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Which major makes the most money after graduation in the United States?
With the opening of major universities in the United States, many families studying abroad are facing the difficult problem of professional choice.
Whether the starting salary is generous after graduation and whether the salary can be continuously raised is obviously one of the decisive factors for professional choice.
Payscale.com recently released the "Professional Compensation Report for Undergraduates in American Universities 2015-2016" to investigate the salary status of students in different professional stages.
The report points out that engineering is still the best choice for students to get high salary after graduation.
Highly-paid majors rank and engineering majors continue to dominate the list According to the salary survey report, petroleum engineering majors ranked first in the list with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as the major subject, and nuclear engineering ranked second in the list with an initial salary slightly higher than $100,000 and a mid-term salary of $168,000.
Engineering majors dominate the list of high-paying majors as before.
Of the 25 high-paying majors, 15 are concentrated in a subdivision of Engineering majors.
Science, technology and mathematics also performed well.
Insurance actuarial mathematics, chemical engineering and electronics and communications engineering ranked in the top five, with median annual salaries exceeding $115,000.
Although the economy and finance have entered the top 25, the economy is usually classified into social sciences, and finance-related professions are often included in the STEM field.
Ten Majors with the Highest Annual Salary in the Mid-term Career in the United States 1. Petroleum Engineering Initial salary:
$101,000 Mid-career salary:
$168,000 2. Nuclear Energy Engineering Initial salary:
$68,200 Mid-career salary:
$121,000 3. Actuarial Mathematics of Insurance Initial salary:
$58,800 Mid-career salary:
4. Chemical Engineering Initial salary:
$69,500 Mid-career salary:
$118,000 5. Telecommunications Engineering Initial salary:
$65,000 Mid-career salary:
$116,000 6. computer Science and Engineering Initial salary:
$69,100 Mid-career salary:
$115,000 7. Electrical and Computer Engineering Initial salary:
$67,000 Mid-career salary:
$114,000 8. Systems Engineering Initial salary:
$67,100 Mid-career salary:
$114,000 9. Aviation Engineering Initial salary:
$65,100 Mid-career salary:
$113,000 10. Mining Engineering Initial salary:
$71,500 Mid-career salary:
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