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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Seven Misconceptions of Immigration!
In recent years, we have been on the cusp of the Chinese economy, with the stock market downturn, the housing bubble, the slowdown in economic growth, the depreciation of the RMB, serious environmental pollution, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.
Therefore, many investors have turned their eyes to foreign countries, among which investment immigrants account for a large proportion.
There are so many misunderstandings about immigration that many people are more exclusive, half-understood or misinterpreted in dealing with immigration.
Today, Xiao Ming answers the seven major misunderstandings of immigrants for you!
Only consider studying abroad, not immigration!
For many foreign students, it is a troublesome problem that they do not return home to work after graduation.
Many foreign students had planned to study abroad and get a job, but when they were preparing to graduate, policies made it the biggest topic for them to stay, which made many foreign students call it unfair.
But what can it change?
Therefore, the planning of studying abroad should be more cautious, and preparations should be made in advance to cope with policy changes.
Therefore, people usually study abroad before considering immigration.
In fact, this will only make the cost of studying abroad heavier.
You can imagine that if you intend to let your children study abroad in high school, you should start planning when you are in elementary school, and let them prepare for study in advance, and get their identity firSt.Not only can they have more choices in education, but also enjoy different benefits from other foreign students.
At the same time, you can improve the probability of attending famous schools and kill two birds with one stone.
At present, it has become a new trend to immigrate first and then study abroaD.Parents also get more inspiration from the losses suffered by their predecessors.
02 When the child is old, let the child think for himself!
Can you really let the children see for themselves, when the children are older, what changes will happen to the immigration policy?
In these two years, the policies of the immigration countries will be collected again and again, and some will even be closed down directly.
It is really necessary to wait until the children are older, and there are still a few countries that can choose to immigrate.
What's more, considering immigration, many families are meant for their children's education, future and better living environment.
It's only a rainy day to plan better development programs for their children at their best age.
Every day when a child grows up is a time to move forward rapidly.
Opportunities are fleeting.
Immigrants need you to plan for their children in advance, not wait.
Immigration should be done before it is too late.
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    ABOUT michigan local customs, tourist attractions
    Motown Museum Motown Museum is located in Detroit, by Esther Gordon Edwards (Esther Gordy Edwards) was established in 1985, as one of the most popular attractions in Detroit, every year attracts many domestic and foreign tourists visit.
    The Museum aims to protect and tells the Motown history, through the exhibition to encourage more young people to learn and respected creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.
    Motown's Tamla predecessor company (Tamla), 1 1959 12, in Detroit in the United States to create, is Bailey Gaudi (founder of Berry Gordy, Jr.
    ), is currently a subsidiary of universal music Motown devoted to black music to the world, training a large number of well-known artists for the United States, discovered a lot of famous singer, signed to Motown Records mainly black singer musician, once loved by those who love to dream.
    The Museum tells the extraordinary story of Motown Records in twentieth century and it's pop culture and music style, in addition, also introduced within the company at that time signing artists, a large collection of photos, music, music, costumes, and a variety of instrument equipment.
    Motown Museum
    Reason: Southeast Michigan's most popular Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    Detroit city attractions: [Detroit]

    Michigan lake is one of the five Great Lakes, five lakes is the only one completely located in the territory of other lakes, 4 lakes are located in the United States and canada borders on the coast, after the us state of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.
    Michigan lake is the fifth largest lake in the world, 494 km long, 190 km wide, with an average depth of 85 meters, the maximum depth is 281 meters, the shoreline is 2633 kilometers, an area of 58016 square kilometers, is the largest lake in the United states.
    Michigan lake is a mild climate, most of the shores of the resort, along the lake shore of the Lake wave erosion of the cliffs, sand dunes many East coast, especially in the Lake District, Indiana national and State Park's most famous sand dunes.
    The north shore of the tortuous harbour, lake trout, salmon fishing industry flourish.
    Michigan Lake Lake, especially in Michigan and Northern Indiana, which is famous for its magnificent scenery, this area is often referred to as the "third coast", ranked after the Atlantic and the Pacific coaSt. The sand here is very soft and white, and because the people walk in the above will make the sand creaks, so also known as the "singing sand", often have high sand dunes covered with green sand and sand cherry reed.
    Lake Michigan
    Reason: the largest lake in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, states: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan, [Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan States]

    Detroit: city explorers paradise
    During the period of 1900 years to 1930 years, thanks to the vigorous development of the automobile industry, Detroit has built dozens of luxury high-rise buildings, over the city stands the graceful lines of office buildings and luxury hotels, some even as high as 30. A red brick store occupies a huge block, the train station was designed as a classical castle stood in front of the solemn column.
    But in less than 30 years, so these luxurious building will lose the old style.
    1950 to 2000, Detroit has lost more than 1 million residents, half of the total population, especially occurred in 1967 1 led to a large number of ethnic population left.
    Many shops, hotels and so had to close the theater.
    Have so many landmarks of Detroit, in the past few years has removed many abandoned buildings, including the Hudson department store (Hudson s department store "), was once the nation's largest department store.
    But to demolish a scale so huge building cost is amazing, even more than 1000 million, including mayor Kilpatrick and many people are reluctant to destroy these great buildings in Detroit on behalf of the most glorious era.
    So many buildings have been empty, and some even had been abandoned for more than 30 years.
    The city centre - Woodward Avenue (Woodward Avenue) within 6 blocks in the city has become the eyes of the most attractive place.
    carle said: "growing up in Detroit, you see all these were boarded up, by the fence around the building, on the inside of the world you will be full of curiosity."
    The 31 year old theater manager Robert colette said: "I always felt as if I missed something in Detroit, I always want to see these buildings in their glorious period."
    In a monthly adventure, clett majestic things of the past - marble floors, brass elevator automatic water dispenser, mahogany and hand.
    painted tiles, has a special hobby.
    Norm: in addition to what photos are not taken, in addition to what all don't leave footprints The nail splint opened a hotel in Detroit on the window, the explorers discovered a possible entrance: they pass through a street and broken skylight high staggered squeezed, fell on the two layer underground black smelly garbage on the heap.
    With huge flashlights, they are through the maze of the rusty boiler came to the lobby of the hotel distribution.
    The 58 year old artist Lowell Bwalo exclaimed: "magnificent."
    Bwalo came to find inspiration in these ruins.
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