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    (New Jersey) is a state of the eastern United States, north of New York, the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South to Delaware, west near Pennsylvania. New Jersey is the fourth highest in the United States and the highest density of population. Its state is called "Garden State"". Also known as the Chinese Eastern nsw. New Jersey is usually divided in the United States in the the Atlantic region, also for the eastern part of a state, can also be divided into the Northeast region.
    Climate and area: 22587 square kilometers of state area, ranking forty-seventh in the United States 50. Is a moderate continental climate, annual rainfall of about 1140-1520 mm.
    City and population: the population of about 882 million (2011), ranking eleventh in the United states. Which accounted for 76.0% of whites and in South America descended from 16.3%, the capital of the state for the city of Trenton Trenton, major cities have Newark, Jersey City, New Jersey (Jersey City), Morristown (Maurice town), Camden (Camden), Paterson (Paterson), one of the biggest cities in Newark.
    Economic indicators: 2011 GDP of $4869, ranking seventh in the state of the United States, accounting for 3.25% of the proportion of the United States GDP. GDP55207 per capita.
    Trade status: in 2011 New Jersey export trade amounted to $387, ranked 11. The main export products are precious metals, precious stones, industrial equipment and computer, electronic products, optical and medical equipment, medical preparation, chemical products, aircraft parts, industrial machinery, transportation equipment, and food. Ten major export countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Holland, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, france.

    Transportation facilities: New Jersey has excellent road, aviation, ocean and rail transport system. Highway with a total length of 56350 kilometers; the size of the airport 11, which the most important is the Newark International Airport, it is one of the most modern airport, every day of the aircraft landing gear up to more than 500 sorties.
    Business costs: according to Forbes released the 2011 most suitable for business and employment in the United States, the state, ranked New Jersey business costs ranked forty-eighth, ranked 44 in the total. New Jersey income tax is low, living conditions are good, the operating cost of the province, has attracted a lot of the original company in New York to migrate to the state. The state is engaged in services, trade, government management, financial and insurance services and other services in the field of employment of the total population of 75.3% of the employed population.
    Service Government: to encourage enterprises to the state investment in factories, expand employment opportunities, in New Jersey, the government formulated the investment incentives and different projects, over the years, these measures to promote the economic development of the state to active role. The state government vigorously support the development of high technology company, believe their development will be to all people bring prosperity, the state government also promised to maintain its position in the leading technology, and in the state to set up high-tech enterprises to provide a variety of preferential policies.
    Culture and education: New Jersey public school system is one of the best state in the United States, 54% of high school graduates will enter the university or college, Massachusetts and tied for second; New Jersey has 19 two-year colleges, campuses located in the 21st district; famous University of Bergen University College (Bergen Community College, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey), Rutgers University Brown's New Brunswick Campus (New Brunswick), Seton Hall University, Seton Hall University, Dole University (Drew University).

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