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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the difference between EU permanent residence and country permanent residence in EU?
Recently, with the change of international situation, simple, fast and convenient European immigrants have become popular choices.
There are many clients who come to consult, but some of them don't understand the meaning of country permanent residence and EU permanent residence.
Today, I'll give you a general idea of what constitutes permanent residence in a country and what constitutes permanent residence in the European Union.
First of all, we should know that the concept of long-term residential status and permanent national residence of EU member states are actually two different concepts.
This must not be confuseD.Immigrants with different identities also enjoy different treatment.
The permanent residence of a country in the European Union is that a member of the European Union grants a citizen of a foreign country who meets the legal requirements of the European Union as a permanent resident of that country in accordance with the conditions stipulated in its Aliens'Residence Law or Immigration Law.
For example, Greece's housing immigration policy, Malta's national debt immigration policy, Ireland's investment residence plan and so on.
Permanent residents of a specific member of the European Union usually enjoy the same rights, benefits and obligations as citizens of that country (except for the right to vote and to stand for election related to politics).
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    ABOUT kentucky local customs, tourist attractions
    What are the major industries in Kentucky?
    Most people think of horses, whiskey and tobacco when they talk about Kentucky's industry, but Kentucky's economy goes far beyond that.
    "Bluegrass State" is corn, soybean and wheat and other cereals, as well as the main producing areas of pigs and cattle.
    It also manufactures automobiles, aluminium products, machinery and steel products.
    Pike County, Kentucky, is the world's largest coal producer.
    Kentucky's main crops are tobacco, corn, hay and soybeans.
    Tobacco production ranks second among the states in the United States.
    Animal husbandry includes cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens.
    The number of fine breed horses and horse racing ranks first in the country.
    Minerals include bituminous coal, petroleum, stone, sand and gravel.
    Coal production is second only to that of Virginia in the country.
    Lumbering industry is very prosperous, with many hard wood, wood and wood processing industries occupying an important position.
    The main industries are primary steel, electrical equipment, machinery, furniture, food processing, etc.
    Tourism is thriving.
    What delicacies are there in Kentucky?
    Kentucky maintains the Southern tradition.
    Local dishes include fried catfish and fried corn balls, barbecued with corn bread, fried chicken and okra.
    Bluegrass boasts of inventing several delicacies, such as Hot Brown, an open cheese sandwich with bacon or Turkey and Derby Pie, a chocolate and Walnut Cookie named after Kentucky Derby.
    Kentucky is different 1. The Kentucky Jockey Club is the oldest sporting event ever held in the United States.
    It is held every year in Churchill Downs, Louisville, on the first Saturday of May.
    2. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is the second oldest tourist attraction in the United States and the longest cave in the world.
    3. Chevrolet Corvette sports cars are built in only one place: Bowling Green, Kentucky.
    Trade in Kentucky Foreign trade in 2011 amounted to US$20.
    83 billion.
    The main exporting countries are Canada, Britain, Mexico and Japan.
    The main export commodities are industrial products.
    The main products include transportation equipment, chemical products, machinery, as well as computer and electronic products.
    Kentucky's foreign investment mainly comes from Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Canada.
    Its industrial structure focuses on transportation, wholesale and retail, financial services and agricultural products.
    The Kentucky Employment Development Act, enacted by the state government, has been favored by foreign states or multinational corporations.
    At present, it has successfully attracted GE, Ford, Toyota and DuPont to build (expand) local factories.
    Among them, GE employs 13,000 employees, ranking first among multinational corporations (P&
    Well-known companies such as G, Texas Instruments, DuPont, Fruit of the Loom, Johnson Controls Inc.
    and IBM also invest in Kenzhou, employing more than 4,000 people;
    well-known machinery manufacturers include Lexmark Int'l (which produces computer printers and keyboards), Emerson Electric (which produces pulleys).
    Trane Company and Briqqqs &
    Stratton employ 34,000 people.
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