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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's two largest cities, have long been favored by new immigrants.
Today, it may not be easy for many immigrant-minded people to settle in these two cities, as the local government is considering a new immigration policy to reduce the number of immigrants to Sydney Melbourne in order to alleviate urban congestion.
Immigration to Australia, Sydney and Melbourne can not be settled in five years!
According to several media reports, Australia's Minister for Urban, Infrastructure and Population, Alan Tachi, said Thursday that in order to alleviate urban congestion in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's two largest cities, the government has drawn up new policies to reduce the number of immigrants to these two cities.
Specific measures include:
New immigrants are not allowed to settle in Sydney and Melbourne within five years after they enter Australia.
The government will use the visa settlement clause to restrict the implementation of settlement in remote areas.
Violation of the settlement clause of the new visa may directly affect permanent residence and naturalization.
The distribution of new immigrants in remote areas, including:
South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tazhou.
The long-rumored new immigration policy of "going up the hill to the countryside" in Australia is a foregone conclusion.
Australian media have made relevant reports with large pages:
9 News:
According to the Federal Government's Population Plan, new Australian immigrants will be forced to go to the mountains and countryside.
Daily Telegraph:
New immigrants will be forced to settle outside Sydney Australian newspaper:
Big Australian cities will refuse new immigrants Why is such a policy formulated?
It is reported that the proportion of Australians living in cities has been high for a long time, with two out of every five Australians living in Sydney and Melbourne.
In recent years, Australia's population has grown rapidly, and its main driving force is overseas immigration.
Eighty-seven percent of immigrants to Australia are skilled immigrants, and almost all of them are in big cities.
The uneven distribution of new immigrants directly leads to urban congestion.
It has caused 25 billion losses in Australia's economic activities every year!
People's grievances also rise and fall.
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    ABOUT minnesota local customs, tourist attractions
    The historic center of Minnesota
    The historic center of Minnesota is located in the state of Minnesota in the center of St Paul, founded in 1993, is a Museum, and library, as one of the best public building in Minnesota, is a good place to learn the history of the state of Minnesota.
    The historic center of Minnesota, the exhibition is divided into fixed and temporary exhibition, the exhibition area of 4100 square meters, the exhibition Minnesota Historical Society collection about Minnesota history related items.
    The Museum's collection includes photographs, letters, maps, books, records, flags, painting, clothing, there are about 75000 students each year to visit.
    The second layer of the historic center of Minnesota for the Minnesota Historical Society Library, provides to enhance their learning space, and for the Minnesota Historical Society members and book lovers, in addition, also often held on history and genealogy.
    In addition as a Museum exhibition outside the historic center of Minnesota every year will also organize concerts, lectures, meetings, political activities, wedding etc.
    Minnesota History center
    Reason: Minnesota's best public building
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    city Attractions: St Paul [Saint Paul]

    Fort Snelling
    When the first Snelling is called "Saint autonio", located at the intersection of Hennepin county is located in Minnesota, the Minnesota River and the Mississippi River, was once a military fortress, the Snelling and the surrounding areas have been opened to Minnesota, Fort Snelling state park.
    Snelling dating back to the early 19 century, 1819 began construction of the castle, built in the early years of 1824, is the United States to protect Northern Development and the construction of the barracks, now still keep it when the original building that year the u..
    Today is the United States Snelling important military and historical remains, and it is also a important historical and military education base, with historical and educational significance.
    Is a place to learn from Snelling during the American civil War the best place to military history during World War II, in addition, can also understand the early 19 century residential residents in the vicinity of the castle of life, and play an important role in the history of Minnesota, snelling.
    Fort Snelling
    Reason: Minnesota's historic castle
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    Minnesota Transportation Museum St Paul Minnesota Transportation Museum is located in the state of Minnesota, founded in 1962, is to protect the state of Minnesota railway, bus and tram system and the establishment of the history.
    Minnesota Transportation Museum is one of Minnesota's most important transportation Museum, are of great help to understand the traffic in Minnesota history.
    The main collection of Minnesota used by train, bus, train the staff of the model and display model, working environment and content to allow visitors to understand traffic tools can better work principle and stafF- When it comes to the weekend, visitors can also take the train or tram Museum visit the surrounding scenery, the vehicles are repaired in after entering the Museum, you can still work at present.
    Minnesota Transportation Museum
    Reason: Minnesota, the most important transportation Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    city Attractions: St Paul [Saint Paul]

    Walker Art center
    The Walker Art center is located in the us state of Minnesota Minneapolis contemporary Art center, and the Museum of modern art, San Francisco Museum of modern art, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum and Horn Hirsh Museum and sculpture garden is considered the five largest us national modern Museum.
    The Walker Art center by Thomas barrow Walker (Thomas Barlow Walker) was established in 1879, the name derived from its builders, in 1927 moved to its present location, as one of the most visited Museum of art, there are about 600 thousand visitors each year.
    Walker Art center is the United States at the time of the first public art gallery in central North area, dedicated to contemporary art collections and has held academic pioneering and innovative exhibitions and performances exchanges, for art lovers very attractive.
    After 100 years of development, has been from the private Museum became widely recognized institutions and public resources.
    Walker Art center
    Reason: one of America's most famous Museum of modern art
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    Minneapolis city attractions: [Minneapolis]

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