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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Canadian immigrants, the main changes of the new naturalization law include the following two aspects.
1. Applicants must live for three years in five years, prior to requiring four years in six years.
During the waiting period for the result of the application for Canadian immigration, the residence time of the applicant in Canada is counted as half a day per day as the residence time of the applicant for naturalization.
2. Relax language requirements.
Applicants aged 18 to 54 need to pass language and citizenship examinations, which were previously required between the ages of 14 and 64. Statistics from the Federal Department of Immigration also show that the number of new citizens has increased by 40% over the same period last year after the implementation of the new citizenship regulations.
Many new immigrants have applied to become Canadian citizens after meeting the minimum residence requirement.
Hussein also said that the Federal Liberal Party government will unswervingly pursue the immigration opening policy, further improve work efficiency, create good conditions to welcome new immigrants to become Canadian citizens.
Lowering the Threshold of English Proof Recently, the Canadian Immigration Department announced that it would expand the scope of "English proficiency certificates" for naturalized applicants, including "unfinished bachelor's or diploma courses" which could also be regarded as English proficiency certificates for applicants.
Of course, the biggest beneficiaries of this new document are Chinese and Indian immigrants with poor English proficiency.
It's a good news for the Chinese people.
~ It is expected that the number of successful naturalization cases per week will increase by 200 to 250 after the relaxation of this policy.
According to previous Canadian regulations, when Canadian permanent residents aged 18 to 54 apply for naturalization, the English proof documents provided are usually specific and have an officially recognized measurement value.
For example, a government-approved CET-4 or a college diploma in English.
But Mary-Ann Hubers, a naturalization official, issued a new notice in March this year, which showed that besides the English proficiency certificates in the current guidelines, other documents that were not very strict were acceptable.
These "other certificates" include:
1. Unfinished bachelor's or diploma courses; 2. A letter of recommendation written by an English or French teacher, an English or French teacher, or an education institute or professor is required for studying in a foreign country.
3. Even "outdated" language training or transcripts of a language course.
Compared with the former Federal Conservative government's increasing requirements for naturalization, which only about 200,000 people apply for naturalization in Canada every year, the ruling Liberal Party has adopted relaxed conditions for naturalization, giving more immigrants the chance to become Canadian citizens.
However, does the condition of "unfinished bachelor's or diploma course" mean that the applicant only needs to register for the course and can use it as an English proof without having to attend the class?
Or the "previous language training" does not give a clear time frame, which awaits clearer and clearer regulations from the Department of Immigration.
Anyway, these relaxed naturalization conditions are good news for Chinese immigrants.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Experience American farmhouse fun.
    Tanaka Farm, see what bright spots there are.
    It should be the nature of earthlings to make fun of themselves.
    There are two pumpkin patches on a road at weekends.
    They are overcrowded.
    This Tanaka Farm was founded in the 1970s.
    In 1996, it was inherited by three generations of immigrants from Japan.
    It has developed into a new type of agriculture with agricultural sightseeing and ecological education as its main industries, taking into account the local sale of agricultural products.
    It has stopped the traditional wholesale of agricultural products.
    In fact, it is what we commonly call farmhouse music.
    Look at the picture below, at the entrance of the farm, the natural color of the bare ground instantly draws you closer to nature.
    Tickets are two dollars and one person.
    This is the first time I have seen a pumpkin patch that charges a fee.
    The display board under the national flag at the entrance reminds us of the propaganda board of our neighborhood committee.
    Publicity boards posted children's impressions, similar to our childhood composition.
    This should be one of the highlights of this farmhouse fun.
    We regularly accept children's tour groups organized by our school.
    My son's school has organized a visit, and has not seen the school to find parents to charge fees.
    I guess it should be a free farm project.
    The freshness of the farm will naturally be transmitted to the parents, which enriches the children's extracurricular life.
    The children learn the extracurricular natural knowledge, and the farm has expanded its influence.
