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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
American Deposit/Deposit/Carry-in/Remittance Strategy Most of the international students and new immigrants who often travel to and from China and the United States will encounter such and such problems when they come to the United States with cash or when they deposit or withdraw money in the United States.
They will be confiscated if they pay little attention to the money, and even face the risk of imprisonment.
If deposits or withdrawals exceed $10,000, they must submit a "currency transaction report" to the Treasury Department to circumvent the declaration.
They can be sentenced to up to 10 years'imprisonment.
So, when we are in the United States, what is the safe way to deposit?
How to avoid risks when carrying cash to the United States?
How to operate Sino-US remittances?
Don't worry, Xiao Ming will bring you the strongest product today - "The Most Complete Strategy of Depositing and Depositing in the U.S. / Bringing Money into the U.S. / China-U.S. Remittance"!
Safe Deposit in the United States The Emperor of America is such a magical country:
since 2007, more than 600 taxpayers have been confiscated as much as 43 million yuan for "separate access".
Among Chinese Americans, the phenomenon of "big money and zero deposit" is quite common, but a little carelessness will be taken into account.
Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct deposit skills:
1. Each deposit is less than $2,000 in cash and no more than four small deposits per month.
2. If more than $10,000 of legal cash is required to be deposited, make it clear to the bank directly and deposit it after filing.
3. Deposit by cheque as far as possible; 4. Go to the post office to buy cash cheque Money Order, which is divided into domestic cash cheque and international cash cheque.
There is no validity period and the loss can be repaid.
The maximum face value of a cash cheque in the United States is $1,000, with a fee of $1.6-2 per cheque.
International cheques can be sent to anyone in the world and cashed in cash by local banks at a cost of $4.75 per cheque, with a maximum denomination of $700.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    In Honolulu, the most widely covered bus system has a lovely name "the bus" (meaning "bus"), which is the most convenient means of transportation besides self-driving.
    Buses start frequently and on time.
    The full text will be divided into four chapters for you to present a relatively complete Honolulu bus system in turn.
    1. The Bus Brief Introduction; 2. Tickets; 3. Introduction of popular lines; 4. Traffic chapters of major scenic spots.
    Brief description of the bus: Buses run from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. If there are some main routes, such as buses to Waikikiki Beach, they usually run until about 11 p.m. If you play in Honolululu, the bus fare is $2.5 per trip per adult, $1.25 per 6-17 year-old teenager, and children under 5 years old accompanied by adults are free.
    Bus ride process: 1. Find the nearest bus stop.
    2. Wait patiently at the stop sign.
    3. Prepare paper money or change.
    The driver doesn't find change.
    4. If you want to get off, please pull the rope by the window.
    Reminder: 1. If a passenger is unable to move, he can signal to the driver when the vehicle stops, and he will lower the door pedal or lower the wheelchair lift ramp.
    In this way, even the disabled person in the wheelchair can smoothly move the wheelchair into the car.
    2. All buses are equipped with bicycle frames at the front of the bus, and cyclists need to fix their bicycles on the shelves by themselves.
    This series of installation process should be carried out when the bus has been safely parked on the sidewalk.
    Install your bicycle patiently.
    Don't be impatient.
    Drivers and passengers will wait quietly.
    Mutual understanding is an important part of the journey.
    Ticket: 1. Ordinary tickets: Adult tickets (for people over 17) - US$2.5 per trip.
    Preferential tickets for teenagers and students (referring to persons aged 6 to 17 years old, need to produce valid identity documents to prove their age.
    Teenagers also include senior high school students under 19 years of age who present valid senior high school student ID and current student registration information.
    - One way $1.25. Coupon tickets for the elderly (people aged 65 or over) - one-way $1. But the fare is only applicable when the valid thebus card or the valid American Medical Insurance Card is presented.
    The Bus Senior Card: $10 (Senior Card Processing Fee) An age certificate - state identity card, driver's license, birth certificate or passport is required.
    It is valid for four years and allows the cardholder to pay $1 for each one-way trip.
    It must be purchased at the Bus Bus office (611 middle street).
    2. Monthly tickets: You can take ordinary and express buses unlimited times within the month of the ticket purchase calendar.
    Adult tickets - 60 dollars.
    Teenagers and students discount tickets - 30 dollars.
    Old people's monthly ticket Sticker - $5 (on the old people's card after purchase).
    3. Annual tickets: You can take ordinary and express buses infinitely many times in a ticket-buying calendar year.
    Adult tickets - 660 dollars.
    Teenagers and students discount tickets - 30 dollars.
    Coupon tickets for the elderly - 30 dollars a year, 60 dollars a year.
    4. Four-day Traffic Ticket: Visitors can buy a four-day ticket at a price of $25 for unlimited trips to the bus in Honolululu for four consecutive days, which is suitable for all ordinary buses and express bus services.
    5. Free transfer ticket: After boarding the bus, you can ask the driver for a free transfer while purchasing a ticket from the driver.
    The significance of transfer tickets is that you can take the next bus for free in 2 hours.
    Ticket time limit is 2 hours, valid to the time shown at the top of the ticket.
    That is to say, the driver will tear off a long transfer ticket with a time period according to the time you get on the bus.
    As long as you follow the time period of the transfer ticket in your hand, it is free to transfer to the bus within this time period.
    Hot Line Introduction: Now, list a few more common bus routes for you, so that you can have a more authentic tour of Honolulu city.
    A city express: via the University of Hawaii-Alamoana Shopping Center-Honolulu City Centre-Chinatown-Hawaii Stadium.
    B country express: Way to Waikikiki Beach - Honolululu Academy of Art - Honolululu City Center - Chinatown - Bishop Museum.
    E country express: via Waikikiki Beach-Alamoana Shopping Center-Alohata-Honolulu downtown.
    Road 2: Way to Waikikiki Beach - Honolulu Convention Center - Honolulu Academy of Art - Honolululu City Center - Chinatown - Waikiki Beach - Hawaiian Stadium - Bishop Museum.
    Tinker Tourist Car: There is a daily pink line between Waikikiki Beach and the center of Alamoana.
    The first and last bus hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9:42-21:39, Sunday and holidays, 9:42-19:29, every 10 minutes or so.
    The station is between Nordstrom and Alamoana Avenue near Kona Street.
    The cost is two dollars a way.
    Specific stops: DFS duty-free shop; Duke Kahanamoku statue; resort quest wiki beach hotel; Hilton wiki Kuhio Prince hotel; ohana West wiki hotel; karakawa emperor shopping center; wiki Aqua palms; Ilikai wiki hotel; Hawaii Hilton tapa towers bus station; Saratoga Road / Kalakaua Avenue (near Waikikiki Post Office)
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