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Comparing the salaries of Chinese and American workers, what stage is your salary in foreign countries?
People never lack interest in income.
They always want to know what other people's income is and what level their income is at.
Is it higher or lower than others?
Today, for you to check the monthly salary of Chinese and American workers, to see how big the gap is!
(1) The monthly salary ranges from 8,000 to 15,000 yuan ($1,200 to $2,000) In the United States, such a level of income belongs to low-income people, the general occupation is dishwasher or inefficient workers, such income can probably rent a single apartment in the United States, can support a car.
But it is more difficult to buy a house, and I dare not travel abroad, but I can eat and clothe warmly.
Of course, the food is not good enough.
It can be said that it is more economical.
If in the mainland of China, a prefecture-level city can achieve this standard of living with a salary of about 3000-4000 months.
(2) The monthly salary is 15,000-30,000 yuan ($2,000-4,500) They belong to skilled white-collar workers or employees with certain educational background, such as skilled workers in good enterprises, company employees or teachers in primary and secondary schools.
This income can probably provide for a house and a Japanese car, a restaurant once a week, a trip once a year, and the food is OK, but the days are very careful, but there is little money saved.
In a prefecture-level city in the mainland of China, the income of 5000-10000 a month should be able to achieve this standard of living, and even live smarter than that.
(3) The monthly salary is more than 30,000 RMB (more than 4500 US dollars).
They belong to the higher income class, close to the gold-collar class, such as university professors, doctors and so on.
A university professor earns about $70,000 a year and only about $50,000 to $60,000 a year after tax and insurance deductions.
Individual income tax abroad is particularly high.
In Canada, the annual salary of $100,000 (equivalent to RMB salary of $680,000) is deducted by 40% of the tax, leaving only 60,000 annual salary.
In the central part of the mainland, prefecture-level cities can earn more than 10,000 monthly salaries, which can also meet the standard of living of university professors and doctors in the United States.
However, there are many small bosses with 10,000 monthly salaries in mainland cities of China, and there are many millions of rich people.
For example, the bosses who open mines and engage in real estate are far more than the life of the gold-collar class in the United States.
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