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What should we pay attention to when moving in the United States?
If you often encounter relocation problems in the United States, the following methods of acceptance may be useful for you.
When you move, you need:
A big bag for necessities Just after moving, it's very likely that you don't have enough energy to take things out of the box one by one.
At this point, you need a big bag with the sundries you need the next day, such as a day's laundry change on your laptop, a towel toothbrush, and so on.
A transparent box The advantage of transparent boxes is that they contain everything at a glance.
Then some things that will be used immediately when moving into a new apartment, such as scissors, toilet paper, garbage bags and so on, can be put in this transparent box.
Fragile articles wrapped in clothes Fragile pots and pans can be wrapped in clothes or blankets.
Remember to label cartons Remember to mark what's in each carton so that you won't be in a hurry when unpacking!
It's better to put the dishes upright.
It's better to put the plate upright.
It's not easy to break it.
How to Connect Electronic Products by Photographing and Recording Electronic products like TV and desktop computers can take pictures to record how they are connected before packing.
It'll be much easier when you reinstall it!
Vacuum packing of clothes not immediately worn Not seasonal clothes, and larger blankets, remember to pack them in vacuum bags!
This saves a lot of space for boxes.
Change address two weeks in advance Modify your permanent address two weeks in advance so that important letters such as bank bills and insurance bills can be sent to the new address in time.
Friends come to help prepare for the move If you have friends to help move, you must remember to close the box before they arrive.
Don't let your friends wait and watch you scramble to seal the box yo!
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