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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the specific cost of housing for Greek immigrants?
With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, immigration has become an extremely hot topiC.More and more families begin to choose immigration.
When migrating, we need to meet the corresponding conditions, at the same time, we need to specify the specific costs of migration, and choose the appropriate country of immigration.
At present, the main immigrant countries are Europe, because the European economy is more developed, and the natural environment of Europe is beautiful, and education is better.
In many European countries, the vast majority of people will choose Greek immigrants, the main reason is that Greece has a beautiful scenery, whether it is employment or pension, are quite good places.
According to the latest Greek immigration policy, the main conditions for immigration to Greece include the age of 18, no criminal record, etc.
, and the purchase of 250,000 euros worth of real estate in Greece.
Of course, when choosing Greek immigrants, other relevant matters should also be clarifieD.In addition to the 250,000 euros for house purchases, there are other expenses to be paid throughout the immigration process.
First of all, when buying a house, it usually proceeds in different stages, and different stages require different payments.
In the real estate inspection stage, we need to pay visa fees, insurance premiums and other related fees.
Notarization fees shall be based on the invoices issued by the China Certification Agency, so as to realize the payment policy of more refunds and less subsidies.
In addition, we also need to pay the certification fee, air ticket fee, inspection fee and other related fees.
Only by making comprehensive preparations can we have a definite aim in the process of immigration.
Secondly, in the purchase stage, when buying a house, the purchase price is the most basic cost, in addition, it also needs to pay immigration lawyer fees.
Lawyer's authorization notarization fee, card swipe handling fee, more than 20,000 euros, need to pay 2.2% handling fee.
And when dealing with real estate, we also need to pay the real estate transaction tax, which is about 3% of the total price of the house.
Finally, after choosing a house, the next step is to immigrate to Greece.
According to Greek immigration policies, third-party fees are required, including notarization fees, certification fees, translation fees and so on.
Of course, we also need to pay medical insurance fees, immigration application fees, card making fees and so on.
Therefore, when dealing with Greek immigration, there are many expenses to be paid, so we should make full preparations.
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