, scientific research projects, etC.Students can publish articles in high school, and they can also get the opportunity to intern with the United States Central Bank.
The school is one of the top high schools in the United States.
It is more active in recruiting Chinese students.
At the same time, it has higher admission scores.
More than 100 TOEFL points and 85% SSAT are the bottom line of admission committee evaluation.
Concord Academy (Concord Academy) Address:
Massachusetts Tuition:
about $56,000 per year Concord High School has a small campus area of only 39 acres, close to Harvard and MIT.
Students can often go to two universities to attend lectures and communicate with professors and students there.
The biggest characteristics of the school are relaxed environment, ideological emancipation, academic freedom, students can give full play to their imagination and creativity.
The school is small in scale.
Teachers can pay attention to and help every student in time.
The school advocates that students appreciate and encourage each other to create a warm and competitive learning environment.
The school has a rigorous style of study, a good teaching quality, a focus on university preparatory courses, diversified after-school counseling, a rich collection of books in the school library, which can provide students with reference to write reports and senior papers, and can train students to complete research independently.
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