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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The Portuguese Government promulgated new Decree No.
9 on September 11, 2018, which came into force on October 1, and specifically introduced a new provision for "Gold Visa Holders and Their Families Apply for Permanent Residence":
Artigo 65.-K (65-K).
According to the new Artigo 65._-K clause, the Portuguese Government will issue permanent residence cards to gold visa holders and their families who are in compliance with Article 80 of Act No.
23 of 2007 and maintain investment activities in Portugal, with special exemptions from Article 85, Item 2 b, and Items 3 and 4 of Act No.
23 of 2007 concerning residence time.
1. Article 80 of Decree No.
23 of 2007:
Article 80 of Act No.
23 of 2007 is the basic condition for immigrants to apply for permanent residence in Portugal, including:
Holding Portuguese temporary residence for 5 years (1+2+2) 2:
No criminal record of being sentenced separately or accumulatively for more than one year within five years 3:
Have economic ability, all residences, and above A2 Portuguese level.
2. Exemption from the provisions on residence time in Article 85, Item 2 b, and Items 3 and 4 of Decree No.
23 of 2007 "Points B and 3 and 4 of Article 85, Item 2, of Decree No.
23 of 2007" are the length of residence in Portugal required by Portuguese permanent residence holders during the period of validity, including:
The time to leave Portugal at one time within five years should not exceed two years.
The time to leave Portugal within three years should not exceed 30 months, that is, "six months must be spent within three years".
According to the new Artigo 65._-K clause, the exemption of the residence time stipulated in Article 85, Item 2, b, and Items 3 and 4 of Decree No.
23 of 2007 means that the holder of a gold visa does not have the residence time requirement specified above after obtaining permanent residence.
It is reported that the first batch of investment immigrants applying for gold visas have now reached five years and can apply for permanent residence in Portugal in accordance with the above provisions.
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    ABOUT south-dakota local customs, tourist attractions
    South Dakota introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 199551 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked sixteenth.
    Population: 689000 In fifty states, ranked forty-fourth.
    Pierre Pierre
    The main city: Sioux Falls SiouxFalls
    Rapid city Rapidcity
    State flower: Lin Fenglan
    State bird: neck ring moment
    銆銆 Pierre, capital of South Dakota
    Pierre is the capital of South Dakota. In the middle of the state, on the East Bank of the Missouri River. Population, 112,000 (1982). Originally an Indian residential center, it was a fur distribution center before 1855.
    The discovery of gold deposits in Western Heishan in 1870 and the construction of Railways thereafter accelerated urban development. 1904 was the state capital. Agricultural and Animal Products Distribution and Processing Center. The Oaxi Dam was completed on the Missouri River in the northwest of the city in 1962, providing favorable conditions for irrigation, power generation, flood control and improvement of river traffic. There are many Indian reserves around.

