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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Introduction to the Necessary Living Habits and Etiquettes of American Immigrants Introduction to the lifestyle and etiquette that American immigrants must know.
Having lived in the United States for a long time, I have gradually learned a little about the American people's living habits and treatments.
The general feeling is that there are great differences between Chinese and American cultures, which is reflected in the great differences in living habits.
Meet, introduce, talk Generally speaking, Americans are known for being informal and free.
To greet strangers is not necessarily to be friends with you; a pleasant conversation does not necessarily turn into a heart-to-heart conversation, only active contact, with a happy mood to deal with.
Shake hands only on formal occasions, smile at each other and say "Hi!
" when meeting in general.
Or "Hello!
" That is the etiquette of meeting.
In the United States, direct names are usually not used as "Mr", "Mrs", "Miss" or formal titles.
Titles of address are given only to judges, doctors, senior officials, professors and senior clergy.
Generally, no title is useD.Don't use the word "old" when addressing elders.
In conversation, we should pay attention to:
often with a smile, when meeting friends, take the initiative to greet each other, others greet you, but also to greet each other, show concern.
When you speak with sincerity and generosity, when others greet you, answer as concisely as possible.
Praise each other more.
Keep your eyes bright.
When the other person changes his hairstyle, look at the pictures of the other person and praise the good places as much as possible.
When the other person changes his hairstyle, you can use another angle to appreciate the bad things, such as cute.
Don't forget Excuseme, Please and Thank you.
Attention should be paid to your appearance:
Do not be sloppy, body or mouth odor, dandruff and so on are very unpleasant.
Americans are open-minded, generous and sociable.
They usually go to bed late and get up late, but they have a strong sense of time.
Americans often say "come to me anytime.
" Some invitations are quite sincere, but before visiting, they should call in advance to determine the time so as not to cause inconvenience to others because of their "anytime".
Appointments should be scheduled beforehand, usually not late.
If a formal invitation is received, if R is printed on the invitation.
If you want to go or not, you need to call.
Invitation cards for large events are usually printed with Regrets only, which is notified only when no participants are present.
Informal private invitations can be made by telephone or letter, clearly informing the time and place.
Upon receipt of the invitation, I would like to send a letter of thanks to you.
If I fail to attend the invitation, I should not hesitate to accept it.
If I fail to be invited, I would like to explain my reasons and apologize.
If you can't make an appointment temporarily, please call to let us know.
You must never end up with no illness and leave people vacant at will.
Banquet etiquette If invited to a family gathering, ask the host what gifts he needs.
Even if the host thanks him gently, he can still bring a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers, or some small gifts with Chinese flavor.
Any dietary taboos can be notified firSt.Special cultural customs and dietary taboos can be understood and respecteD.Unless stated beforehand, it is advisable not to bring children to a general gathering.
If the nature of the gathering is Antu meat, the whole family can mostly participate.
Home banquets are more popular with Americans than restaurant banquets because the atmosphere at home is more cordial and friendly.
There are two kinds of family feasts.
The first is the family dining style.
The host is seated at a rectangular table.
The host serves food for the guest or puts the food on a plate and passes it on and fetches it in turn.
The second is the buffet style, where the food is placed on the other table of the dining room and the host and guest go to pick it up separately.
Clothing wearing Americans dress casually and wear all kinds of clothes in publiC.Most of the time, I like to wear T-shirts, jackets, jeans, sports shirts, travel shoes.
Dress neatly.
Men's trousers should not show their shirts, women's skirts should not show their petticoats.
Skirts should cover the socks, women's shorts can not match high-heeled shoes, otherwise they will be mistaken for girls.
Eyebrow painting and lipstick are also signs of being recruiteD.No one can wear vest or pyjamas in publiC.Americans'dress pursuit embodies personality, temperament, demeanor, and pays attention to comfort.
They take the lead in replacing famous brand clothes with simple and plain clothes in the West.
Travelling by road Generally speaking, the right is the most important way to go, while the ladies walk together.
The men should go to the left and the ladies should push the door in and out.
When hitchhiking, the owner drives with respect to the front seat and the right side of the back seat.
When driving a car, you must drive the door for the guests first, and then get on the bus and start it.
In public places, Americans have a special respect for women, and women take precedence everywhere.
