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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Immigration Tip:
How can new immigrants quickly integrate into American life?
What if English is not fluent enough and communication is not smooth?
Who should I turn to in case of legal disputes?
In fact, there are many official and community-based non-profit organizations in the United States, which provide all kinds of free resources and services for new immigrants to help new immigrants to cope with daily life, education and employment and adapt to new life as soon as possible.
Language Learning Course There are many institutions and organizations offering English learning courses in major cities of the United States, such as ESL.
ESL is mainly aimed at learners of English as a second language, regardless of age.
By taking ESL exams, applicants can not only improve their language proficiency, but also have a deeper understanding of the social structure and culture of British and American countries.
American public universities and community universities, community organizations, libraries, etC.offer free or low-cost ESL courses.
Applicants can log in to literacydirectory.org for enquiries or sign up for online courses on the usalearns.org website.
Adult Education The United States encourages lifelong learning.
Adults who wish to continue their studies after work (over 16 years old) can register to participate in adult secondary education courses.
Among them, the General Education Development (GED) certificate is a certificate of academic qualifications recognized by most American employers.
In many parts of the United States, this course is free.
Applicants can choose subjects of interest or new skills that are helpful to their job development.
In addition, most public school systems or community universities offer other types of adult education courses.
Courses cover a wide range of subjects, mostly to enhance the competitiveness of the workplace as the goal, low fees and open to all.
public library American public libraries are community-based libraries.
They are also the most important free public space in the community, integrating education, culture, information and entertainment.
Library collection includes not only books, but also Internet databases, which is the best place to access information or learn.
In addition, public libraries provide free Internet access, English tutoring, primary computer training, resume preparation and job hunting services in addition to supporting interlibrary lending and e-book lending.
Job hunting Foreign students can make full use of the school's job-hunting resources.
Most universities in the United States have career centers, which employ professionals to provide free job search counseling services for students.
In addition, state governments across the United States have various employment/service centers to provide training for job seekers, and new immigrants can make good use of these free resources.
legal advice Due to differences in legal and judicial systems and language barriers, some new immigrants to the United States often choose to deal with disputes in their lives and work, but sometimes they not only fail to solve things satisfactorily, but also violate local laws.
In fact, there are some Asian community organizations around the United States that provide free legal assistance to protect the rights and interests of new immigrants.
The legal advice provided by these organizations covers family, immigration, consumption, government benefits, labour, housing and civil rights.
The organization also provides services such as Chinese, which is a very important resource for new immigrants whose English is not fluent enough to seek legal help.
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