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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
To alleviate the urban congestion caused by population growth, Australia plans to adopt a new immigration policy to restrict the inflow of new immigrants into cities and consider providing federal funds for the construction of high-speed rail.
At present, the content of high-speed rail construction is expected to be officially announced early next year; the government's policy of "going up the hill to the countryside" for new immigrants has won the support of most Australians.
In Sydney alone, up to two-thirds of Australians believe that new immigrants should settle in remote areas!
Who will be affected?
There is no doubt that skilled migrants will be most affected!
Tac said that the main restrictions of the immigration policy reform are those skilled migrants who do not have geographical links or restrictions!
Skilled migrants are not bound by geographical areas, unlike some employer-sponsored work visas and family visas.
In the past, such people often took PR and quickly settled in Sydney or Melbourne.
Now the government has decided to tie them to a certain area where they can integrate into their lives.
"There are conditions attached to almost every visa, so it is not uncommon to have geographical terms attached to a particular visa.
" Tachi saiD.Laying out the conditions for resettlement on the visa can force immigrants to stay in less popular cities for several years, which will greatly increase their chances of permanent residence in these places.
In addition, the number of temporary visas PR will also decrease this year!
Secondly, overseas students in Australia will also be affected by the new immigration policy.
"We may introduce policies to limit the influx of foreign students into Melbourne's universities or Sydney's UNSW and UTS.
" Prime Minister Morrison said.
After leaving Europe, Britain will completely end the current situation of EU citizens'free access to Britain, and EU citizens will be treated as citizens anywhere else (Ireland alone will not be affected).
Moreover, the number of low-skilled workers from Europe will be dramatically reduced, and British companies will be required to give priority to employing British employees, and new immigrants will also respect British values.
Jarvid said he would improve the English required for people who want to become British citizens and reform the "Life In the UK" test, one of the conditions for permanent residence and naturalization, to better reflect British values.
The report described it as a "immigration revolution" by the British government.
Thus, Teresa May will take a big step in fulfilling her promise in the referendum to withdraw control of Britain's borders.
Britain's new immigration system follows the recommendations of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which the Cabinet agreed to last week and promised to issue a detailed white paper this fall.
The following are the main contents of the new system:
?Short-term tourists and businessmen from all "low-risk" countries can enter the customs directly through electronic door scanning when entering the country - currently only EU citizens enjoy this treatment; ?Security checks and criminal record checks will be conducted before entry, similar to the pre-authorization system in the United States; ?Applying for a job visa requires a certain salary level to "ensure that they do not compete with people already in the UK"; ?Successful applicants for highly skilled jobs can bring immediate relatives, but only if they are guaranteed by prospective employers.
?There will be no restriction on the number of student visas.
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