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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Classification of Spanish Schools In Spain, 75% of schools are public, 10% are church and 15% are private.
Free education is provided in public schools.
Pre-school education is 3-6 years old, primary education is 6-12 years old, secondary education is 12-16 years old, and high school education is 16-18 years olD.Higher education can enter famous European and American schools for further study.
After the applicants settle in Spain, their children can also enjoy free public education.
Private, public and church schools can attend, and they have a wide range of choices for their children.
Public Schools-Government Standardized Test Monitoring Public schools are so-called public schools, which are funded by the state government.
Because it is run by the state, public schools are compulsory education, there is no tuition fee, only a small amount of books.
Teachers are relatively stable and have little mobility.
Teachers are trained in professional qualifications, and they must be certified by the government.
The source of students in public schools is usually students in the vicinity of the school areA.Their syllabus is formulated by the Spanish government, and the quality of teaching is monitored by government standardized tests.
Every public school has no distinction between good and bad in terms of educational quality, but there are differences in teaching methods.
Private Schools:
Focusing on Innovation Ability and Visual Field Development Private school education funds are invested by third-party investors, and tuition fees are higher than those of free public schools.
Private schools are also divided into international schools and Spanish private schools.
Most of the private schools in Spain have religious characteristics.
International schools charge relatively high fees, but if compared with domestic private international schools, tuition fees are still much lower. compared with public schools, private schools mostly have higher hardware facilities, and teachers'mobility is slightly higher than public schools, because the treatment of different schools is different.
Teachers generally have higher educational background and rich teaching experience, and some teachers have "job-hopping" from public schools.
Private schools have a wide distribution of students'residences, and have a great degree of freedom in curriculum design.
Some private schools involve more outdoor activities, which can play a positive role in broadening students' horizons and innovative abilities.
Church Schools - Strict Institutions with Belief Requirements Church schools are not entirely public schools, nor entirely private schools, so they can be called semi-public and semi-private schools.
In Spain it is called Concertado, which is funded jointly by the church and the government.
Tuition fees are relatively lower than those of private schools, and the enrollment of students is limited by the same geographical constraints as public schools, only accepting students from the neighborhood of the school.
Every year there are fixed school open days for parents to visit and understand the school's teaching environment.
Most church and private schools are managed by clergy, with strict system standards and requirements for students'religious beliefs.
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    ABOUT tennessee local customs, tourist attractions
    Memphis is located in the east of the Mississippi River, is surrounded by vast cotton fields and forests, the ecological environment like cairo.
    The name of Memphis, is the main hydrographic like the Nile in the ancient city of Memphis, Egypt has the unique cairo scorching sun.
    In Memphis, 50 miles west of there is a place called "Palestine", and that Arafat was Palestinian as like as two peas.
    This area is the Indians, the Spanish explorer Desoto arrived here in 1541, for the first time in the diary depicts turbulence off the Mississippi River, with a series of "the Bible" in the Middle East have naming this piece of wasteland.
    1682 French explorer Schaller in the castle, with the Southern cotton planting area increased, Memphis has been developing rapidly, 1826 Town, 1849 city, 1860 became the most prosperous southern port, a population of up to 3.3 million people.
    During the civil war in Memphis is the southern government military center, near the beginning of the war, the guard the 7 ship was sunk North South warships, Memphis was occupied by the union.
    1867 ~ 1878, a plague struck Memphis, only 1878 years have 5000 many people dead, tens of thousands of residents fled their homes, paralyzed in Memphis city 1897 years lost qualification.
    Smart people is always good at self criticism, learn from experience, since then, Memphis city carry out thorough health reform, in 1893 to restore the status of the city.
    Today's Memphis with its perfect advanced medical facilities is famous in the world, has the largest medical center of the americas.
    Memphis is the largest cotton and hardwood spot market in the world, there have been a large number of slaves in the region engaged in lumber and cotton planting.
    It is not only the largest city along the Mississippi River, is the largest in Tennessee, the largest population of the city.
    This article from the United States Travel Network (usa.
    bytravel.cn) in the form of links reproduced please indicate the source address: http://usa.bytravel.cn/art/mfs/mfs/ Nashville impression
    銆銆銆 Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, is the birthplace of American country music and center.
