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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Cancellation of legal working qualification for H4 visa Affected population:
H1B working visa holders and their spouses Estimated effective time:
November 2018 Contents of the report:
The legal work of H4 has greatly affected American job opportunities.
Since trump took office, the spouse who holds a H4 visa can work legally.
This welfare has been facing the risk of being canceleD.It has been mentioned in the autumn Charter of 2017, but it has not been implementeD.It is mentioned again in this charter, and it is very likely that this regulation will be implemented in the near future.
As of fiscal year 2017, there were more than 4,000 HEAD holders from mainland China, and 90% of them were women.
The abolition of the H4 EAD will force many families to face the decision to separate the two sides.
Limit the longest stay of an F1 visa in the United States Affected groups:
F student visa, B tourist visa, H1B, H4, J1, J2, M1, E1, E2, I and all other non-immigrant visas Estimated effective time:
August 2019 Contents of the report:
The US Customs ICE plans to introduce new rules in fiscal year 2019:
a maximum stay in the United States for non-immigrant visas, including F1 student visas.
Before the deadline, you can apply for an extension, but you must give sufficient reasons and compare specific extension time, otherwise it will affect their legitimate stay in the United States.
At present, the total time that foreign students can stay in the United States is:
the time to maintain full-time students in the United States + the time allowed to stay in the United States for internship (OPT) + 60 days before they have to leave the United States.
Next year, this practice will be cancelleD.It is not clear how long the ICE may set the duration of stay, but it is certain that, when students enter the United States in the future, they must apply for an extension of stay in the United States if they need to change schools, apply for OPT, continue to study in other disciplines or pursue higher degrees.
It is expected that this policy will affect more than 300,000 Chinese students.
SEVIS fees for F1 international students are going up Affected groups:
F (foreign students and their families), J (exchange visitors and their families), M (training students and their families) Estimated effective time:
March 2019 Contents of the report:
According to the latest research by SEVP, an American overseas student and exchange scholar, it is necessary to adjust personal and organizational costs in order to maintain its operation.
Next year, it is planned to increase school management fees for SEVP certification, as well as SEVIS fees (currently $200) and school certification fees for every international student.
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    ABOUT new-mexico local customs, tourist attractions
    Santa Fe is the capital of the state of New Mexico, and Santa Fe county seat of government, the name comes from the Spanish, meaning "holy faith".
    The city was founded in 1607 by the Spanish, is the two oldest established by European settlers of the city.
    Santa Fe is an all year round tour of the city, is a city of charm, full of vigour and rich and colorful city, the legendary history and culture will make you fascinated by the variety of visual art exhibition and will let you know the city since ancient times art, comfortable accommodation environment and delicious delicacy will let you have a crush on the city.
    Walking in the city, can not help but sigh it out of the ordinary, because the building is different from other large us city, full of Spanish style.
    In order to maintain the architectural features of the local area, in 1956 New Mexico issued a decree provisions city all new construction must reflect the Spanish village style (mud grass wall) and wood structure, many reinforced concrete buildings then add tile roof and wall mud grass.
    Tourists can visit the Museum of international folk art including places of historic interest and scenic beauty, New Mexico Museum of art, Santa Fe, India children's Museum of cultural art Museum.
    In addition to a Spanish style building, outdoor sculpture is a major feature of Santa Fe, walk in the center of the city, everywhere creative sculpture.
    The sculpture consists of animal sculpture and sculpture, from Baroque style is postmodern, the sculpture enthusiasts are very attractive.
    Santa Fe
    Reason: the capital of New Mexico
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New Mexico: [New Mexico State]