    Unlike Halloween in most families, pumpkin patch sprouted everywhere.
    Look at the puppets in the toll hall.
    Banner upstream entertainment project fee unit price, many simple entertainment projects, 2 and 3 tickets ranging.
    The toll Hall shows pumpkin of different sizes for sale.
    Farm tools.
    Passing through the toll hall is a pumpkin field full of mountains and fields, full of golden harveSt. The kid is on the left hand.
    Adults are busy asking children to take pictures in front of the Scarecrow.
    Pumpkins scattered all over the place, take them by themselves when they see them.
    Of course, they are not in vain.
    When they go out, they weigh 2.99 knives per pound.
    Two big pumpkins, equivalent to nearly 1,000 yuan.
    It's comfortable to use pumpkin as a stool.
    Wangqiang's little friend is not willing to lag behind his brother.
    Mothers and children who teach plant knowledge on the spot.
    The signboard smile in front of the pumpkin.
    Look at this little fellow.
    I haven't figured out what's going on yet.
    When adults release their hands, their calm mood is somewhat relaxed.
    ~~ The little fellow disregarded his eyes with pity and his mood collapsed.
    Ha-ha, looking at these parents with different skin colors, I feel that people's concern and love for new life are the same.
    This is the prince and princess's rush.
    With the big pumpkin harvested in her arms, the little girl had a hard time walking happily.
    A quiet and shy little sister.
    It looks like a pumpkin field in the wilderness, but it's actually located in the corner of the Irvine super-luxury house.
    In the eyes of the Chinese people who love to buy houses, if we use it to build houses, what's the high price! The pumpkin showroom built by farmers seems to be more suitable for a photo stand.
    Almost the same form, leaving all the warm moments.
    Look at the back of the picture below.
    It is said that tractor and wagons, which were launched in 1999, are to take everybody around the farm for five knives each.
    Compared with some of our large-scale farmhouse entertainment projects, is it weak? Looking around, the toddlers, the playful children and the eager parents waiting for them are dotted in yellow and green pumpkin fields in twos and threes, giving people warmth and peace.
    This is probably the biggest and consistent impression I've seen so many pumpkin patches.
    It may also be the reason why this seemingly simple pumpkin trading model has endured.
    The mountain bike track surrounded by potted strawberries.
    Mountain bike race side facial expressions are different but some godlike family.
    The brave little rider kept looking back at his patron saint.
    A fairy little girl.
    Tracor, which is well maintained, is very well received today.
    At the entrance of the mini zoo, parents are generous and generous.
    The legendary grass-mud horse is very popular with children.
    My little friend abandoned the smelly smell and ran away.
    Watching the little pot friends touch the animals very carefully and kindly, I feel that this is the seed of love, which will gradually be deeply rooted under the careful care of parents.
    Parents waited quietly and patiently while the baby was in close contact with the animals.
    Corn Maze, one of the few free projects.
    Look at these promising corn, understand that these maize was originally planted in a designed location.
    A simple piece of corn field gives extra spice.
    The Eight Diagrams Enchantment.
    Cold Budding ran out of a white elf.
    Vegetable picking area next to the corn maze.
    Everyone waited for the staff to explain the rules.
    It cost $2.99 a pound.
    There was also a discount for buying tickets for the zoo.
    Four carrots could be picked free of charge.
    Green green and intoxicating vegetable fields.
    This is a farm located in the center of irvine, which is not engaged in business.
    It stopped wholesaling crops to the outside world very early.
    Now more than 30,000 tourists are visited this year, and all the crops produced are sold locally.
    It is obvious that it is already a successful American farmhouse entertainment.
    In addition to the planning and content design of the farm itself, it may also be closely related to their enthusiasm for public welfare, donation to nearby schools, and the formation of a virtuous circle of the surrounding environment.
    Compared with our most important Spring Festival, the Halloween warm-up preparation cycle lasts for as long as one month.
    How wonderful will it be when the curtain opens? Let's wait and see!
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