    Always feel with it is fate, because every time or go out or come back, this is in turn.
    On Saturday, together with his colleagues in this to the day, the atmosphere is very strong feeling of country music American interest in music is quite specific, lasting, otherwise Nashville would not after all these years was known as the "voice of Nashville" (Nashville sound).
    Today, the "voice of Nashville" has become synonymous with country music, Nashville in the heart of the people is not only a place, but the sign of dynamic somewhat sentimental country music Ask for so many years and always adhere to a style of music much?
    Think about our country and the world, there are several hundred years to the city is not affected by the wind and the four corners of the world music bell of a kind of music?
    From the earliest to the United States in central and southern European immigrants brought to the Scotland folk songs, dances and music to the United States, the local black music;
    the impact of national pandemic music from the small music regional original to its development and its music style is the vicissitudes of life may coincide.
    Some people say it is noisy unbearable, people are fascinated by dumping;
    some people say that it is not rich enough modern instruments, some say simple instruments simple rhythm contains the joys of life.
    In order to feel the music atmosphere and mood, the world music producer and music lovers to come again.
    Go to the west coast in the terminal, an American friend said, many people choose to live here, have their reasons, music is one of the most important, it is at least 20% people.
    I have no confirmation of this statement is true, but I believe, walking in the streets of Nashville, watching the street music style, sitting in the street bar, or stopped watching the performances of street artists, especially at night, will definitely be a different feeling.
    The United States domestic US downtown downtown is not the same.
    Our country is a shopping center, this downtown but not many shopping malls.
    compared with the small city where we are in the center of Nashville, the tall building and overpass traverse, a lot of big city style.
    We have dinner at Hard Rock cafe at noon, this is a very good coffee shop, the space is very large, around the walls are covered with every kind of guitar (violin, guitar for country music in the multi screen playback) and country music DVd.
    Some waiters head wrapped in a scarf, stuck a big up the pheasant feathers as ornaments, in and out of busy, from time to time to go to the customer and asked what the feeling is not good.
    We go with the children to speak loud enough, they will be full of enthusiasm to greet everyone, since happy must take the strength to say!
    Then lead the shouting loudly: We 123, are happy called qi!
    The atmosphere is full of warm.
    Many people in Nashville say the bar to drink and enjoy listening to music, singers singing jump in front, not artificial, not how many people will say, fully and delightfully, addictive, it sounds really nice!
    Walking in the street, so the bar one by one.
    After the bar gate, will be heard the sound, will see the inside of the singer in the passionate performances, several shopping malls are submerged in a bar between.
    There are street artists performing in the street corner, often pedestrians stopped to watch the music There are coaches in the walking street is waiting for the colts.
    We also had a carriage around the city center of the circle.
    Walk to the traffic lights, the horse stopped waiting for a traffic light, sometimes on either side of the road as a horse, more fun.
    Nashville has many places worth a visit, such as the Nashville State Museum (there is a really mummy Museum of Science (Adventure), Science (center), cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Art Museum Museum of Arts (country), Music Wax Museum Museum), etc Of course, there are very good bars and music hall, as the birthplace of country music, these things are indispensable.
    That morning, we went to cheekwood.
    The most prominent cheekwood is glass carving and plants.
    The door will see composed of numerous bent glass rod high pillars, on both sides of overgrown plants also with red and yellow glass shape, both near Lake floating color glass ball, inside is a glass vessel, inside is a small lake, there are the pile of different colors of glass carve, including a four extension glass flower is very enchanting, some other small glass scattered everywhere.
    Walking in the garden, and verdant trees, the crooked path;
    sometimes surrounded by open, green grass.
    Long leaf short leaf, leaf tip round leaves with strange growth;
    green grass and safflower yellow purple white flowers bloom.
    Love is purple lavender, demon not brilliant, but people can not help but want to see.
    Slow and not go sit on the lawn, listening to the lake up table came and singer song, I feel very happy.
    The depths of the Museum initially was a rich, ornate, showing their use of containers.
    Such a big house, one hundred people live no problem, how can they live here?
    Just one day, to understand Nashville is fur coat.
    Nashville, see you next time!
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