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American car buyers must see, commonly used English and basic knowledge is widely spread!
When you buy a car, do you feel distressed to communicate with American sales?
Xiaobian summed up the English vocabulary you need to know when you buy a car in the United States today.
Let's learn it together.
First is the size of the car.
In the United States, the order of cars from small to large is roughly as follows:
Small Cars-Midsize Cars-Full-Size Cars-Premium/Luxury Cars-SUVs/Vans/Pickups It should be noted that when renting a car in general, we will see more expressions of size, such as Compact and Economy generally fall within the category of Small Cars.
Intermediate and Standard are generally in the category of Midsize.
Sedans It's the most common car, usually the Three-box Configuration.
SUVs Sport Utility Vehicle is short for Sport Utility Vehicle.
Pickup Trucks Open-top small truck, commonly known as "pickup truck".
Coupes A coupe, shorter than sedan, is usually a two-door car.
Minivans Multifunctional truck, small truck, generally 7 seats, the most suitable for family use.
Wagons Originally a four-wheeled carriage, it is now often called a "traveling car".
It is a sedan-based three-compartment car, with its head basically unchanged, its trunk elevated to level with the roof of the car, and its storage space enlarged, so it is very suitable for outing and picnic.
Hatchbacks A car with a hatchback.
Generally, it is a two-compartment car.
The door of the reserve box can be lifted upward, and its shape is compact.
Convertibles This is the cool convertible.
According to different requirements, the roof can be opened or closed.
Vans Van truck, medium and small trucks.
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