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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
U.S. Tourism, EB-5 Inspection, Business Visa Services According to the requirements of the US Embassy, the US B1 visa is issued to applicants for short-term business activities in the United States, including negotiating contracts, participating in exhibitions or conferences, short-term training or negotiating business with suppliers or customers.
B2 visas are issued to applicants for travel to the United States, including sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends, and medical treatment.
Holders of B1 and B2 visas cannot be employed in the United States.
Applicants for B1 and B2 visas must be able to certify that:
1. Its intention is only to enter the United States temporarily.
2. Its purpose is to travel only or to engage in short-term business activities.
3. The applicant is unwilling to give up the property in China All B1/B2 visa applicants should be prepared in advance so that they can present the following materials and any other supporting materials related to the visa application during the interview:
1. A valid passport:
A B1/B2 visa applicant's passport must be valid for at least six months longer than the applicant expected to leave the United States.
If your passport will be valid for less than six months when you expect to leave the United States, or if your passport is damaged, or if there is no blank visa issuance page on your passport, please apply for a new passport before coming for an interview.
2. A photograph:
A color front photograph with a square white background of 5X5cm taken in 6 months.
3. Original receipt of visa application fee:
You can pay a visa application fee of $140 (RMB 910) or $150 (RMB 975) at any branch of CITIC Bank in China.
4. completed visa application form.
5. Evidence to explain why you are bound to return to China:
produce documents binding on you economically, socially, family or otherwise to help you prove your intention to return to China after a short stay in the United States.
The evidence that the applicant should present varies from person to person.
The following documents can help the visa officer assess whether you intend to return to China:
a household registration book, an identity card, an employment certificate, a payroll that objectively reflects your monthly income, a passbook with a regular access record, etc.
6. Invitation Letter:
If you are invited to visit a resident of the United States, the following information will be helpful to your application:
inviter information, purpose of visiting the United States, pre-arranged travel schedule.
If you only travel to the United States, then you don't need to show an invitation letter.
7. If you are going to the United States for business activities, please consider bringing the following information to the interview:
where will you visit, who will you meet, what will be discussed during the meeting, and what products you intend to buy in the United States.
The following documents may be helpful to the application:
a detailed invitation letter issued by the U.S. partner stating the purpose of the applicant's visit to the United States; a contract or other agreement signed with the U.S. partner; and information about the machines, software or other equipment to be tested or purchased in the United States, such as product brochures or catalogues.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Spring falls in the United States of california's Yosemite National Park, the Merced River (Merced River), located in Nevada falls downstream, as one of the most spectacular waterfalls.
    Spring waterfall 96.6 meters high (317 feet), throughout the year continue to flow, although at the end of the summer when the water flow will be less, but still very beautiful, very charming.
    Visitors can trail after 15 minutes of climbing to the top of the waterfall, the top there is a pool called the Jade Pool, specially for tourists to recreation.
    Vernal Fall
    Reason: california is one of the most spectacular waterfalls
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    As everyone knows, have aristocratic eagle is the national emblem of the United States, is the national bird of the United states.
    The bald eagle is beautiful in appearance, ferocious temperament, head is full of feathers, represents bravery and strength.
    However, not all regions can become the eagle warriors choose warm winter xiang.
    As the central region of california's largest vultures and eagles winter habitat, Sanantonio lake fish fresh rich, mild climate, sparsely populated, so the 17 mile long Lake become every November to April in British columbia Province, birds from Alaska and Oregon south of the popular destination.
    Tourists at this time may have to see these beautiful birds.
    Of course, in order to prevent disappointment, but also participate in the "Monterey county Park condor Tour" (Monterey county Parks Eagle Watch Tour).
    In the very understanding of the bird life and natural scientists led by looking for the mysterious birds, ornamental depth.
    Don't forget to take a telescope with beautiful birds spend a special holiday, don't forget to visit a cousin, "Golden Eagle condor" (Golden Eagle) Mr..
    Venice Beach Venice Beach Venice Beach (Venice Beach) as a free, perennial carnival, with street artists, weightlifting performers, bohemian residents and exotic famous boutique, Albert?
    Kenny Avenue shopping and dining experience memorable.
    In dozens of Losangeles seaside golf course, Venice Beach stadium is the most unique stadium in Losangeles, the movie "white dragon" tour let people fully appreciate the charm here.
    If the weather is good, the whole week will be held in the game, weekend events more basketball fans must not miss oh.
    Venice Beach Recreation center, Marina del Rey, cA 90291 Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman s Wharf) is located in Jefferson street and Taylor street intersection, is a symbol of San Francisco.
    From the start to sign north to cruise or Alcatra2 in the direction of the tourist line.
    Fisherman's Wharf is Italy fishermen gathered in the harbor, to 60s, due to reduced catches, and eventually evolved into the tourist attractions.
    In 1978, Pier 39 (located in Ann Bacard Lo beach and street intersection) the development of tourism industry has driven the start.
