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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Little-known Spanish Quality Education When it comes to studying abroad, we usually think of the great traditional education countries such as Britain, America, Australia, Canada and so on.
These traditional countries have tightened their immigration policies, making it difficult for children to get education.
We might as well turn our attention to Europe, where education in many countries has a long history and high quality.
Today, let's look at the little-known advantages of Spanish education.
Spanish Language Advantage To receive education in Spain, to attend bilingual schools, children will master the three major languages of the West, Britain and China, which is the real win in the starting line.
Spanish is widely used as the official language of 21 countries.
Spanish is spoken in all the Americas south of the United States except Brazil.
There are 44 million native speakers of Spanish in the United States.
About 400 million people around the world use Spanish, the second largest in the world, after Chinese.
Spanish has unlimited application prospects!
According to research, before the age of 14 is the best time for children to learn a second foreign language.
Settlement abroad before the age of 11 will help children to master a second foreign language fluently and make their education and employment more smoothly.
At the latest, not more than 14 years old, can live in a pure language environment, then the language pronunciation can be as native-born people, very authentiC.If children do not go abroad until they are 14 years old and settle down, their future pronunciation of the language is likely to have an accent, and they will not be able to change it all their lives.
If the child has no immigration plan before the age of 14, it is also a good choice to immigrate after taking the college entrance examination in ChinA.In 2007, Spain and China signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications, and the results of the National College Entrance Examination in China can be regarded as the admission results of Spanish universities.
Therefore, if a child participates in the national college entrance examination, he or she can go to Spain to choose the appropriate university directly on the basis of the results of the college entrance examination.
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    cincinnati art Museum is located in the scenic cincinnati Eden Park (Eden Park), founded in 1881, is one of the most ancient art Museum, the collection is numerous and has a strong comprehensive and was named one of the art Museums in the Midwest of the best, at the same time because of the unique style always impressed give a person.
    After 120 years of continuous philanthropist donation and support from all sectors of society, the continuous development of the cincinnati Art Museum, the collection of more than 60000 pieces, spanning 6000 years of history, has become Ohio's largest art Museum.
    The Museum's collection from all over the world and all kinds of classical painting, such as photography, sculpture, different times of the unearthed cultural relics, Arabia long styles of carpet, Middle East style houses, rare African national musical instruments, calligraphy and china cloisonne, Egypt mummies, India statues, Bible story painting and sculpture, let people have to praise the artists from around the world of infinite wisdom, imagination and creativity.
    In addition to the fixed collections and exhibitions, the Museum every year regularly organized several international exhibitions, let more people know about the Museum, many of the understanding.
    cincinnati Art Museum
    Reason: the United States one of the oldest art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Ohio: [Ohio State]
    cincinnati city attractions: [cincinnati]

    The town a total of only 3675 people, the nearest city of Dayton (Dayton) only 21 miles.
    Since 1852 Antioch college (Antioch college) was established in the town of hot springs became yellow, artists, activists and thinkers of the beacon.
    The town is the most unique meaning of new public art, people can freely display their knitting works, the streets are full of people knitting works graffiti, visitors can feel the self release free and smooth.
    columbo turntable Plaza travel Raiders
    New York has many commendable city art, there is a look at the edifice, there are many shopping areas, treasure columbo turntable Plaza in New York is also the city "".
    Because of the excellent architectural art into a columbo wheel square architectural concept, so it is also known as the New York art gallery.
    Every walk on columbo turntable Plaza, New York city can feel modern and ancient art of harmony.
    In my Travels Raiders mainly to talk about columbo on the square to see the turntable!
    Visit columbo turntable square is the best way to walk, because when you came out from the Wall Street, you can see there is a large square in front of the disc, here is columbo turntable plaza.
    When you walk around here on the disc ring, to observe the square from every angle, can be found in different characteristics.
    Then we'll go into the lid disc square, there are a lot of internal market, here is a large early market, every day there will be a lot of New Yorkers here "Taobao".
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