    South Dakota, North Dakota and source of the name of the same.
    銆銆 In the beginning of the five or six year colonial.
    In November 2, 1889, North Dakota and became the thirty-ninth state and fortieth state.
    PasqueFlower is the state flower orchid with rare treasures.
    This state is called "wolf," alias coyoteState (prairie area production "sunny state or wolf)" SunshineState.
    This under God, the people rule "UnderGod, thePeoplerule.
    銆銆 The state is Pierre Pierre, located in the central part of the state, a population of about ten thousand.
    Metropolitan Sioux Falls SiouxFalls in the state's eastern border, a population of only sixty thousand.
    There are 16 states in the institutions of higher learning.
    One of the most famous University of South Dakota, founded in eighteen eighty-two, located in the southeast corner of the Fomi Liang Vermillion, about 5000 students.
    銆銆 There are two characteristics: first, the state of the state within the Indian reservations IndianReservations area, there are 21, 1984, square kilometers (4 8, 2000 square miles) in massachusetts.
    The state is also the most populous Sioux state, more than 30000. Second, flows from north to south, across the state of Missouri river is cut into four sections, building dams, the formation of four narrow and long lake, for the development of hydropower, irrigation facilities, landscape.
    銆銆 In addition to the above two points, the state also has other features.
    For example: it is the largest gold producing state (gold deposit in Lawrence county in the state of west exit).
    It is also the first American rye yield, the yield of spring wheat in second states.
    Animal husbandry is also developed.
    銆銆 The eastern state of West is flat, there are ups and downs.
    The most famous is the Black Hills BlackHills, close to the western border of the state.
    This is an isolated granite dome, which belongs to the Precambrian, the central peak elevation of two meters, 177, around the plain.
    Granitic layer, with Paleozoic limestone tilt.
    After the dissolution of limestone, a large hole.
    The ground pressure is higher when the ground wind tunnel.
    The ground pressure is low when the wind blew out.
    Therefore, become famous in the wind tunnel.
    It has set up a Wind cave National Park WindcaveNationalPark, located in the southeast of the Black Hills Park side wind tunnel.
    North Park, a hill called rush friction mountain, in the mountain of rock is granite, the upper half of the height of two thousand meters, with four presidents (Jefferson, Lincoln, the Washington, Theodore I).
    銆銆 Sioux Falls is located in South Dakota, Minnehaha county, the county seat, named for nearby waterfalls, 1876 Town, 1883 city.
    The city is known as "the heart of the United States," for South Dakota's largest city, the most rapid development of American 47 city.
    Sioux Falls is a stop and go for the city, offers a variety of accommodation options for tourists, you can live in a luxurious and comfortable hotel, can also choose to go camping, no matter what kind of choice, will meet the second day journey to the full spirit.
    catfish Bay Park (catfish Bay Water Ski a Park) is a family adventure park, exciting skiing will definitely let you eye.
    opening, in addition, can the whole family together to watch the singing and dancing and stunts.
    The Great Plains Zoo in 1963 Park, 150, about 850 more than animal homes, about 22 million visitors each year, in addition to viewing the animal park, a project of education.
    Stonehenge as president, President (Mountain Rushmore) also known as mountain, located in the United States South Dakota Territory of Mount Rushmore in the southeast slope, is the world's largest human face carved.
    Rush Moore Hill named "Mount Rushmore due to the mountain carving of the head of the four president of the United states".
    The four is the founding president of the United States President George Washington, "the three President Thomas Jefferson" one of the drafters of the declaration of independence, the United States to maintain the Union and the civil war victory made by President Abraham Lincoln, the United States, the father of modern article 26 President Theodore I.
    According to historical sources, at the time to participate in this grand project of American sculptor as many as 360 people.
    In 1939, known as the "President of the mountain cliff face statue project, finally completed.
    Since then, the "Mount Rushmore National Monument" has a new look, showing in front of people.
    The mountain digging, carved "President mountain", dignified, solemn, magnificent, with sun bare granite summit, George Wahanton, Thomas Jefferson, now in Abraham Lincoln Theodore I and the presidents of the giant buSt. The actual situation both the body stone statues, large volume, each president's face, from the chin to the head, from 18 meters to 21 meters.
    The purpose of the instrument Lin lip, is 6 meters wide, in the four presidential stone head at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by the vigorous pine broad avenue.
    Ten Avenue erected on both sides of the pillars, the 50 state flag with a group of four were decorated in marble square column, a symbol of United States of America's federal state system.

    University of South Carolina
    Public Universities
    University of South Carolina
    Seven campuses are located in Colombia (the main campus).
    University of South Carolina Spartanburg,
    University of South Carolina Aiken,
    University of South Carolina Salkehatchie,
    University of South Carolina Beaufort,
    University of South Carolina Lancaster,
    And University of South Carolina Sumter
    (University of South Carolina Upstate)
    The Citadel
    Clemson University
    Coastal Carolina University
    College of Charleston
    Medical University of South Carolina
    Francis Marion University
    Lander University
    South Carolina State University
    Winthrop University

    What foods are there in South Dakota?
    The classic snack in South Dakota is the Kuchen cake. Cooken means "cake" in German. There are many kinds of desserts, such as butter-frozen sandwich crisp cake, cinnamon sugar cake and coffee cake. The authentic South Dakota Cooken cake must have apple stuffing.
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