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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Six Tips for Investors Migrating to the United States Whether it's investing in American real estate or buying one's own home after immigrating to the United States, it's necessary to understand the rules of American real estate.
To buy a house in the United States, you need to follow the following rules:
1. It's more cost-effective to buy a house than to rent one in the United States.
Immigrating to the United States, you will find that the house price is not very expensive, but the rent, water and electricity are more expensive, so most people prefer to buy a house.
Moreover, the purchase of housing can be exempted from personal income tax.
The federal, state and local governments of the United States have many laws and policies to encourage the purchase of housing, which provide many preferential policies for the buyers, such as tax exemption, low-interest loans and so on.
2. Check-out within 45 days after signing Buyers can contact real estate intermediaries through investment and immigration companies, and can also search online for all the information about the houses they have chosen.
Then pay the corresponding deposit, in a certain period of time can be paid, if it is cash purchase procedures will be simpler.
If all goes well, the contract will take effect 45 days later.
During this period, the buyer may ask the company specially inspecting the quality of the house to inspect the house.
If quality problems are found, the contract can be unilaterally terminateD.And for the signed payment, the buyer can check out within 45 days at any time.
3. Trees outside houses and courtyards should not be cut down Most houses in the United States have wooden interior structures, but they can meet the magnitude 8 seismic standarD.Bricks used for waterproof and heat insulation are used only as exterior decoration.
Buyers can cut down trees and build houses after buying land with the approval of the government, but they can only cut down or trim trees within their own boundaries.
Trees outside the courtyard belong to state property and can not move.
The Difference between Property Right and Residence Right Buying a house in the United States is divided into buying property rights or having the right to live.
Property rights can be freely bought, sold and rented by the owner, while the housing with the right to live has only more than ten years'property rights.
Rental and sale can only pass through the property committee, and the price is several times cheaper than that of the property rights house.
5. Buying a house is not linked to American investment immigration In the United States, housing management and immigration mechanism are separateD.Although there is no contradiction between applying for EB-5 investment immigrants and buying houses in the United States, the money used for personal purchase and housing can not be counted as EB-5 immigrants'investment funds.
Foreigners can invest in housing in the United States, but they cannot acquire American identity.
However, immigrant applicants with green cards can buy a house.
6. New immigrants have jobs to borrow money First-hand house prices in the United States are much more expensive than second-hand houses.
If you look at a new house, you can buy it before it is completed, or the price will rise when the house is built.
Bank of America does not lend money to American immigrants who are unemployed, because unemployment means lack of credibility.
But as long as you have a job, a stable income, a salary record and no bad records, you can easily get loans from the bank.
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