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Self-driving tour to the United States:
Does India,China's driver's license work?
The United States is known as a country on wheels.
According to the U.S. World News Network, many Chinese tourists come to the United States eager to travel by themselves, thinking that the Chinese driver's license can be unimpeded in all States of the United States.
Little wonder that not every state recognizes the Chinese driver's license and carefully is treated as unlicensed driving by the local police.
However, the state of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Florida and New York, which Chinese tourists love, all recognize Chinese licenses.
Some Chinese tourists in China have already rented cars for use in the United States on car rental websites, but ignore whether Chinese licenses can be legally used locally.
Car rental companies do not offer such information on their own initiative.
In some places, even if they can rent a car, it does not mean that they can drive locally.
For example, it is illegal to use Chinese driving licenses in Texas, Hawaii, Arkansas and Kentucky.
They need to carry international driving licenses at the same time.
However, few tourists in mainland China have international driving licenses.
Although Chinese tourists can still rent cars and drive in the above-mentioned states which do not recognize Chinese driver's license, this does not mean that it is legal.
Be careful to be identified as unlicensed driving.
In the process of self-driving, it is unavoidable to be stopped by the police because of speeding or friction with other cars.
If a Chinese driver's license is considered invalid in the state, even if a tourist rents a car with a Chinese driver's license or holds a Chinese driver's license, it can not be used as an explanation for driving without a license.
Local patrol officers only care whether it is legal or not, regardless of why the car rental company rents a car to the touriSt.If the state law determines that the Chinese driver's license is invalid in the local area, that is, driving without a license.
The power to issue and administer driving licences in the United States rests with the states.
Because of the slight differences in traffic regulations in the states, the penalties for unlicensed driving vary.
In the United States, the consequences of unlicensed driving, such as fines, trailers, compensation for the loss of rental car companies, are minor.
In case of a traffic accident involving life safety, because "unlicensed driving" violates the terms of the insurance policy/insurance contract, insurance companies may refuse to settle claims, which will lead to more serious consequences.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    San Francisco, the west coast is the second largest city in the United States, American high-tech research and development base and the largest financial center.
    San Francisco magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Street lying;
    Lombard Street art and flowers yongcu;
    fun filled atmosphere of the fisherman's wharf;
    diffuse 1 Alcatraz Island..
    Destined to San Francisco will be the most beautiful city in the United States, it is a perfect tourist destination!
         close to airport service A comfortable and convenient airport services let you perfect travel to take the first step, you don't want to be tired after a long flight, but also dragging heavy luggage around looking for transport to the hotel.
    SanFrancico Airport intimate customer service can save you all the trouble you for America tour guide will provide free shuttle service in flight time internal Airport limited.
         Luxurious hotel San Francisco city has many luxurious hotels, one of the best hotel is Four Seasons San Francisco, the hotel is located in the South market (SouthMarket) nearby, convenient traffic, from San Francisco Moss Kang Exhibition center (Moscone center) are also not far from the hotel also offers limousine service for the guests to visit the city.
    All rooms are equipped with big windows, great views of San Francisco, the 09 series of rooms the best scenery.
    Hotel Vitale (Hotel Vitale) is also a good choice, it is the perfect combination of the perfect travel convenience and fun.
    The hotel is located in the river near the pier, walking distance to the financial center of San Francisco, but far away from the San Francisco market street.
    The hotel has an outdoor broad platform, offers free yoga classes and participate in the Embarcadero YMcA opportunities for residents.
    But not all of the rooms can enjoy the scenery of San Francisco, panoramic view of the best round luxury suites.
    The best photo op came to San Francisco, but did not take a picture of envy envy hate horizon photos, would be a great pity for you.
    The Art Institute of San Francisco (San Francisco Art Institute) of the roof is a good place to take the horizon, you can also capture the Transamerica Pyramid and the coit Tower of the vision, you can also enjoy the Mexico famous painter Diego Rivera's murals in the campus To shoot the bridge in San Francisco, people usually go to chris Park (crissy Field), but the shot out of the Golden Gate Bridge are the same.
    Fort Mason (Fort Mason) the best position can let you take Golden Gate Bridge unique point of view, you can also get to the Alcatraz Island (Alcatraz) photos.
    On the hill (Tank Hill), the tank you can overlook the whole of the beauty of the gulF- The tank mountains in San Francisco is not known, but the scenery is very beautiful.
