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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to avoid tax when immigrating to the United States?
Before immigrants landing in the United States, tax planning and rational allocation of assets can effectively avoid the relevant tax problems.
1. Property disposal should be considered before immigration.
Given the high gift and inheritance taxes in the United States, it is better for investors to pass on large amounts of assets in advance before immigration.
The house can be transferred to the children's name, and the domestic financial assets can be partially entrusted to the family.
2. Cross-border family strategy immigration.
Considering the family, if the wife's income is low and the husband's income is high, you can consider letting the wife immigrate to the United States first, and the husband will not apply for it for the time being, so that the assets of the husband outside the United States will not be taxed overseas.
The wife who has become an immigrant is tax-free to accept gifts from non-American tax residents abroad.
3. Post-immigration wealth planning.
After immigrating to the United States, when the whole family holds the U.S. Green Card and becomes a tax resident of the United States, we can consider using overseas insurance trusts, offshore family trusts and maximizing the use of lifetime tax exemption for wealth planning.
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