    Santa Fe city Attractions
    White Sands National Park is located in the us state of New Mexico, the northern desert chihuhuan Tularosa basin, one of the natural wonders of the world's most famous Here, a huge wave shaped gypsum dunes cover a desert area of about 300 square miles.
    The sand dunes have been constantly repeated changes, from the growth, reached the peak, and then collapse, desert is constantly advancing, everything covered with sand it along the way.
    About 2 million years ago, this area was once an inland sea, with the passage of time, the inland sea gradually disappeared, while calcium and sulfur remained.
    The minerals formed gypsum rock.
    Then, seventy million years ago, the surface of the earth, or the earth's crust uplift, these rocks formed two big mountains.
    Later, the crust cracked, the region in the two mountains, and sinking, forming a semicircular bowl, this bowl of rock is the famous Du Lhasa basin.
    About 24000 years ago, the area of heavy rainfall, rainwater filled Du Lhasa basin, and the formation of the Luohu auto.
    The rain washed down from the mountains carrying gypsum into the Luohu auto.
    Later, Luohu auto almost completely dried up, gypsum was preserved.
    Hydrate of calcium sulfate, landed on the pelvic floor on both sides of the mountain snow melt in the rock gypsum, take it to the pelvic floor, not the basin into the sea river, to form gypsum crystallization precipitation down, lake water slowly evaporated in freezing and thawing, wet and drought stress under the effect of gypsum crystal finally broken into sand.
    In the wind under the action of sand dune formation continues to advance.
    In Baisha National Memorial chorten, there are 4 types of sand dunes: 1, is a dome dunes (Dome dunes).
    Shaped like an inverted bowl, small volume moving fast, can move the handling of 12 meters per year.
    Very few plants in them to survive.
    2, the second is called transverse dunes (Transverse dunes).
    Shaped like a long ribbon, height 18 meters, because it is in the sand rich region, all tend to form a transverse dune, the main venue is the park visitors, many children here a sand slide.
    3, the other is a crescent shaped dunes (Barchan dunes).
    The sand dune is formed in the strong wind, but because of the limited supply of sand, its shape is like a person lying on the floor, along with open arms (arms), on both sides of the sand from moving quickly, and in the middle of the sand moves slowly, the formation of crescent shaped arc 4, the last one is parabolic dunes (Parabolic dunes).
    The shape and movement state and is crescent dunes is opposite.
    By the edge effects of plants moving slowly, and in the middle of the moving faster than on both sides.
    Almost four hundred of animal living in the White Sands National Park, many of them are birds and insects.
    There are also twenty-six kinds of reptiles, including rattlesnakes and lizards, and there are more than 40 species of mammals, these mammals including hare, foxes and coyotes.
    Plants grown in white sand, but even in the most arid desert plants this is very difficult to survive, one of the main reasons is that in the sand dunes across the desert when moving in the mobile road will take their way to bury the plant.
    However, there are still some parts of plants have developed a technique to avoid being buried in the sand dunes, when moving, for example, some plants grow very high and their roots grow deep in the sand, yucca saponin can make it stems long, so it leaves long in the sand on top of this plant can grow 30 centimeters a year.
    When you see the tequila, insects, looks like the growth in the snow, in fact it is not, it is far worse than the snow environment.
    Here the road is very good, for the visitors from all sides to browse, deeper into the desert, that is the direct use of road roller pressure in the sand out of the car, there is great friction sound.
    Have to keep moving dunes, roads are also constantly re pressed out.
    At the end of the tour area of the road, out of a big picnic area, a sunshade, tables, barbecues, toilets, for visitors to reSt. The toilet without water, but very clean, here is a deep pit, with ventilation, did not smell a bit.
    So here is a place for tourism service.

    Why does New Mexico have vast deserts?
    New Mexico has a large desert near the Caribbean Sea. Do you know why?
    Specifically, the following are the main points: 1. In the subtropical zone on the west coast of the mainland, the range is roughly 30 degrees from the Tropic of Cancer to the North latitude. The subsidence current of the subtropical high, which is easily controlled by the subtropical high and the northeast trade wind belt, is not easy to form precipitation. Because the northeast trade wind comes from the eastern land, the water vapor content is small, and it is not easy to form precipitation, temperature, high precipitation and little precipitation, so it forms a large deser This is the case.
    2. The influence of the California cold current in the adjacent sea area, the cooling and humidity reduction of the cold current, affects the adjacent coastal areas, aggravates the scope and drought degree of the tropical desert climate zone in this area, extends the desert to a wider range of the Tropic of Cancer-30 degrees north latitude, and makes the coastal areas south of the Tropic of Cancer also form tropical desert gas in the southwest of the United States. Wait.
    3. Topographical factors, the Mexican Plateau and Rocky Mountains block the wet air flow from the Gulf of Mexico. Economic Situation in New Mexico
    New Mexico's economy is lagging behind. Crops include wheat, maize, beans, hay and sorghum. Cotton is the main cash crop, and the irrigation area of Grand River is the main cotton-producing area. Ranches are widely distributed in the whole state, mainly feeding cattle and sheep. Manufacturing industry includes food processing, metallurgy, oil refining, building materials, military equipment, railway maintenance equipment, electronic products, precision instruments and other departments. Agriculture in New Mexico
    Agriculture is one of the important economic sources of New Mexico, and about half of its agricultural products are produced in eastern and Western New Mexico. Agricultural products include peanuts, apples, cotton, potatoes and peppers. Cotton is the main cash crop, and the irrigation area of Grand River is the main cotton-producing area. The charm of New Mexico is that it absorbs many different cultures - Mexican culture, Spanish culture, American Indian culture and cowboy culture, which is also a reflection of the melting pot of the United States. The zombie art and souvenirs are always telling visitors about the local popular Mexican Festival features.

    clayton Lake State Parkis located in the us state of New Mexico, founded in 1965, covers an area of 471 acres, the park name from Lake clayton (clayton Lake).
    The park covers an area of 170 acres of artificial lake and the dinosaur footprint is known, since 2010, this park is known, and because of watching the stars.
    clayton Lake State Park entertainment variety, such as picnics, camping, fishing, watch the dinosaur footprints etc.
    The clayton lake is a man-made lake, formed in 1955 years, is a well-known fishing lake, in the winter time as many migratory birds.
    The quiet lake in the life of a salmon, catfish, perch, walleye anglers, love fishing, the view of tourists can also rent a boat on the lake rippling around the view on the beauty of the microwave.
    The dinosaur footprints located near Lake clayton on the rocks, the best viewing time in the morning or in the evening, a special boardwalk and lookout for tourists.
    Because the conditions are particularly good, clayton Huzhou Park in 2010 by the International Association awarded the "dark night park" title, became the best of watching the stars is a big place, as many astronomers and sky enthusiasts enjoy the stars.
    clayton Lake State Park
    Reason: one of the best night park in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New Mexico: [New Mexico State]
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