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How much cash should countries bring in and out of the country In other words, how much cash to take abroad has always been a headache topiC.It is not uncommon for Chinese people to be punished for incoming cash.
However, the matter to be said today is much more serious than the fine.
With 100,000 Euros of cash to break through the customs, a family was "scratched the bottom of the family" According to Italian media reports, five Chinese (a Chinese couple and their three families) were found to have more than 100,000 euros in cash on their bodies and suitcases during a routine inspection at Palermo Airport.
According to the relevant regulations of Italian Customs, passengers carrying cash (including traveler's checks, currencies other than the euro zone, bonds, stocks and non-jewellery, precious metals, etc.
) should not exceed Euro 1000.
Passengers carrying more than Euro 1000 must declare to the Customs truthfully.
The five Chinese, who had brought in excess cash, were clearly irregular and had to be fineD.But then the police did a surprising job.
They "follow the path" to find out the family's "family background".
Subsequently, the police suspected that the source of cash was related to tax evasion.
With the authorization of the procuratorate, a series of investigations were carried out into the couple and their wholesale companies.
The result of the survey is that the family runs a wholesale business in footwear and clothing, covering Rome, Milan and Naples.
About 18,000 pairs of shoes with counterfeit trademarks were found in the company's warehouse, and a large number of Chinese handwritten accounts were also found, recording business contacts with various companies.
The record shows that they have evaded taxes totalling 10 million euros since 2013. They have used cash for about 2,000 transactions, totaling about 8 million euros, 1.2 million euros more than the statutory cash allowance.
The couple's assets, worth about 5 million euros, were preventively seized, while five members of the family were prosecuted by the police for tax evasion, money laundering, fraud and stolen goods.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    The old city of Mexico shopping street (Old Town)
    charming Santiago is not only in its longing for the beach and the vast sea of blue sky, its rich historical and cultural charm of the city add more.
    The Santiago superior location, close to Mexico, inclusive of the rich history of Spanish culture, making it the best place to experience the culture of Spain, and retained a large number of historical relics.
    Visitors to Santiago everywhere will find a variety of a Spanish culture imprint of historic buildings and works of art, from the colorful odd Kano Park murals to the mysterious Santiago mission, here was the first history of california mission.
    As the eighth largest city, here has a long history and colorful traditional culture, here is to introduce a typical representative of the history and culture of Santiago.
    Blend and inheritance history culture in Santiago In the old city historical relics park (Old Town State Historic Park), visitors can witness the california origin of historical sites, here is also considered to be the first in the history of Santiago "downtown", the old city (Old Town) has also been recognized as the history of the Spanish first moved to the West coast of the United States landing.
    Here vividly from 1821 to 1872 the remaining Spanish cultural heritage in Santiago, this is the Mexico from Spain during the reign of independence period.
    Liu Jie (The six-block Park) park area of about 12 acres, with Mexico characteristics of the culture, including shopping malls, hotels, Museums and other places also have the historical elements, the hospital still was later careful restoration and preservation of historic buildings for everyone to visit.
    Blend and inheritance history culture in Santiago San Rey (Mission San Luis Rey mission) The Spanish missionary district (Missions) and colorful history records During the Spanish colonial rule had a large number of missionary activities in Santiago, religious belief spread widely in here, so the area is believed to be the first permanent mission of california to spread christianity established.
    Spanish father Serra (Father Junipero Serra) was established in california 21 mission, mission stations Santiago is believed to be the first, california is one of the largest missions.
    Santiago college (Mission San Diego de Alcala) is located in the Santiago River (San Diego River) m Shen Valley next to the (Mission Valley), is father Serra (Father Serra) the first mission established in california.
    Tourists can visit the mission in person, there are many small suburban churches, Museums, the position is california's oldest cemetery is located.
    San Rey (Mission San Luis Rey mission) is located in the northern part of Santiago (San Diego s North county), is california's largest mission.
    Visitors can choose to tour with the group or its own parish, there are also many historic artifacts for your choice.
    Blend and inheritance history culture in Santiago Balboa Park (Balboa Park) The Museum to show the profound artistic world monument engraved exciting historical moment Santiago Museums and historical sites are abundant in the Spanish culture, clearly recorded a historic Qi Kano Park (chicano Park) is located in Santiago colorado bridge (San Diego-coronado Bridge) under the bridge in Mexico, African Americans and immigrants in Mexico community.
    The park has a collection of the world's largest outdoor murals, sculptures, and various earthworks and building debris, these monuments are the Hispanic culture more rich and colorful gathering area.
    Because of these murals has great historical and cultural value, this park is listed as the national history of the United States (us National places of historic interest and scenic beauty Register of Historic Places).
    Blend and inheritance history culture in Santiago cabuli O National Memorial chorten Balboa Park (Balboa Park) can be called art culture in Santiago crown, belonging to the Spanish colonial Revival style buildings, Museums, art galleries and the garden will bring you into the colonial period, and at the time of the downtown luxury show.
    Zhasha cultural center (centro cultural de la Raza) is located in Balboa Park, this collection of the many show Mexico, chicano and Indian cultural works of art.
    cabuli O (cabrillo National Monument) is located in the monument Loma (Point Loma), is to commemorate the birth of california and explorer cabuli O (Juan Rodriguez cabrillo) in 1542 in california for the first time, the discovery of the new continent of this historic moment.
    Here is the best place to see the Santiago city panorama, perfect the city skyline, a busy port coastline and charming, beautiful panoramic view.
    Adjacent to the monument is a small Museum, which shows cabuli O imaging (cabrillo), the new exploration experience.
    Blend and inheritance history culture in Santiago The Old city Music Festival for the dead Bustling holiday celebrations Every May, the old city of Santiago (San Diego s Old Town) will celebrate the traditional festival festival in Mexico in May 5th (Annual Fiesta cinco de Mayo).
    This festival is to celebrate the Mexico army in 1862 by imperialist forces repelled the invasion, during the event will be full of lively music and dance of joy, as well as art handicrafts exhibition, Mexico joint band and Mexico for a taste of delicacy.
    Every October, the old city of Santiago (San Diego s Old Town) will celebrate the day of the dead (Dia de Los Muertos), the Mexico American family will come together to commemorate those deceased family members.
    Artists, students and families will be the real Mexico custom inheritance, with music and dance to the fear of death, the old city (Old Town) of the high streets and back lanes will be covered by the traditional customs of Mexico.
    Blend and inheritance history culture in Santiago Tacos Mexico.
    Mexico's unique taste of delicacy In Santiago the best way to experience Mexico culture is the unique taste of the local delicacy, Mexico border is only 24 kilometers from downtown Santiago, tourists can enjoy a variety of authentic Mexico delicacy.
    The unique Mexico restaurant decoration, full of festive atmosphere of traditional Mexico, everywhere in Santiago, especially in the old city of Santiago (Old Town) convergence of many traditional restaurants.
    Tourists everywhere can buy authentic Mexico volume, while residents of their beloved specialty shops.
    Another feature is the original cali-Baja delicacy.
    Santiago fusion of two kinds of cooking school, california delicacy with fresh raw materials for local characteristics, and Mexico Baja Med cooking is started in Mexico and Tijuana (Tijuana) and improvement of the dishes, because it combines the traditional raw materials in Mexico and the Mediterranean material received the world delicacy lovers.
    california cali-Baja delicacy we provide very attractive delicacy experience, found only in Santiago and Tijuana love delicacy friends must not be missed.
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