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Teach you how to apply for an American scholarship Scholarship is not only an award but also an honor.
Universities all over the world have a scholarship system.
So what's the difference between the United States and how to apply for it?
There are three types of scholarship (in-school scholarship) in American universities:
Service Assistantship Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship are two kinds of grants.
This kind of scholarship is generally awarded to graduate students and doctoral students, and undergraduates can also receive grants in a few colleges, but the ratio is relatively small.
Service scholarships provide students with a certain amount of cash and are free of tuition and Fees in most colleges, but require recipients of such scholarships to work 12-20 hours a week as assistant teaching or research.
Non-Service Scholarship The application rate is the largest and the amount is the largeSt.It includes Fellowship, Scho-larship, Grant, Tuition & Fee Waiver, and other awards depending on the college itself.
The awards vary greatly from college to college in terms of amount and share.
loan The amount of such loans is generally relatively small, and most American colleges and universities only grant loans to their own students, not to international students.
Requirements for application:
language achievement For students who want to apply for American scholarships, the new TOEFL should be about 100 points, preferably more than 105 points.
If you want to apply for scholarships from the top 100 American universities, SAT should get 1800 points.
If you want to apply for the top 30 colleges and universities, you'd better get 2000 marks.
If you want to apply for the top 10 schools, you'd better score no less than 2200.
GPA score Generally speaking, the GPA should be no less than 3.0 (or above 80 on average).
It is suggested that students should start preparing from the first year of senior high school or freshman high school.
They should not neglect the study of public courses and pay attention to all-round breakthroughs.
Of course, some majors have a high degree of difficulty, and it is difficult to meet this standard, but students should do their best.
Abundant extracurricular practice or work experience When examining student scholarship application conditions, American universities also refer to whether applicants have participated in extracurricular activities while studying in their own countries.
For those who apply for graduate students, if they have a good internship experience, social research experience or rich working background, they can also increase the advantage of competitive scholarship.
Class and school year rankings If you want to apply for a high scholarship, students should also pay attention to class and academic year ranking.
American universities pay more attention to students'class ranking, and it is the whole stage of high school or university class ranking, they are examining the whole learning stage of students, rather than temporary performance.
Extracurricular Practice Activities Scholarship applications from American universities also refer to whether applicants participate in extracurricular activities such as volunteer work and student clubs while studying in their own countries.
It is suggested that applicants should know what type of talents they need and whether they really belong to the type they need.
Hands-on background For those who apply for postgraduate and doctoral students, if they have good community activities, social research experience or rich experience, they can increase the advantage of competitive scholarship.
Application Difficulty List of Majors The most competitive majors are business administration, dentist, law, surgery, marketing, finance, etc.
Competitive majors:
computer science and engineering, electronic engineering, materials science, information science, food science, artificial intelligence and cognitive science, psychology, internal medicine, clinical medicine, market economy, etc.
General competitive majors:
systems science, operations research, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, power engineering, environmental engineering, power engineering, chemical technology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, brain neuroscience, comparative literature, sociology, etc.
Less competitive majors:
Mathematics, Statistics, General Physics, High Energy Physics, Basic Chemistry, Geography, Zoology, Botany, Agricultural Science, Philosophy, Education, Anthropology, Archaeology, etc.
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