In social occasions, men should be modest and considerate to women; when walking, men should walk outside the sidewalk; when seating, they should let women sit down; when entering the door, men should first open the door for women; when going up, down stairs or taking the elevator, they should let women go ahead; when eating, they should ask women to order first; when leaving, they should let women get up first; when strangers lose things, men should also pick up and return them; when they enter the elevator take the elevator, they should let women take their orders first; when they leave, they should let women get up and return them.
Hello, men must stand up.
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    ABOUT iowa local customs, tourist attractions
    Rosman bridges Rosman bridge is located in Madison county, Iowa, Winter Seth (Winterset), built in 1883, across the river (Middle River), in 1992 to repair, 1976 was included in the national register of historic places.
    Rosman bridges is a local farmer with toil and sweat man-made wooden bridge, together with five other world famous ancient bridges of Madison county.
    Rosman bridges by Robert James of chinese music written novels in 1992 years, 1995 years is a remake of the movie "bridges", and it is famous in the world, become fashionable for a time.
    It is worth mentioning that the beginning of November 2013, Zhaoxian county and Madison county, Iowa signed the "Hebei province Zhaoxian county Zhaozhou Bridge chinese and Iowa in Madison county, Rosman bridges sister bridge friendly relations and cooperation agreement".
    Have 4000 years of history of the Zhaozhou Bridge was built in the early years of the 1883 and Rosman bridges formed a sister bridge, both local will jointly build tourist routes to the bridge as the core.
    Postcode of major cities in Iowa
    English State Name (Abbreviation): Iowa (IA)
    Area code: 319 - 515 - 563 - 641 - 712
    Major city:
    1. Des Moines
    Zip: 50301, 52302, 52303, 52303, 52304, 52305, 52305, 52306, 52307, 52307, 52308, 52309, 52309, 52309, 52310, 52310, 52311, 52312, 52312, 52313, 52313, 52313, 52313, 52313, 52313 3 3, 5252313 3 3 3, 5252329 5252329, 52320 52320, 50320 50320, 50320 50320, 50321, 50321, 5050321, 5050321, 50320, 50328, 505050328, 50329, 50330, 50331, 50331, 50332 50332, 50332, 50360-50364, 50367, 50368, 50369, 50370, 50371, 50372, 5 0373, 50374, 50375, 50376, 50377, 50378, 50379, 50380, 50381, 50391, 50392, 50393, 50394, 50395, 50396, 50397, 50936, 50940, 50947, 50950, 50980, 50981 2. Cedar Rapids
    Zip: 52401, 52402, 52403, 52404, 52405, 52406, 5406, 52407, 52408, 52409, 52410, 52411, 52497, 52498, 52499 3. Daven Port
    Zip: 52801, 52802, 52803, 52804, 52805, 52806, 52807, 52808, 52809 4. Iowa City
    Zip: 52240, 52242, 52243, 52244, 52245, 52246 Dubek County, Iowa
    Dubuque, located on the Mississippi River in Iowa, is the county seat of Dubuque County with an area of 71.8 square kilometers.
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000, there were 57,696 people, of whom 96.15% were white and 1.21% were African Americans.
    Dibick County was founded on September 6, 1934 and came into effect on October 1. The county name commemorates Julian Dibbick, the first person to settle in Iowa.
    The industries in Dibick County include farm machinery manufacturing, meat packaging, metal and wood processing, etc.
    2010 Iowa cuisine sticks
    More than 50 different foods, ranging from salads to Tiramisu, were sold on sticks at the recent Iowa State Fair.
    Every year visitors can enjoy all kinds of strange food at the event, such as candlesticks, super-high calorie animal viscera.
    During the 10-day golden season, suppliers often sell out of stock.
    Customers can even see octopus-made hot dogs, meatballs and cakes strung on sticks.
    This year, there are about 50 kinds of food for people to taste in the exhibition hill.
    Some exhibitors provide healthier food.
    Some exhibitors also provide high-calorie food, such as strawberry ice cream, pork chops with bones, sausages and so on.
    Of course, these foods are also strung on sticks.
    Lori Chappel, the organizer of the Iowa Fair, said: "It's great to have food strung on sticks so that customers can eat as they walk."
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