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Since the 1960s, Singapore has pursued an export-oriented strategy.
With its geographical advantages, ultra-low tax rates and pro-business policies, Singapore has achieved rapid economic growth and leaped to become a developed Asian country.
As a result, many foreign-funded enterprises have been attracted to establish a second home, and more high net worth people have taken it as a destination for migration.
Yes, Singapore's investment immigration threshold is getting higher and higher, and the investment conditions are getting higher and higher.
Many people may not be able to meet their application conditions.
So is there another way to help you meet your own needs and goals?
The official language of Singapore is English, Malay and Mandarin.
The capital city is located in Singapore.
With an area of 719.1 square kilometers, a population of about 5.61 million and a population density of 7,915.7 people per square kilometer, it is a developed capitalist country in Asia.
Malta's official languages are English and Maltese, with the capital in VallettA.With an area of 316 square kilometers, a population of 440,000 and a population density of about 1365 people per square kilometer, it is a developed capitalist country in Europe.
Economic Development Singapore is a multicultural immigrant country with a foreign trade-driven economy.
It has a world-renowned reputation for its electronics, petrochemicals, finance, shipping and service industries.
It is the fourth largest international financial center after New York, London and Hong Kong.
It is also one of the most important service and shipping centers in Asia.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Feeling America: The Great Lakes of North America
    The Great Lakes refer to five large freshwater lakes in North America at the border between the United States and Canada.
    According to the size of the lakes, they are Lake Superior (LAKE SUPERIOR), Lake Huron (LAKE HURON), Lake Michigan (LAKE MICHIGAN), Lake Erie (LAKE ERIE) and Lake Ontario (LAKE ONTARIO).
    In addition to Lake Michigan, which belongs entirely to the United States, the other four lakes are all boundary lakes between the United States and Canada.
    The total area of the water area is 245 660 square kilometers.
    What concept? That is to say, it is equivalent to two and a half of the total area of Zhejiang Province.
    This is the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world.
    They are close to each other and connected with each other.
    They are vast in territory, vast in smoke and beautiful in scenery.
    Every freshwater lake is huge enough.
    Several freshwater lakes are gathered together, which is in itself a wonder of nature.
    The first Monday in September is Labor Day in the United States, which is a national holiday.
    With the first two days on Saturdays and Sundays, it became a three-day holiday.
    Several of our friends and relatives'children are also studying in the United States.
    On this holiday, we invited them to go to Holland (Holland) on Lake Michigan.
    In fact, this place was chosen randomly by us.
    We have never been to it.
    The main reason is that it is not too far, about 120 miles, and we can return that day.
    On that day, the highway to the lake was full of cars and two lanes were full.
    It seems that they all go on vacation.
    Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes.
    A large lake enclosed by Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin is 517 kilometers long and 190 kilometers wide.
    Its water area is 57757 square kilometers, which is 17.6 times larger than that of Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China.
    Michigan is on the East and North shores of the lake.
    Holland (Holland), the name of the town, is the same as the name of the Nordic country of the Netherlands.
    Perhaps in order to distinguish, on the map of the United States published in China, the town was translated as "Holland".
    It is estimated that the former Dutch descendants live in more places.
    Towns were built along the lake and scattered.
    There is a special Dutch village in the city, with Dutch signage windmills, tulips and wooden boat shoes.
    Tickets cost $7 per person, and many Americans like us change trains as soon as they see the ticket office's notice.
    It's too expensive.
    The lakeside bathroom is still good.
    The ticket is $10 per car.
    It's valid for one year.
    Although driving hundreds of miles back and forth to go swimming vacation, I'm afraid not many times a year, but feel good.
    That's the marketing strategy.
    On the East Bank of Lake Michigan, there are many dunes and beaches.
    The same is true of Holland's lakeside bathing grounds.
    The area of the beach is very large, which seems to be about the same as that of Zhujiajian Island in Zhoushan, China.
    The sand is delicate, the beach is soft, there are no broken shells, and there is no glass residue (no glass or bottles are allowed to enter the beach).
    It feels comfortable to walk barefoot on such a beach.
    The water of the lake is very clear, and there is hardly any impurity or stain in it.
    It feels that the environmental protection work of Lao Mei is really in place.
    Of course, looking at the history of the Great Lakes in North America, we can see that as early as 1910, the original forests of the Great Lakes had been cut down, and the ecological damage and environmental pollution were very serious.
    Fortunately, the governments of the United States and Canada gradually realized the importance of ecological protection, vigorously renovated, vigorously publicized, and through sustained efforts, the beautiful scene we see today appears.
    Today, China is in a transitional period.
    In fact, it is experiencing the stage that developed countries in Europe and the United States have experienced.
    As long as we are fully aware of the importance of environmental protection, we believe that through our efforts, China's rivers, lakes and seas will become very beautiful.
    Standing by the lake, the smoke is vast, the water and the sky are uniform, which is beyond sight.
    In the distance there are many yachts and sailboats, white birds like seagulls, flying in the sky.
    It was a cloudy and overcast day.
    The lake was full of wind and waves, which showed the momentum of the lake.
    The beach was full of umbrellas and women in bikinis sunshine.
    Foreigners just like to bask in the sun.
    On the beach, on the lawn, on the balcony of the villa, even on the roof of the tiger window, whenever possible, they take off their clothes and bask in the sun.
    Sometimes in order to avoid the appearance of bikini marks on the body, but also as far as possible off the sun.
    In addition to aesthetic reasons, I think it may also be due to psychological needs.
    Winter here is too long.
    From October of the first year to May of the next year, almost all of the world is ice and snow.
    Therefore, sun exposure is undoubtedly the most desirable psychological compensation.
    Look at those middle-aged and older foreigners, their skin is not only wrinkled, but also speckled, which is the result of excessive sun exposure.
    But they went forward and pursued it diligently.
    It's hard to explain this by "pursuing beauty".
    Men on the beach, besides playing football, throw Frisbees.
    Children play in shallow water.
    I sometimes wonder why Americans like to throw Frisbees so much.
    It's not interesting to watch them throw around like this, but they can play for half a day and enjoy it.
    It seems that more than a decade ago, some people tried to promote this entertainment in China, but the Chinese did not seem to like it very much.
    So far, no one has been throwing it in the park or on the beach.
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