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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Recently, a new EU solution has been introduceD.Under the scheme, EU citizens residing in the UK before December 31, 2020 will be eligible to apply for British identity before June 30, 2021 after the UK leaves Europe.
Usually, obtaining residence status depends on whether the applicant meets the "continuous residence" requirement and has lived in the UK for five years.
Having lived in Britain for five years Settlement status will be obtaineD.They can continue to live and work in the UK as they are now, and continue to be eligible for resources such as public services, public funds and pensions.
Having not lived in Britain for five years Pre-resident status will be granteD.They can live and work freely in the UK, and have access to public funds and services as they are now, until they have lived for five years and continue to apply for residence status.
Living in the UK for five years means staying in the UK for at least six months each year for the past five years.
If you meet the requirement of continuous residence before 30 June 2021, you can apply on or after the date when you meet the requirement, only once.
If you are unable to meet the continuous living conditions before 30 June 2021, you must first apply for a reserved residence status and then apply for a residence status.
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    ABOUT arizona local customs, tourist attractions
    Glendale is a city of Arizona Maricopa county, located 14 kilometers northwest of Feinikesi, is a rich and colorful history of the city, many foreign tourists will come to understand this history, culture, and enjoy the quiet and comfortable way of life.
    Glendale for outdoor sports enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts are very attractive, quiet long trails, quiet park is a good choice.
    In order to encourage people to bike travel and travel, will hold an annual Glendale family bicycle travel activity.
    The challenger space center (challenger Space center) is the only Arizona Museum devoted to space exploration, the collection is rich and colorful, describes the history of American aerospace.
    Wild zoo and Aquarium (Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium) for the Arizona foreign animal most of the zoo, there are only about more than 6000 foreign animal, is an ideal place for ornamental animal.
    Reason: a variety of outdoor sports city of Arizona
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Arizona: [Arizona State]
    Glendale city attractions: [Glendale]

    Tempe is a city of Arizona Maricopa county, is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, because of the Greek vale of Tempe (Vale of Tempe) named.
    The city is the main campus of the Arizona State University, where the US Airways headquarters, was the Arizona cardinals home court.
    Arizona is warm and pleasant climate make Detanpei become a well-known outdoor sports resort, whatever the season, you can enjoy exciting and interesting outdoor projects, allowing you to find their own piece of the sky.
    Hiking, biking, golf and fishing are popular items, so you can forget the worries, into the embrace of nature, enjoy the wonderful time.
    A good place for shopping or Tempe, Arizona, one of the largest mill Shopping center (Arizona Mills) is located in Tempe near, only IKEA store is also located in Arizona penao Tanzania ministry.
    Reason: the United States aviation headquarters
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Arizona: [Arizona State]
    Attractions: [Tempe]

    city Tempe Grand canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world. Early morning departure from Las Vegas, about 6 hours drive, we crossed into Arizona from Nevada, and arrive at the grand canyon.
    Grand canyon Trinidad, unfathomable.
    Standing on the edge of the canyon, gazing at the vast expanse, can give a person a kind of calm and empty feeling.
    Here is the erosion of the world's most vivid example, the Grand canyon became a geologist and paleontologist of the textbook, the millions of annual visitors are in the face of the creator and the extraordinary as if done by the spirits filled with a thousand regrets.
    In 1903, President Roosevelt had come to this tour, he said: "do not destroy its magnificent views, so that you and your children to save it, let all Americans to enjoy this masterpiece of nature.
    "If God is the creator of the Grand canyon, the colorado river is the Grand canyon carving artiSt. cOROLADO in Spanish means "orange red and gold".
    The summer after the thunderstorm, the color and the colorado River canyon exactly alike, identification only from turbulence stirs the water in the snow;
    the early fall, the Green River convergence from the impatient, slowly winding in the canyon between.
    Although the summer and winter warm cold, but the river and canyon deep affection relationship had lasted six million years.
    From time to time in the sun and clouds over the canyon to canyon scramble, add endless charm.
    Visit to the Grand canyon, generally south gorge and Xixia two lines.
    South gorge is a national park and the Grand canyon landscape is the most traditional, but not what entertainment projects, can only enjoy the splendor of the Grand canyon on foot.
    Xixia is not a national park, which belongs to the Indian reserve, a famous U glass bridge, let you have a vacant in the Grand canyon of the feeling, but not with the camera on the bridge, take photographs with your local service price;
    in addition, can also take a helicopter into the Grand canyon.
    We choose is the most traditional classic South gap line.
    The Grand canyon is 446 kilometers, the average depth of 1200 meters, width from 0.5 km to 29 km range.
    colorado plateau uplift, the colorado River and its tributaries cut layers of sedimentary rocks, which formed the grand canyon.
    Nearly 2 billion years of geological history of sweeping changes.
    canyon Dingkuan 6 to 28 kilometers, 1800 meters deep, is one of the world's longest canyon.
    The bottom surface of the water is less than 1000 meters wide, summer snow melt, water depth of 18 meters.
    Red rocks.
    The magnificent Grand canyon National Park In 1540, a man named Garcia Lopez de cardenas (Garc a L PEZ de c rdenas) were first discovered in the grand canyon.
    In 1870s, the us Army major John Weasley Powell (John Wesely Powell) led the first scientific expedition to the grand canyon.
    Powell valley will be the sedimentary rock layers described as "a giant in the novels of the page".
    However, the American Indians had been settled in the canyon wall.
    In the above Grand canyon look down, and can't see the bottom of the grand canyon.
    I have always felt that Nevada and Arizona, Gobi landform is like Xinjiang, the Grand canyon landform is like Xinjiang beach, but the Grand canyon to Dadeduodeduo, so we call "Grand".
    See the Grand canyon in the viewing platform, is the endless mountain, the mountain is really too stingy to pull out a hair, the amazing nature of magic The Grand canyon is supposed to quietly look, can even think about life.
    February is winter, there is a little snow on the mountain.
    If the summer, here should be very hot.
    From Las Vegas to the Grand canyon, and drive about 12 hours, so here play time is not long, we spent an hour in the Grand canyon, too!
    The whole section of the American tour, the most regret is the grand canyon.
    Very much hope that the rest of life to be able to visit the Grand canyon, thorough depth tour, to explore the cave at the bottom of the canyon.
    The Grand canyon tourist viewing platform Encounter a small squirrel, very valuable In front of Grand canyon National Park, the IMAX of the Grand canyon documentary cinema, the cinema is the National Geographic channel management.
    If the Grand canyon, it is necessary to look at the IMAX film, in addition to the effect of outside class, also can be a very good understanding of the Grand canyon and geography and history etc.
    The documentary is really very fun to see, we just outside the souvenir shop and bought a high-definition DVD taste of home slowly.
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