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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Notes on Statutory Holiday Arrangements for American Immigrants Notes on Statutory Holiday Arrangements for American Immigrants.
Now every country has its own statutory holidays.
Do you know what the statutory holidays in the United States are for immigrants?
New Year's Day - January 1 (the holiday length is about three days) Birthday of Martin Luther King (Jr.
) - January 3rd Monday (double holidays, three days'holiday length Washington Birthday) - February 3rd Monday (double holidays, three days' holiday length Easter Day) - every spring equinox.
The first Sunday after that is Easter.
The date is not fixed, usually you need to look at the calendar to know (holidays are usually from Friday to Sunday, three days Memorial Day) - the last Monday of May (double holidays, three days of Independence Day) - July 4 (holidays are about three days Labor Day) - the first Monday of September (continued).
Double holidays, three-day long Columbus Day - the second Monday in October (ibid.
, but Veterans Day is not available in most places) - November 11 (ibid.
, but not in most places).
Thanksgiving Day - the fourth Thursday in November (from three days to one Christmas Day) - December 25 (from three days, one week or half a month apart from these holidays, there are also four seasons of "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" for teachers and students in public and private schools in the United States, as follows:
Spring vacation (each state, each district and school district has different arrangements, usually a week in March or mid-April, and the length of the vacation is from three days to one week of summer vacation (ibid.
, different states and regions have different arrangements, generally from mid-June to before Labor Day in September, the length is from two and a half months to three months of autumn vacation (there is no strict sense of autumn vacation, because the coming year after October).
New Year's Day, the whole autumn is occupied by almost all kinds of important traditional festivals, big and small, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.
9-12 is basically the most colorful month in the United States, and is not strictly divided into autumn, but winter.
Winter in the Midwest lasts from January to the end of March.
Winter vacation (still varies according to the States and regions, but it is basically January or February each year.
For example, in February, Michigan, students have just recovered from the long half-month vacation of Christmas and New Year's Day, and have just begun to take back their heart to study, and then come to such a long winter vacation of 3-7 days.
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    ABOUT oregon local customs, tourist attractions
    Salem is located in the northwest Oregon, Willamette River Valley, for the county government, the state capital of Marion county.
    The third largest city in the city to Oregon after Portland and Eugene, is Willamette University and cobain university is located.
    Brilliant and long history of Salem has created a unique landscape, not only there is a grand parliament, also has the colorful Museum, both quiet park is also the Holy cathedral.
    Oregon State capitol is Oregon legislature parliament hall, and the state government, the Secretary of state and financial officer office.
    The existing building was built in 1936 to 1938, and the expansion in 1977, Oregon government in third resident in Salem.
    Harry Ford Art Museum Oregon third Art Museum, the collection of the art works in different periods, the collection of the popular, in addition, privet Alan Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit.
    If you are a love lively and Taobao, so each year from May to October held in Salem on Saturday, the market should not be missed, mainly the sale of local goods, including exquisite handicrafts, sweet barbecue food, daily necessities and other fruits and vegetables, can also taste the delicacy characteristic Salem, Oregon
    Reason: Oregon capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions of the province, Oregon State [Oregon State]
    city attractions: Salem [Salem]

    crater Lake National Park was established in 1902, is a national park located in southern Oregon, is one of the oldest national park in the United states.
    crater Lake National Park is the only one in the Oregon National Park, is a fascinating and nostalgia of the National Park, the magnificent exquisite can be comparable with the United States Grand canyon.
    The most famous tourist attractions in crater Lake National Park is the volcano lake, it is the deepest lake, about 594 meters deep, is the world's ninth deep lake.
    The volcano Lake Indigo is as the acme of perfection.
    In addition to the volcano lake, the park is characterized by its rich volcano geological landscape.
    The number of tourists each year to visit crater Lake National Park at around 40 million people.
    crater Lake National Park is a peaceful land of idyllic beauty, the spring snow melt, the recovery of all things, a full of vigour;
    spring, summer, autumn leaves fluttering All flowers bloom together.
    yellow earth;
    winter ice cover and snow, no matter what season are colorful and fascinating.
    crater Lake National Park
    Reason: one of the oldest national park in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Oregon State [Oregon State]
    Attractions: Hartford city [Medford]

    Hood is a mountain located in the northwestern United States, Oregon, Hu Defeng elevation 3429 meters, is the highest mountain in Oregon, the peak of the cascade Mountains, the mountain from the British admiral Samuel hood.
    Hu Defeng is an active volcano, last erupted in 1866 years, in the past 15000 years, there have been large scale eruption of the volcano eruption of nearby areas caused a huge impact, so there will be Hood as one of the 10 most dangerous volcano in the United states.
    Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon, and relatively easy to climb, every year there will be 10000 people to climb a mountain.
    Hood has 12 glaciers and snow area, Eliot glacier is the largest glacier, 80% are higher than 2100 meters.
    Hood snow area has become Oregon famous ski resort, every year there will be a lot of people to the ski.
    Mount Hood
    Reason: one of the ten most dangerous volcano in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Oregon State [Oregon State]
    Wallowa lake is located in the south to a mile at the Oregon city of Joseph.
    Even in summer, around the lake mountains are covered with snow.
    There is a park in Wallowa Lake Park Lake State Park South, the distribution of some houses and several small shops.
    Here, you can choose in the historic Wallowa Lake Lodge (Wallowa Lake Lodge), also can enter the cabin in the woods and the lake.
    In addition, every kind of recreational activities will also bring you a lot of fun.
    You can take the tram on up to 8000 feet of Howard Sean (Mount Howard) can also be riding, hiking, boating, swimming or fishing, can also go to the Nez Perse national historical park visit Sheikh Joseph cemetery.
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