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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Immigrants must not owe taxes!
The United States will legislate to allow the revocation of tax-owed citizen passports Congress is preparing to pass legislation allowing the federal government to revoke the passports of heavily taxed citizens.
Under the new legislation, which is expected to come into force in January next year, the State Council will prevent those who are "seriously in arrears" of taxes from getting a new passport and allow it to revoke the current passport of tax payers.
What do you owe?
Don't owe taxes to protect your passport!
According to the Wall Street Journal, the IRS will compile a list of taxpayers with a federal tax arrears of $50,000, including fines and interest, adjusted to the inflation index.
In most cases, the passport clause will only apply if a taxpayer belongs to the object of property seizure or collection by the IRS.
If the taxpayer has entered the procedure of resolving the tax arrears with the IRS, such as installment payment or taxpayer's defence to the administrative department or court, the revocation of the passport clause does not apply.
If passed in the current form, the new law will come into force on January 1 next year, adapting to the existing tax arrears.
The Joint Tax Commission estimates that this measure will increase revenue by $398 million in 10 years.
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