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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
From July 1, 2021, EU citizens and their families in the UK must have or have applied for British immigration status in order to settle legally in the UK!
The applicant's application can only be rejected for the reasons covered in the Euro-withdrawal agreement.
This means that all valid applications will be granted settlement or reservations unless:
By December 31, 2020, it was not a British resident (with the exception of existing close family members of EU citizens living in the UK); Rejected for serious criminal conviction or security reasons or fraud.
In a word, after leaving Europe, British settlement status will replace the permanent residence status under current EU law.
The immigration and status of EU citizens will be governed by British law.
EU citizens who want to remain in the UK need to change their residence status.
Recently, the official website of the UK has published the specific operation information of the application for identity.
The programme will be fully open on March 30, 2019, with a deadline of 30 June, 2021. Applicants are required to provide the following supporting materials:
Identity certificate You need a valid passport or citizenship carD.If you are not a EU citizen, you need to have a valid passport or a biometric residence card.
Certificate of Continuous Residence in the UK If you have already paid taxes through work or social welfare, you can use the National Social Security Number to help determine when you will start living in the UK.
You will be informed whether further information is needed to prove continuous residence, such as:
P60s or P45s (Employment Relations Registration Form) Payroll Bank statement Water and electricity charges Annual Business Account Employer's contract or letter confirming employment Letters, invoices or certificates from accredited educational institutions Passport Seals Confirming Entry into the UK Border Confirmation of airline or train tickets to the UK Note:
There is no need to provide the entire residence certificate in the UK, but only the period during which you can prove that you are eligible for residence or reserved residence status.
If you come from a country other than the EU, you need to provide proof of relationship with family members of the EU residing in the UK.
You need to prove your family membership (such as birth, marriage or civil marriage) with EU citizens, and also provide proof of family membership and residence.
And provide your fingerprints and facial photos at the UK Application Center (if you have a biometric residence card, you don't need it)
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    ABOUT new-hampshire local customs, tourist attractions
    New Hampshire introduce.
        Area: 24097 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked forty-fourth.
    Population: 849000 In the 50 states, column No.
    42. Kangdoute state: concord The main city of Manchester: Mancheste Southern snow Nashua Purple Lilac State bird: Purple Avadavat       The name comes from New Hampshire, 1629, by a British captain, is rare in Bushehr, so named for the region of new hampshire.
       In 1623, the British began to the colonies.
    In January 5, 1776, the first declaration of independence, 1 uk.
    The state motto is: "as Death is preferable to slavery."
    In June 21, 1788 approved the constitution, as the kyushu.
    The lilac purplelilac, as the state flower.
       Is the capital of Massachusetts concord, located in the south of central Honshu, a population of about thirty thousand.
    Manchester Manchester is located in southern Massachusetts, population ninety thousand, is the state's largest city.
    Portsmouth Portsmouth is the only state in the southeast of the port state.
    To Durham in the north-west of Portsmouth, 1866 years, here the creation of University of New Hampshire UniversityofNewHampshire, now nearly ten thousand students.
       The state has two features: first, it is a famous American skiing state.
    Some of the mountains in the state, and the slope is not steep, cool in summer, suitable for hiking in summer.
    There are also some slopes, steep and straight, forming natural ski.
    In winter, the snow is very thick, more than for skiing skiers here.
    The ski resorts, there are also special equipment, such as the construction of high slope of the lift ski-lifts to china for skiers on the slopes.
    In section two, the Granite State Quality is good, the yield is very large Therefore, the state, also known as the "Granite State" graniteState.
       The main products are leather, milk, beef, Turkey and apple.
    Industry, electrical industry, textile industry and papermaking industry.
       Within the state, there are mountains (Washington and White peak mountain), there are great lakes (the central part of the state called Winnipesaukee), there is a river, a spring, a monadnock, a glaciated terrain, dense forest, dry and cool in summer, suitable for tourism, as Ma, Kang, NSW state people recreation resort.
    The tourism industry is very developed.
    The state land one.
    fifth, into the park.
       Portsmouth is a city in Luo Jing county, New Hampshire, located on the piste Kuihe River south bank, founded in 1630, named for the port city of Portsmouth, England, built in 1849, is the end of the Russo Japanese War signed the "Portsmouth peace treaty".
    Portsmouth concert hall is a 906 seat theatre, built in 1878, is the oldest theatre in New Hampshire, about 90000 visitors every year.
    The church is located in the market square, is a full sense of history of the church, as a member of the United church of christ, the spire of the city landmark, has milepost significance.
    Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse history can be traced back to the 1771, the current building was built in 1876 years, 15 meters high, 1960 automation, 2009 was listed on the national register of historic places.
    In addition, Portsmouth's "albacore" submarine Museum and park, Sizhuobeilibanqi District Museum, Preiss court park also worth visiting.
    Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    Reason: "signed the" Treaty of Portsmouth
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state of New Hampshire: [New Hampshire State]
    Portsmouth city attractions: [Portsmouth]

    New Hampshire Cuisine
    As a state in New England, New Hampshire also has the same traditional cuisine as other states in the region, with seafood and dairy products as its main dishes, especially lobster and cheese.
    Corn soup is another famous dish, similar to Boston clam soup, in which New Hampshirians replace clams with corn.
    The Cullier Museum of Art is an internationally renowned art Museum located in Manchester, New Hampshire.
    It exhibits European and American paintings, decorative arts, photography and sculpture in various forms such as perennial exhibitions, travels and performances, including works from Picasso, Monet, O'Keefe, Wyeth and Levitt.
    The Museum also offers a trip to Zimmerman's homeland designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (which needs to be booked).
    The scenic highway across the heart of the Baishan Mountains and on the side of the Kancamagus Mountains is full of scenic spots.
    Visit the Russell Colbas historical site, which records the history of the colonial period.
    Footprints provide a real classroom for forest ecology.
    The 28-mile highway stretches from Conway through the White Mountains National Forest Park to North Woodstock.
    Highway has many branches and is an ideal place for hiking.
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