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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Reduced Portuguese immigration applications, or due to Ireland and Greece According to Portuguese media reports, the latest data released by the Portuguese Immigration Bureau show that the total investment in gold residence in September was 37 million euros, down 5% from the same period last year and 19% from August this year.
The Immigration Bureau issued 64 residence cards, 61 of which were obtained by purchasing real estate.
It is reported that the total amount of gold resident investment in September this year is about 37.04 million euros, down 5% from about 39.18 million euros last September.
Among them, the investment amount of real estate purchase is about 33.91 million euros.
The total investment in the first nine months of this year was about 592.88 million euros, down 19% from the same period in 2017. Since the implementation of the policy in October 2012, a total of about 4 billion euros have been invested.
From October 2012 to September 2012, the Immigration Bureau issued 6562 golden residence cards, 622 of which were obtained by purchasing real estate, 196 of which were in line with the old house renovation policy; 348 were obtained by capital transfer; and 12 were obtained by creating at least 10 jobs.
A total of 1009 residence cards were issued in 2018. According to nationality, Chinese investors ranked first (3952), followed by Brazil (590), South Africa (262), Turkey (247) and Russia (228).
On family reunion, the Immigration Bureau has issued 11 125 residence cards, of which 1810 were approved this year.
銆銆 The state's population is only about three million, but its GDP will reach US $about seven billion.
The total number of workers accounted for about 2/5 of the state population and employment.
The state industrial technology level precision workers with a high degree of technical sophistication, such as jet engine manufacturing and computer.
The state for moraine soil area, soil, containing a large number of gravel.
Production of potato, corn and vegetables.
The milk industry and poultry industry is also developed.
Hartford City, Mark Twin was known as "one of the most beautiful city in the United States, in the development and reconstruction of the retained its own charm, Hartford City area is not large, the population of 139 thousand, is the state's cultural center, a theater, opera, museum, art club, there are a variety of commercial performance company.
Harbin was a large manufacturing center and the financial and insurance industry, many banks and insurance companies are headquartered in Harbin, such as aia.
The insurance company is a major employer in the main city and the taxpayer, the insurance industry to support the arts, schools and other public utilities of the great.
In addition to Harbin Medical and health care, legal services and catering industry is relatively developed, some nonprofit organizations such as churches, schools and art groups are actively involved in public welfare undertakings, play a very important role in the city's social life.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Travel all over Washington Center in one day.
    1. Accommodation: Hotels are booked online, especially in the peak season, they must be booked in advance.
    2. If the traffic is self-driving, if you don't want to worry about finding a parking space, you can book a hotel next to the subway station or a hotel with shuttle bus free connection to the subway station.
    DC's Metro and bus are well developed, and almost all scenic spots can be reached by public transport.
    Before recommending to go, download a DC METRO and BUS APP from your mobile phone.
    Or check in wmata.com and dccirculator.com one day in advance according to the scenic spots you want to visit.
    Washington Metro, the platform is not too much decoration.
    In fact, it's more convenient to rent a bicycle for playing in Washington.
    There are also many self-service car rental points on the roadside.
    3. Free parking space is concentrated on the roadside around the Obelisk and the museum.
    Free parking time is from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Parking is free after rush hour, but only for three hours at most! Those who go to TIDAL BASIN and JEFFERSON MEMORIAL can park in East Potomac Park.
    When parking, we must pay attention to the identification, not parking in special cars and disabled parking spaces.
    4. Free Maps: The front desk of the hotel is available free of charge.
    5. My tour route: Washington Monument Leads Afternoon Visit Ticket - Freer Gallery - National Air and Space Museum - Capitol - National Gallery of Art - Natural History Museum - White House - Top Washington Monument - WWII Memorial - Reflection Pool - Lincoln Memorial - Chinatown Dinner 6. Recommendation of scenic spots Washington Monument: In the middle of the National Square Metro: Blue Line / Orange Line, Smithsonian Station.
    Navigation address: 215th St NW Washington, DC 20007 The Washington Monument, also known as the obelisk, strongly recommends taking the elevator to the top of the monument's sightseeing floor, overlooking Washington through eight windows.
    You can go to a tourist service center east of the monument to get free tickets, but you must go early, otherwise the tickets will be taken away early.
    It is recommended to collect tickets for the evening, so that you can enjoy a DC sunset on the monument.
    In order to prevent free tickets from being available in peak season, bookings can be made at http://www.nps.
    gov/wamo/plan yourvisit/index.
    htm at a certain coSt. Look at the Washington Monument from a distance Close-up Monument Free tickets The next small house is where visitors get free tickets.
    National Air and Space Museum National Aerospace Center Apollo 11 Return Module A corner of the exhibition hall This is suitable for friends who are interested in aerospace knowledge.
    Among the most worthwhile exhibits to visit are Apollo 11, which is located in the middle of the hall, and stones brought back by touching the moon on the second floor.
    Behind the Moonstone, you can also see a specimen of the monkey that went into space instead of humans and returned to Earth.
    Metro: You can get off at L'ENFAN PLAZA station by yellow, green, orange and blue lines.
    Free wireless network is provided in the library!!! C.
    US Capitol Hill of Congress It is estimated that some friends in China are like me.
    At first, I thought this was the White House.
    In fact, this is only the office space of the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.
    Reservation address for free tickets to Capitol Hill: https://cvc.
    VRH7Xi63yg0 The ticket was so popular that I couldn't get in twice.
    Just looking at it, the earliest ticket available has reached the end of April.
    It is said that a small number of tickets will be issued every day at the scene, but it is necessary to go to the queue early.
    Note: It closes here on Sunday.
    Look at the Capitol Building from a distance Look at the Capitol Building D.
    National Gallery of Art West National Museum of Art To enter the National Gallery of Art, you need to deposit your bags, presumably to prevent the backpack from ruining the exhibits.
    In fact, even if you don't need to save your bag, it is also recommended to carry your backpack on your chest so that you won't encounter exhibits or other visitors.
    The National Gallery of Art is quite large and has a lot of exhibits.
    It is suggested that you go to the service desk to get a map and visit it according to the map.
    There are many artists'paintings and sculptures in this collection, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and so on.
    You can see them here without any tickets.
    The Works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Monet E.
    National Museum of Natural History One of the attractions of the museum's wonderful nights.
    Recommended exhibits: First of all, African elephant specimens can be seen as soon as they enter the door.
    And the blue star of hope weighing 45.52 carats in the gemstones and minerals exhibition hall on the second floor! In addition, a large statue of Moai from Easter Island on the ground floor is also worth looking at.
    You can't go to Chile to see the procession of statues.
    You can have a good time in this museum.
    African elephant Star of Hope Moai Stone Statue White House The Office of the President of the United States is said to be free to visit, but tickets are not easy to get.
    Overlooking the White House White House Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial On the west side of the obelisk, looking not far from the obelisk, actually walking is very tiring.
    Past by subway, you can get off at FOGY BOTTOM station.
    There are often planes ready to land.
    Airplanes often fly over the Lincoln Memorial.
    A statue of Lincoln sitting at the center of the Memorial Hall Looking at the Washington Monument from the steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial It took me a whole day to walk down all these scenic spots.
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