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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Florida is a state in the southeastern USA. Is located in the southeast coast of prominent peninsula.
    East to the Atlantic, west of Mexico Bay, North and Alabama and Saji Ayushu border. Area of 151670 square kilometers. The coastline of 13500 km, second only to California in the United States Alaska, second. The capital of Tallahassee (Tallahassee). "Florida" from Spanish, meaning "the place where flowers bloom".

    Disney Park
    Florida is one of the world famous theme park of heaven, the most famous are the Walt Disney parks (Walt Disney World Resort), Universal Studios (Universal Studios), sea world (Sea World) etc.. Miami opera is one of the earliest establishment of the National Theatre, Miami City Ballet is famous in the world.
    University of Florida
    Florida has 30 public and private college and University, and the thirty Community College, University of Florida (University of Florida) is a higher educational institution in the state with the largest scale, other famous university Florida State University (Florida State University), Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Florida A & M University), Florida Atlantic University (Florida Atlantic University), University of Miami (University of Miami) etc..
    Sea and air transportation is very developed, with highway 140000 km, 7000 km of railway, inland waterway 1600 km, 13 deep-water port, 20 with regular route airport, 6 international airport. Taking Miami as the Sea Road starting point, a long list of coastal islands connected with bridges, finally reaching the southernmost island city of Key West, a total length of 250 kilometers, is the world's longest cross sea road. Located in the state of the Atlantic ocean in the East Cape Canaveral (also known as the Kennedy angle) of the America NASA launch center, covers an area of 88000 acres, is a lunar space port, the first lunar spacecraft (1969) is emitted from here.

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