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Do you really use Vanuatu passport?
In recent years, in addition to focusing on immigration projects in traditional big countries, more and more people are looking at small-country migration projects in Vanuatu, which is the only passport project in OceaniA.The whole application process is very efficient, the examination and approval is rapid, and can be completed in 1-3 months.
Many customers have processed Vanuatu passport through Ozone investment, but did not expect that only $80,000 passport could be so useful, and how should Vanuatu passport be used after getting the long-awaited Vanuatu passport?
Purpose 1:
Travel collocation Analysis:
Vanuatu passport = World passport, unlock the Schengen State The Commonwealth passport is a golden key for investors who want to enter the UK to open up the European market.
If you have a Vanuatu passport, you have the equivalent of a "world pass", which can be exempted from more than 120 countries and regions around the worlD.Among them, Vanuatu passport holders can stay in Hong Kong for up to three months, Macao for up to one month, while Chinese passport holders can stay in Hong Kong and Macao for seven days.
In addition, Vanuatu passport is also exempt from signing 26 Schengen countries.
Purpose 2:
Opening Overseas Accounts Analysis:
World-class Tax Paradise, 0 Tax on Overseas Assets With the formal landing of CRS in China, Vanuatu passport has more advantages.
With a passport, people with high net worth can open the door to the global management and control of assets and income.
Especially for citizens of countries like global taxation, owning Vanuatu passports can achieve maximum asset preservation.
Because Vanuatu is a world-class tax haven, with no personal income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no gift tax, and more than a global tax.
Usage 3:
Establishing offshore companies Analysis:
Ideal offshore company registration, simplify the listing process Vanuatu has political stability, sound legal system, free market economy, no foreign exchange control and zero tax paradise.
In addition, there are sound financial centers and offshore financial service centers.
Investing and registering offshore companies in Vanuatu can avoid the cumbersome procedures of listing in the country.
Vanuatu has no foreign exchange control and can effectively improve the possibility of free allocation of funds.
Usage 4:
Facilitating children's Education Analysis:
Children Enjoy International Quality Education Resources Having a Vanuatu passport not only enjoys more rights and interests, but also continues to benefit children greatly from the Vanuatu passport.
Vanuatu passport holders have priority in attending British international schools and enjoy various preferential policies in the Commonwealth.
The six-month residence permit allows parents in China to visit British schools for their children and children studying in the UK.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Visit the Mississippi River.
    After simple preparation, the journey to explore the Mississippi River began, not exploration, but just to feel the nature and Humanities of this great river basin, self-driving time plan for a month, not in a hurry, do not pull the net to sweep tourist attractions, just as you like, as you see it, as you see it, as you see it, and as you feel good, you can stay for a few more days.
    If you don't feel good, you just rush by.
    Today is the first day of a visit to the Mississippi River, starting from the southernmost tip of Louisiana and the starting point of Venice, Highway 23, the closest entrance to the Mississippi River.
    The first day is planned to travel about 90 miles to New Orleans, Louisiana's largest city.
    On the first day, maybe I saw too little of the world, the new things along the way, the shock and emotion along the way.
    On the first day, I saw the living conditions of the people living in the marshes at the mouth of the sea, the houses erected on the elevation of nature, even the graves hanging above the ground after death, the barren and beautiful black land soaked in the water in the Mississippi River Basin, and the biggest building I saw from this day was the school and their respect for education.
    Chong; from the way the police treated us to enter the campus without an appointment, they felt that the law enforcement could be so warm; from the hospitable "father crayfish" restaurant, they felt the simplicity and enthusiasm of the local folk customs, as well as the knowledge of what is called the tidal road, how to drive in the water, and the trees growing in the water, beautiful.
    Egrets, pelicans and eagles are lovely swamp birds.
    In short, on the first day, there was shock, emotion, touching, perception, knowledge and culture.
    Nature is so amazing.
    The above picture is a satellite photo of the Mississippi River at the southernmost tip of Louisiana, the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico.
    It looks like a big tree with many branches and leaves.
    Look at this tree growing in the Mississippi River below.
    It looks like a satellite photo.
    This is the southernmost tip of Louisiana, where we are going to visit the Mississippi River today.
    Today's journey is about 90 miles from Venice at the mouth of Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana's largest city.
    Mississippi River, the largest river in North America, covers an area of 3.2 million square kilometers, accounting for 41% of the continental United States.
    At least 250 tributaries, the longest of which is the Missouri River, flow southward into the Gulf of Mexico from Lake Ataca, Minnesota, through the Central Plains.
    With the Nile River, Amazon River and Yangtze River jointly known as the world's four longest rivers.
    She has many nicknames: Father River, Moon River, Old Man River, Old Blue River, Big River.
    The Mississippi River is the bread and clothing parent of the people in her valley.
    A large number of films and literary works with the background of the Mississippi River have far-reaching influence, such as the movies "Gone with the Wind" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
    We are familiar with the writers Mark Twain and William Faulkner.
    Most of their literary works come from the life of the Mississippi River Basin.
    Although it is still a long way from the mainstream of the Mississippi River to the sea, many tributaries have already entered the sea here, and as can be seen from the map, there is hardly any road to drive cars.
    There's no way in there, so it's the southernmost tip of Louisiana.
    Start recording itinerary Take a photo as a souvenir At the beginning, we encountered a strange road condition.
    The name of the road is Tidal Road.
    As its name implies, ebb tide is a road on land, and flood tide becomes a waterway.
    Fortunately, at this time, the tide is not big and does not affect driving.
    Highly situated off-road vehicles have little problem crossing tidal roads.
    Nearby chemical plants are also watery at high tide These cruise ships are the best means of transportation here.
    All kinds of cruise ships docked on the shore Large swamps, naturally a bird's paradise, can be seen everywhere in groups of egrets And the pelican, the Louisiana mascot.
    Trees submerged in water This is neither the sea nor the river.
    This is another section of the Tidal Road.
    It's already a vast ocean.
    There are many birds on the water.
    They would like to drive past, but they dare not venture.
    In case the fire goes out, it's not fun.
    We're not exploring, we're visiting, so we'll return to another place.
    Choose the way.
    It looks like a boat outside the window.
    Here the shallow water can see the line on the road.
    The scenery is beautiful.
    This is the safest car.
    This road is safe to drive.
    Keep going and find that there are ramps to drive up the Mississippi River embankment.
    It's just a two-wheeled road with deep ruts.
    Only a high chassis is allowed to pass.
    At best, it can only reach more than a dozen miles per hour.
    It can't be long-term.
    Otherwise, it's really unknown about monkeys at the source of the Mississippi River.
    Nian Ma Yue From here we can see the distance between the river and the river.
    Although the road is very narrow, there is a layer of sand paved, so it is not muddy.
    Private Wharf on the Mississippi River Because the window was open, I could smell a strong smell of stinky fish and rotten shrimp.
    There was a pile of dead fish dried up on the shore.
    It looked like Chinese carp.
    I thought of the overflow of carp in the Mississippi River.
    They had super reproductive capacity.
    Americans thought that carp thorns were too many to eat, so more and more were overflowing.
    I don't know how carp go to the United States, so biological invasion is terrible.
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