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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Strong Immigration Driving Force in the Era of Education Upgrading Undoubtedly, education is the main reason for the Chinese to become the main force of immigration in Europe, and also the important reason why Britain, a powerful educational country, has always attracted immigrants.
Britain, known for its high-quality education, has had a mixed international reputation since the referendum on European disengagement in 2016. Many people are not optimistic about Britain's economic development prospects.
Beginning in 2016, Poland surpassed the United Kingdom and became the preferred country for nationals of third countries outside the European Union to seek employment opportunities in the European Union.
However, Britain remains the preferred destination for non-EU nationals.
According to Eurostat data, 180,000 non-EU nationals emigrated to the UK for education in 2017. Despite the uncertain economic prospects, Britain's mature higher education system, supporting mechanisms and unique linguistic advantages have attracted a large number of citizens from China, India and the United States to migrate for education.
In August 2018, the Home Affairs Department of the British Immigration Service released official data on British visas for the second quarter.
According to the data, not only 40% of T4 student visas in the UK account for Chinese students, but also the number of Chinese investment immigrants who have been granted visas is the first in the world by an absolute advantage.
Chinese parents have always attached great importance to children's education.
Immigration for education has been the main cause of high net worth immigration in China reported by Hurun Research Institute for many years.
With the growth of China's wealth and the lowering of the threshold in some European countries, Chinese middle-class families have joined the ranks of educational immigrants.
Environmental Science Denver is located inland, year-round sunny, pleasant climate.
Denver is a sunny day 300.
Great Denver day and night temperature difference, sometimes up to 40 degrees.
Recommended books Linda couple prepared a closer look at the "America" series, "history" and "deep concern" the president is unreliable, "I have a dream", "such as the comet across the sky".
Paul Johnson's "American history".
Van Loon's "tolerance".
The old man and the sea "Hemingway".
Movie recommendation Shutter island, a beautiful mind The story of Agam, the United States past, The Shawshank Redemption Language help 1, normal conversation, don't worry too much about the grammar is correct, remember a few of the most important words can communicate.
2, carry a small notebook, the commonly used English words, such as hotels, toilets, airport and so on to write up, when the key can refer to others.
You can also use the picture exchange.
3, with an electronic dictionary, may be useful.
4, body language, facial expression, eye contact, there will be an unexpected effect.
5, take a map, where to go in advance to find on the map, you can ask the local people to see that.
6, the How are you meeting did not say, but How are you doing; Fine Good said that no answer, don't say goodbye; Bye, said See you.
Logo Some English, Spanish, Mexican more because of Dallas.
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    ABOUT oklahoma local customs, tourist attractions
    central Oklahoma city is located in Oklahoma, Oklahoma, is the capital of the first big city, Oklahoma county county.
    The city was founded in the 1889 years, 1907 years of Oklahoma joined the United States federal, instead of Gasri became the capital of oklahoma.
    Oklahoma city Park added a touch of green to the city, while providing fresh air, also provides the leisure space for citizen.
    Oklahoma city Zoo and botanical garden is the best place for ornamental plants and animals, for the children of great significance to ornamental plants, also can understand animal.
    The city's rich cultural atmosphere, Museums, galleries and art Museum is numerous, can visit the Oklahoma city, Oklahoma Museum of Art Museum, science Museum, Osteologic National cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma National Memorial historic center.
    Oklahoma city
    Reason: Oklahoma capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions at the provincial, state: [Oklahoma State]
    Oklahoma city Oklahoma city Attractions: [Oklahoma city]

    There are 48 institutions of higher learning in Ohio. Among them, there are 18 public universities, 16 private universities and 14 community colleges.
    The main public universities are the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. The main private universities are the University of Tulsa and the University of Oklahoma.
    Their undergraduate business majors rank first in the United States.
    Among the few academic institutions recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) in the United States, the University of Oklahoma School of Law and the University of Tulsa School of Law rank among them.
    Scientific research:
    The state's scientific research institutes have strong advantages in petrochemical and geological, medical, meteorological (storm research) and other fields.
    They are the main climate research institutes in the United States. The University of Oklahoma majors in petroleum and geological engineering rank first in the United States.
    Media: The Oklahoman and Tulsa World are the two largest newspapers in Russia.
    Major radio and television stations in the United States broadcast local channel programs in the state.
    銆銆 Oklahoma is a real gateway to the west, with red soil, buffalo roaming the plains, and oil rigs providing food for the rich. But the largest cities,
    Oklahoma City and Tarsa, also have a distinctly sophisticated air, built on the benefits of the oil boom of the early 20th century. Modern Museums, international art galleries and luxurious gardens all make the country more international,
    but many visitors choose to experience Oklahoma by simple road trips, and none of the highways is more iconic than the country's Highway 66. Highway 66 stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles, but the longest distance runs diagonally through Oklahoma. This good length begins in the northeastern corner of the state, crosses Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and then crosses the border into Texas.
    Roadside attractions include historic attractions such as the Oklahoma 66 Highway Museum in Clinton and the traffic Museums in National Highway 66 and Elk City, as well as odd numbers such as the Catossa blue whale or gold drilling in Tarsa.
    Clinton is a great way to learn about the history of the road at Highway 66 Museum in Oklahoma, with dinners and ever-changing exhibits like those of the 1950s to celebrate the experience of Highway 66. Generally speaking, the tourist attractions on Highway 66 have a bend, such as drive-ins, motorcycle Museums and old gas stations,
    which means that it is the most enthusiastic road traveler who likes to travel.
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