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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
According to the BBC's data from the Home Office, from December 2017 to February 2018, nearly half of the applicants for work permits in the UK were rejected, and the rejection rate in March this year exceeded 50% for the first time.
Until then, the advent of T2 work visas had created enormous difficulties for foreign entrepreneurs - prospective employers of non-EU practitioners had to prove that they could not find suitable applicants in the UK or even the EU before they could hire them.
The total number of T2 persons per year is 20700, and the monthly limit is about 1600 persons.
These conditions must be met if you want to obtain a work permit:
· Reference number of relevant qualification certificates of guarantee company; · A salary that meets the label criteria; · Achieve certain English language requirements; · A deposit of at least 945 should be kept in the account for 90 days.
This policy was put forward when Teresa May, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, served as Secretary of the Department of the Interior.
Because the T2 visa is only for non-EU groups, and the number of Chinese students occupies an absolute majority, the emergence of this policy is the first to bear the brunt of Chinese students, and now the more tightened T2 visa policy is making those Chinese students who want to find jobs in the UK even more painful after graduation.
For the British immigrants who are filled with the breath of "rains and mountains are winding up", a "Great Revolution" seems to be on the verge of arrow.
In such an environment, Ireland is the only country that can "sit on the Diaoyutai" - the official website of the British Immigration Service clearly indicates that Irish citizens enjoy the right to settle freely in Britain.
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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions
    cucumber falls
    Ohio Pyle State Park is located in the cucumber falls in Pennsylvania state, Pennsylvania, as one of the most dramatic waterfalls, high 30 feet, by the York River and Ghani deep canyon, although not very high, is not very wide, but it is a pleasing waterfall.
    cucumber falls has become one of the major attractions in Pennsylvania will travel to the tourists, it will be listed as the primary viewing spots.
    It is from the high rocks and vertical, when you close to the falls, it will be surrounded by fog.
    Watch the cucumber falls, must bring the camera and camera for shooting swimsuit, falls is the most beautiful posture, it will be the most shining side show to the world visitors.
    Falls below the clear pool is a particularly popular swimming, not deep and clear, a relaxed body and mind swimming is also a good choice.
    cucumber Falls
    The most compelling
    Reason: Pennsylvania falls
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]

    Andy Warhol Museum is located in Pittsburgh's north coast, as one of the four Pittsburgh carnegie Museum, founded in 1985, in 1979 was listed on the national register of historic places.
    The name of the Museum from the United States artists, printing, film makers, visual art movement of the most famous pop art pioneer Andy Warhol.
    Andy Warhol Museum dedicated to the collection and display of Andy Warhol's works of art, is the largest individual art Museum.
    Andy Warhol is one of the most famous pioneer of pop art, has the very deep attainments in painting, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, performance art, poster, wallpaper, film and other aspects, has made great achievements, countless works of art.
    The Museum's exhibition area of about 8200 square meters, a total of 7 layer is divided into 17 hall, holding about 8000 pieces, 900 exhibited paintings, Andy Warhol of the 2000 1000 pieces of paper, prints, sculptures, photographs of 77 4000 and more than 4350 of film and video.
    Since the opening has attracted about 900 million tourists visit.
    Andy Warhol Museum is one of the best individual works of Art Museum in the world, through a variety of art forms to show Andy Warhol aspects of life.
    Andy Warhol Museum
    Necessary to Reason: the largest personal art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Pittsburgh city attractions: [Pittsburgh]

    Longwood garden, also called Du Banghuayuan (Du Pond Garden), is located in the southwest of Philadelphia, about 40 minutes by car, is a big private garden, is now also by the DuPont family management.
    The long wooden park to see the most is its greenhouse, which is the largest greenhouse I see in the us , than the Losangeles Huntington garden greenhouse big lot.
    It is said that this year the greenhouse has a theme, spring orchid, summer is the lotus, autumn chrysanthemum, winter plum.
    It is the biggest characteristic of the concert held in the greenhouse, visitors can enjoy the elegant music in floral aroma and rich multicolored decorations, is really the ultimate enjoyment.
    The greenhouse on the opposite side of the fountain square is long wood garden of the grand spectacle, it is the layout of France, both delicate and open, the feeling of exposure to the Palace of Versailles.
    Long wood garden third aspect is DuPont villa (Du Pond House), the DuPont family life, now can visit the villa, although living decoration is not much, but during the shuttle to the main exhibition, can still feel the breath of life in the family, although not very luxurious, but comfortable.
    Especially looking through the window, in the middle of a beautiful plant in that feeling is actually more extravagant.
    Long wood garden also features built in the tree house (tree house), birdwatching visitors can climb to the roof fell in the treetops close watch birds, hut is small, but elegant, entirely built of wood.
    Like the fairy tale world. In 1906, a historic, century old forest botanical garden will be others cut down for wood, then industrial and philanthropist Pierre DuPont (Pierre S.
    Du Pont) to buy a botanical garden, and make these old trees are preserved.
    This is the famous long wooden garden, is the best one of the botanical garden.
    Long wood garden in Pennsylvania, Kennett square, covers an area of 1077 acres, as embedded in the long history of the Brandywine Valley (Brandywine Valley) a shining jewel has a incomparable beauty and spectacular scenery of the place.
    In recent years, it has become a set of garden design, horticulture, education and the arts as one of the world.class garden scenic area.
    Long wood garden 20 outdoor garden and 20 Garden Park Greenhouse cultivation, 11000 with a variety of plants, beautiful flowers, lush vegetation, towering trees and spectacular fountains constitute the unique temperament long wood garden.
    Long wood garden is not only a fascinating garden, also held every kind of activities, from gardening lectures, engaging in the round to the wonderful concert performances, exquisite cuisine and a variety of unique leisure activities.
    Longwood Gardens
    Reason: the most appreciation of the value of the American Botanical Garden
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Official website: http://www.longwoodgardens.org/
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