    In Delores Park (Dolores Park) can be photographed covered with palm trees and lush green hills and boundless horizon.
         Popular attractions in San Francisco If you have plenty of time, may wish to walk around San Francisco.
    In between downtown San Francisco and fisherman's Wharf, a northern beaches have a unique style (North Beach), where the neon lights and colorful and interesting nightlife.
    Famous writer Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac have been living in North beach.
    There are a lot of Italian restaurant on the beach, with a strong style of Bohemia.
    Afternoon departure from the city Lights Bookstore to North Beach, the evening can on the beach in the coffee shop to enjoy the colorful nightlife.
    You can also visit the beach near the Museum Lyle Tuttle 's Tattoo Museum, or the challenge of climbing coit Tower (coit Tower).
    In Washington Square Park (Washington Square Park) the end of your travel will be a great choice, you can taste authentic in L 'Osteria del Forno in Italy and then watch the delicacy, the longevity of the musical satire Beach Blanket Babylon.
    Portable souvenir There are many souvenir shops in Pier 39, but are mostly sold in some ordinary souvenirs.
    Your friends really want those printed with "San Francisco" toy cars, glass balls and T-shirts?
    The real representative of San Francisco souvenirs really those creative souvenirs.
    You can store in the city of lights (city Lights Booksellers) a copy of Alan Ginsberg's buy "cry" or the bookstore door pattern.
    You can also buy a bottle of beer in the unique shape of company Anchor Brewing or with the ancient San Francisco appearance of the printed cloth.
         Unique fashion Union Square (Union Square) in a superb collection of beautiful things shopping center, designer shops and department stores will let you go to dizzy, but the real shopping paradise of San Francisco is Ethos, which is composed of a pair of mother and daughter operating open-air stores, they introduced by various well-known designers and emerging designers creative articles.
    Beckett &Robb exclusive tailored Menswear, not only the quality, the price is very reasonable, there are 15000 types of cloth were you choose, don't worry about zhuangshan.
    The church in San Francisco District, there is a small paper airplane called (Little Paper Planes) of the shop, with exquisite handicrafts on display, it is a shop, is actually more like a gallery.
    The store displays more than 70 world artists, including exquisite jewelry and clothing, director of the Kelly Lynn Jones also opened the online platform to support emerging artists.
         Memorable Meals State Bird Provision is a couple run a restaurant in San Francisco, specializing in the characteristics of california, with delicacy, smoked and fermented stir cooking.
    The menu options are limited, but there is a Hong Kong style snack cart style restaurant, buffet dishes for diners choose fun.
    The restaurant is the state bird of california popular delicacy fried crispy quail, following with lemon juice and onions, rosemary stew.
    The chef also recommended a sweet appetizers, lamb with cumin and grapes.
    The restaurant's blue and white fish tartar sauce is a must, the local production of black garlic and roasted nori crisp, unique flavor to the dish.
    To dine in the restaurant for 60 days in advance online booking.
    Delicacy is not easy to test the patience also need you have great ability to grab a seat online.
    During the dishes you can in a restaurant next to Fat Angel cocktails, the dishes do waiters will SMS notification.
    If 6.12 people dining together, can consider to try the restaurant meal.
    The United Plaza is located in San Francisco, it represents wealth and fashion, is a good place to broaden their horizons, there are countless galleries and antique shops, there are large bookstores and colorful flowers stalls can meet different people's preferences.
    It covers an area of a street block square and nearby area, is one of the western United States Department stores, upscale boutiques, jewelry stores, art galleries and tourism Salon of the most concentrated area, is one of the main locations in San Francisco to attract tourists, is a world.class shopping district.
    Union Square area is small, but more elegant as the park, in the garden of luxuriant with palm, yew and flowers, also often held various activities such as exhibitions, flea markets, and painted purple female beggars, the Witch and the Green Orange Red Wizard laicourenao, and gathered around the Square shops, people shopping stroll tired not to rest square legs, so it is always crowded, filled with romantic and pleasant atmosphere.
    There is a towering monument to the central square, this is to commemorate the establishment of 1895 5 1, the us Navy defeated the Spanish fleet in the Gulf of Manila.
    Union Square, San Francisco
    Reason: the most elegant square
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    city Attractions: San Francisco [San Francisco]

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