    Here gathered a lot of shopping center, the road, row upon row of San Francisco crab sellers, street musicians and artists performing one by one, fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco has become the popular tourist attractions.
    Fisherman's Wharf roughly from the northern San Francisco waters Angola Dudley (Ghirardelli Square) to the Plaza No. 35 wharf area, the most famous is the Pier 39. Many shopping malls and restaurants are located in Fisherman's Wharf Area with convenient transportation, and many local hotels have to provide every kind of seafood, including Don Jay Ness Xie and clam broth.
    The fisherman's wharf area attractions include the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Angola Bradley square and machinery Museum.
    Many large activities held at the fisherman's Wharf Area, including the United States National Day (July 4th) fireworks.
    The concept of "Fisherman's Wharf" from San Francisco fisherman's Wharf, where the original is the fishermen fishing port, but lost in the terminal effect, through commercial packaging, forming a unique leisure and cultural sites.
    It is located in Jefferson street and Taylor street intersection, is a symbol of San Francisco.
    "From the signs began to the north to cruise or Alcatra2 direction of the tourist line.
    Fisherman's Wharf is Italy fishermen gathered in the harbor, to 60s, due to reduced catches, and eventually evolved into the tourist attractions.
    In 1978, Pier 39 (located in Ann Bacard Lo beach and street intersection) the development of tourism industry has driven the start.
    Here gathered a lot of shopping center, the road, row upon row of San Francisco crab sellers, street musicians and artists performing one by one, fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco has become the popular tourist attractions.
    Sightseeing time: it takes 4 hours to 5 hours Losangeles Memorial Stadium (Los Angeles Memorial coliseum), is located in the us state of california Losangeles University Park (University Park) is a large outdoor stadiums in the world, is only for the two Olympic Games (respectively in 1932 and 1984 Olympic stadium hall) home court.
    In addition, the venue also has twice hosted the Super cup final (respectively in 1967 and 1973).
    Losangeles Memorial Stadium on July 27, 1984 (the 1984 Summer Olympics opening day) was designated as a national historic landmark (National Historic Landmark).
    The venue has right belongs to the state of california by the Losangeles Memorial Stadium Management committee is responsible for.
    Losangeles Memorial Stadium in 1921 was built to commemorate the initiative, the first World War 1 (1968 revised to commemorate all wars 1).
    The official commencement ceremony held in December 21, 1921, and was completed in May 1, 1923. The venue by Parkinson and his son (John and Donald Parkinson) design, the construction of a $$954873. With a total of 76000 seats, as was the largest stadiums in Losangeles.
    For the 1932 Summer Olympics, venue audience capacity of 101564 seats, plus built torch tower venues in the east gate mark is added to the Olympic rings.
    A reporter on the south side of stadium seats, the two rims were built two seat light floor.
    In 1937, the first national stadium for the electronic scoreboard, the scoreboard was replaced in 1972 1983, the new electronic scoreboard device and a large TV screen.
    In 1956 with the installation of clock and thermometer in the peristyle end.
    Is located in the east of the colonnade to record historical event venues and participants of the place, including the complete list with 1932 and 1984 Olympic gold medaliSt. Is located at the entrance to a real rate of placement, weighing over 9000 kg, called "the statue of naked men and women athletes of the Olympic gate", by the sculptor Robert Grigham (Robert Graham) for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games making.
    The other statue based participation is the Olympic water polo player Terry Schlaud (Terry Schroeder) and Guyana Jennifer Innis (Jennifer Innis) long jump athletes.
    At the entrance of the "Olympic bronze gate" Over the years, the venue to accommodate 100 thousand spectators, during the Olympic Games in 1984 remained 90500 seats.
    From 1960s to 1970s, the stadium venues to end goal area is arranged in the peristyle practice is quite common, this arrangement allows the audience reduced to 71500 seats.
    For the 1984 Olympic Games, the new track and field permanently installed in the stadium, but the audience has caused a huge number of home court team Losangeles Raiders puzzle, because the National Football League regulations unless tickets for 72 hours before the start of the game sold out, otherwise not allowed home court through local TV broadcast, which most often because of home court events tickets to local live in excess.
    In addition, the design of a shallow relative between the runway and stands in the goal area venues, so the audience and pitch distance relative to the football field to far.
    In order to improve the overall quality of the venue, the Losangeles Raiders at a cost of $15 million before the 1993 season for the following improvement project Unlike other Olympic home court Museum, two Olympic flame lit the torch tower still stands at the venue, and at the University of Southern california football season, fourth Olympic Games from other city, and held during some special occasions.
    In 2001 911, to mourn the victims of the incident, more than a torch lit week;
    2004, flame of mourning for the late president Ronald Wilson Regan lit a week, he also announced the 1984 Summer Olympic Games opened in 2005, the head of state;
    to mourn the late Pope John Paul II and renewed, but also his memory in 1987, during a visit to Losangeles to visit the venue once
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