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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Life after Immigration to the United States:
How Beneficial It is to Use Credit Cards Skillfully Credit cards also play a very important role in American life.
For new immigrants, the use of credit cards in the United States is not only because of convenience and money saving, but also because credit cards can help immigrants establish bank credit.
The United States is a country that attaches great importance to credit.
Whether your credit card record is good or not will affect all aspects of life.
What kind of credit card should immigrants apply for?
How can we maintain a good credit record?
What are the precautions?
Learning Credit Card Financing to Increase Your Credit Points American credit cards are extensive and profound, and they are called credit card financing.
If you can master them skillfully, you can get free return tickets through credit cards, stay in free hotels, and save thousands of dollars a year.
So how do immigrants live in the United States to transfer credit cards to the most cost-effective credit card program?
When you first came to the United States, you probably didn't know what the benefits of credit cards were, so it didn't matter.
In fact, credit cards not only save money, but also help you build your own credit history.
The United States is a credit-conscious country, car loans, housing loans are directly linked to your credit history.
When you get the first credit card, you begin to accumulate your own credit history.
If your credit score is high, the credit card company will give you a higher credit limit, and the car loan and housing loan will also give you the lowest interest rate.
If your credit score is very bad, not only banks are unwilling to lend you loans, but even gas, Internet and telephone companies will ask you for deposit.
Life is difficult, so we must establish a good credit record.
There are many kinds of credit cards, which can be roughly divided into:
cash card, ticket reward card, Hotel reward card and business carD.According to the issuing line, it can be divided into Americanexpress, Discover, Master and VisA.Here, I will mainly introduce you how to establish your own credit history, as well as some commonly used annual fee return cards.
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