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Do you agree with Buffett's way of teaching the world's richest man?
Warren Buffett, the stock god, is called "the most respectable man besides his father" by Americans, but whether he is a good father is controversial.
As the son of Buffett, who is truly the world's top "rich second generation", Buffett's three children have not completed college education, and no one has made a difference in the financial sector.
The picture shows Buffett and his three children.
Peter Buffett, the youngest son of Buffett, who has devoted himself to music, said his father encouraged him to leave school with his brother and sister and to freely choose his favorite career.
Peter said that although his father had hoped to become an investor, he said, "If I declared that picking up garbage was my greatest pleasure, my parents would be very happy to see me sitting on a garbage truck all day.
" Therefore, each of Buffett's three children is engaged in a career that does not conform to the status of son of wealth.
Buffett's eldest son, Howard Buffett, is a farmer and photographer in Illinois who is committed to fighting global hunger.
The eldest daughter, Susie Buffett, is the mother of two children, a happy housewife and the owner of a knitting shop in Omaha.
Peter Buffett, the youngest son, has devoted himself to music and is an excellent musician.
It's hard to imagine that a legendary person like Buffett is so "capricious" in his children's life planning.
What's more surprising is that although he is rich, Buffett is very "stingy" in his money dealings with his children and insists that his support for children's career is absolutely limited to money.
When Peter was 30 years old, Peter lived in a house less than 100 square meters with his wife and twin daughters.
To improve the housing environment, for the first time in his life, Peter asked his father to borrow money, but Buffett refused.
Buffett said, "Money will complicate our pure father-son relationship.
You should borrow money to buy a house like other Americans, and then repay it on your own.
Buffett often said:
Sometimes you give a child a golden spoon, maybe a golden dagger.
Obviously, he put this sentence into practice thoroughly, and Peter finally relying on his own efforts, bought a villa on Lake Michigan and had a professional music studio.
Years later, Peter, who grew up to be a great musician, proudly said that the wealth his father gave him was not money, but encouragement to pursue his own life.
In the preface to Peter's new book, Buffett expressed his affirmation of his youngest son:
"Peter's life is built by himself.
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