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Can you apply for American low-income benefits if you go to the United States to have children?
Most mothers who come to the United States to give birth are uninsureD.When she has regular maternity tests and goes to hospitals to give birth, she has to pay cash to doctors and hospitals.
Some motherhood centers tell pregnant women to come to the United States to give birth without money.
Their usual practice is to help pregnant women take advantage of local maternal and child health care and low-income maternal and child health benefits.
Remind me, this is very irresponsible behavior.
First, the benefits are for green cards or American citizens.
Secondly, this kind of welfare is for low-income residents.
Mothers who go to the United States to have children do not meet these two conditions.
So applying for maternal and child benefits for them is deceiving the U.S. government.
Most Chinese pregnant women do not know about this.
Children and mothers who want to re-enter the United States in the future will be refused visas.
It will be impossible for Chinese mothers to immigrate in the future.
Why do you come all the way to the United States to have children?
Most parents want to give their children a better education environment and system when they grow up.
Some parents also want to immigrate to the United States with their children.
Only by not violating the rules and regulations, not violating the law, and not deceiving the United States Government can you and your children go to the United States again.
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